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New Moon in Leo August 6, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Leo on Tuesday August 6, 2013 at 5:50 p.m. EDT.

*Also see our Weekly Horoscopes below for August 4-10, 2013 as part of our New Moon in Leo Horoscope

The summer is in full force and we get to enjoy it if we can tear ourselves away from work for a while to soak up some rays and vitamin D (with sunscreen of course).

Just like the sun, we all want to be a force in the world. We all want to have a purpose to our lives. Purpose isn’t always definable though. We can’t always label and put our finger on what exactly we are here for because there are so many possibilities. Making a single choice and sticking with it isn’t an easy task and often it’s not a desirable one, especially when you are a creative person – and we all are at our core.

With possibilities comes the opportunity for imagination, and Leo brings us all greater ideas that we can identify with. For now, don’t worry so much about what exactly you need to do to shine. Don’t compartmentalize yourself or attach yourself to a single idea. Explore your ideas more fully now. Let your mind wander a bit and get into a creative groove where limitations are burned away by radiating new potentials in every step.

With the dog-days of summer, if you’re tired, let yourself be tired. Let yourself relax for a while. Your body and mind deserve rest as a method of recouping energy.

This is a time to be creative. Daydreaming in the sunshine could give you brilliant ideas worth noting.

This New Moon in Leo wants to be colorful, vibrant and alive with energy. It’s a good time to give yourself a ritual, new habits and relinquish your star power as the force in your life to create. It’s a time to feel like celebrating who you are and what you want to manifest in the world.

It’s important to get honest with yourself now about what you believe about yourself. It’s time to build your confidence, step forward with bold determination and a passion towards being a leader.

This is a time of self realization. You are the artist of your life. You have an individuality that could only be mimicked, never fully recreated, so own who you are and start creating new patterns in your life that only you can draw, and paths only you can walk.

Others will see your uniqueness and likely be inspired by it. You’ll likely be inspired by seeing others unique qualities as well. Role models will stand out now. Although imitation is flattering, you certainly don’t want to be a copycat. You’ll do much better being the star in your own life.

Leos also aren’t desperate for attention or validation. Leos have too much self confidence and a powerful ego, they don’t need to try so hard to get noticed. Leo gets attention regardless because they have so much creative star power oozing from their core. We all get touched by this energy now. We all get to honor our egos now. Although spiritual teachings often tell us to dispel of our ego (those self-absorbed, arrogant egotistical qualities and illusions of separateness that don’t serve us) but there’s also a healthy side to the ego, one of warm hearted enthusiasm to fully embody and honor the Self. We all get a chance to shine now in who we are.

Allow yourself to imagine and embody that strong sense of self that those you admire hold. Those who are confident and radiate their true selves are good role models now

It’s a good time to learn about raising your energy. Learning more about how kundalini and yoga works can be a stepping stone to greater self awareness now. Try the sphinx pose.

With this new moon, pay attention to what matters to you most. Opportunities will show up if you keep your eyes and heart open. We all get to start again with fresh perspectives and a new sense of self.

What you do now will greatly influence who you become. Be creative.

With this New Moon in Leo we also have our Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of August 4-10, 2013.

Weekly Horoscope August 4-10, 2013

Welcome to another week. This week we give you insight into what’s in store for each sign. Be sure to not only read your sun sign, but also your ascendant sign and your moon sign.

Aries: Being creative and spontaneous will serve you well this week. Have fun and enjoy a bit of down time. Though you may have deadlines and duties this week you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised how much more accomplished you feel when you balance the work with a bit of personal delight. Be willing to ask others for a little help so you can feel a bit more freedom with your time this week. Your relationships are there to support you when you need it. Getting comfortable at home will give you the fuel you need to take the next step. Channeling your feelings into your actions will help guide you towards fulfilling your goals, all the while honoring your needs. Be present and patient and your week will go much smoother. You can transform lead into gold and make your life feel shinier and renewed.

Taurus: Your relationships will be healing this week. There is an emotional connection you feel to life, the world and those you love. If you’re romantically inclined this is a good time to spend time close to home together. In all your relationships be sure to avoid stepping on others toes and playing power trips. Choose your words wisely. Although the possibility is there to heal your heart in relationships the hard way (after an argument), aligning yourself with a more loving, nurturing stance in how you interact with those close to you opens the heart without building walls. It is your duty to bring more love into the world this week. Consider how loving kids or pets unconditionally is a model for how to live this week. It’s also a good week to practice refining your methods and habits in practicing creative, artistic pursuits.

Gemini: Your ruler, Mercury, moves into Leo this week, on the 8th. You may feel like bragging or even gloating, but you’ll do best by using the perfect words to share complementary viewpoints without sounding like you’re struck on yourself. This may feel like the perfect time to be a gossip queen, even if you consider yourself to be above such nonsense, there’s always something to gab about that you fancy. Have fun. You’ll also feel a strong sense of self understanding arises when you’re in the presence of sunlight. Keep a pen and paper handy to jot down your best ideas when you’re daydreaming.

