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New Year’s Resolutions / Goals for 2018


I’ve made a list of my own 10 Resolutions / Goals for 2018. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but some of my personal priorities in 2018 so I can make progress.

Saturn is in Capricorn now, for the next 3 years, and signifies plenty of work to be done to reach achievements and milestones.

1. Add more Omega 3’s and calcium to my diet.
2. Add more fruits, vegetables and water to my diet.
3. Increase Graphic Design skills and techniques.
4. Create more Art – Set production goals and learn new techniques.
5. Exercise for heart health – Yoga, Stretching, Weight lifting. Do something active each day. *Get heart rate up with 20-30 mins of cardio 3x per week…

Read the Full List here. 

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