Cancer: You’ll feel this week is transformational. You may feel like you awaken to a new identity and realize the advantages of becoming a new, higher version of yourself. It’s time to let burdens go and open the door to new beginnings. This is all part of the gift of change you’re going through now to understand the meaning of your life through fresh eyes. How you see yourself and how others see you is evolving. You’ll gain clearer understanding in your self-worth this week. Your energy is rising and you’re getting the chance to love yourself more than ever. Affirmations, positive self-talk, and realizing how beautiful you really are inside and out is becoming more clear to you. A healthy routine of action and ways of thinking should be your priority this week so you can make the most of the blessings surrounding you.

Leo: What you say later this week will shine bright like a star. Your thoughts and words are on a high note and you’ve got all that glorious warmth of the sun shining in your heart. You are the King or Queen, and don’t need to brag about it. Play your role as the one who initiates the light and the creative spirit to flourish. Though you could live your life like a soap opera, with lots of drama, and thrive off that excitement for a while, you do better to be the star that is adored because of your authenticity rather than your demands or attitude of entitlement. More people will be drawn to you because of who you are, not who you try to be. Those who live their lives always putting on a show, wearing countless masks may display a spectacle but aren’t recognized for their true core. You’ve got an authentic core. Share it.

Virgo: Love is not a plan or a method, it just happens. Though you may naturally feel like the processes of your life are highly organized, you are now touched by the creative spirit. You’ll dispel your natural tendency to worry about the details of life if you let yourself feel the love, art and beauty of life without labeling and compartmentalizing your experiences. You don’t need to take any notes now about what attracts your attention. Just feel it and embody it. This attitude will help you see your vision and larger aims in life with a broader viewpoint. Let your heart sway you. Stop and smell the roses for a while. You’ll become more energized and your emotions will be lifted. Make your plans with a more creative streak now.

Libra: Money takes on a more interesting place in your life now. Though you may sometimes feel like money is such a burden, now you see it as a symbol of a more spiritual way of relating to the world. Money is not just about the physical world and material objects. It’s about thoughts, beliefs, fears and hopes. It’s an energy that flows to and from you. Your lessons in the material world and spiritual concepts get a boost of attention. You can feel there is a need to put energy towards how you value yourself, how you conduct yourself, and how you manifest what you desire through your actions. Now you get a chance to feel your purpose and how you choose to make your life’s intention manifest in the world and support you while impacting the collective energy.

Scorpio: Maybe you don’t always feel so confident in yourself from time to time, and maybe you feel like you need a boost to feel better about who you are. Well, you can improve your concept of yourself now by diving into creative pursuits. Destiny is on your side now. Tap into your deeper emotional reservoir of imagination and spirituality. You’ll gain wisdom that reaches passed your conscious mind and settle deep into your unconscious for gains. The law of attraction is on your side now and requires you to trust rather than chase after what you want so literally. Let synchronicity and luck work their way into your life and you’ll alleviate yourself of a lot of doubts that may be clouding your vision.

Sagittarius: When you let go of the baggage, all those extra arrows you’re carrying, you get to refine your direction. Keep the arrows that are the best quality, and let go of the duds. Sharpen the arrow and point it with greater confidence that it flies toward your target with more precision. Who and what is most important in your life gives you the support you need to get to the next level. Building closer, more intimate bonds with the best people, places and things now is what will serve you best now. The light burns brighter in you and the wisdom you hold within shines this week. Talk it out. Consider the details and make your move.

Capricorn: You’ve been granted some benefits in making a team effort. Though you’ve had to make some serious changes this year, you’ve also had a lot of blessing that have helped you out. If you need support this week, don’t be afraid to ask for it. When you’re willing to speak up and ask for what you need you make a declaration to the universe about the direction that you want to go in. It’s best not to make a scene or create drama if someone says they can’t help. Your ability to communicate shifts how people approach, feel and rationalize concepts this week. If you can plant the seed, that may be enough for now. By showing how your cooperation can create mutual benefits you build bridges that light up.

Aquarius: It’s OK to let others have their space. It’s also OK to communicate your feelings and desires. All you need to do is keep treading along on your blessed path. Putting your energy into your daily rituals is key to a week that feels on track. Later in the week clarity in relationships comes around and helps you feel enthusiastic and ready to talk with a more engaged approach. If a bit of drama arises, oh well, that’s life. Life is a grand theater after all, you need to have the scenes change once in a while to keep you interested and wanting to know more. Just keep your focus on being light and willing to make your relationships work for the best and you’ll be OK. Go take a nice walk on the beach and soak up those rays.

Pisces: Although life can’t always be planned, it’s good to have a direction. Transforming your life usually takes time and effort. Sometimes life changes can happen at random, unexpected moments, but for many people, important change takes real work, focus and attention to detail coupled with a defined desire and intention. Well this week you get to think about this. What is it that you really want to change in your life and how are you going to go about making that change? You may feel like the blessings come to you, and they do, but you also need to make sure you aren’t just waiting around for things to happen. Your mind on taking action this week, coupled with your ability to go with the flow, will lead you to new vistas.

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