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Full Moon in Aquarius July 22, 2013 Astrology Horoscope and Weekly Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday July 22, 2013 at 2:15 p.m. EDT.

*Also see our Weekly Horoscopes below for July 21-27, 2013 as part of our Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscope

The Sun has certainly been shining like a lion lately and moved into Leo just a couple of hours before the Full Moon hits exact in Aquarius. These signs are linked. The next full moon is also going to be in Aquarius in about 4 weeks.

Mercury has just gone direct again on Saturday July 20th in Cancer. With the grand trine in the highly spiritual water signs, we all still feel a great influence of divine and esoteric energy. It’s a really good time to get into some sort of magical thinking practice whether it be starting with the law of attraction or going much deeper to the ancient hermetic laws, learning about kundalini, hypnosis, divination, mysteries of the pyramids and more. Approach life with the Buddhist child’s mind without judgment and you’ll see life is filled with with greater blessings, sometimes in disguise.

With karma always touching our lives this is a good time to be responsible in how our emotions and our thoughts impact the collective consciousness. What you say, think and feel makes a difference. It’s time to become more conscious of how we all play a part in the unfoldment of the world and how we are reaching towards a destiny of more light and love.

With the goddess Venus now in earth sign Virgo, aligning in harmony with the grand trine in water – spanning across the sky from Neptune in Pisces, water and earth are blessed with love and creative spirit. This is a time of rising compassion and love. This is an auspicious time to unite your understanding of the physical world with spirituality.

If any of you are artistic pull out your paint brushes, pens, pencils, charcoal or whatever medium you work in and get busy creating. Arts reach beyond beauty now and into the divine. If you’re not artistic, appreciating the arts will tune you into the energy of now and inspire you. It’s time to feel magical.

It’s also time to declare your independence. This doesn’t mean separating yourself from others, but instead it means to own your unique qualities. Admiration for who you are is not an egotistical pursuit. It’s actually a healing pursuit. To realize that you are a masterpiece of divine design, whether it’s creation or evolution at the root of it all doesn’t matter. You’re a piece of work any way you look at it and a brilliant one at that.

With Summer here, enjoy yourself. Enjoy who you are. Enjoy and appreciate who others are.

Jupiter and Mars are joining forces in Cancer making it easier to feel optimistic and driven to be empowered versions of ourselves in a world that we have the blessing to call home.

Enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the moonlight.

Welcome to another week. This week we give you insight into what’s in store for each sign. Be sure to not only read your sun sign, but also your ascendant sign and your moon sign.

Weekly Horoscope July 21-27, 2013

With this Full Moon in Aquarius you’ll also get to enjoy our Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of July 21-27, 2013.

Aries: You want to get things done, you’ve got big plans and responsibilities, but you’ve probably got a little less energy and motivation than you’d like. You’ll like having your space this week and others’ opinions may not hit home with you. Secrets that come out now may irritate you especially regarding family or those close to home. It’s best to stay quiet now in the circle of opinions and gossip. Unearthing anything that’s meant to be tight lipped is best unsaid now. You do much better spending your efforts getting into your creative habits as a catalyst to get your energy flowing better for other things. Morning sunlight helps bring you energy. A routine of morning walks in nature will do you good.

Taurus: You want to feel fortunate now but it depends on how you identify with life from your heart. If you communicate from your heart, honestly with a loving intention, you’ll feel a lot lighter. You’ve got a lot of work to do that requires your creativity and appreciation for beauty. Own it. You’ve got what it takes to put in the time. Just set your day up to be super efficient. The only thing that will stop you from making fantastic art this week will be doubt. Put yourself in a spiritual frame of mind to see how great you really can be without self-criticism and judgment. The higher vibration of Neptune will support you to create divinely inspired work.

Gemini: Mercury, your ruler, is now direct. Put your thinking cap back on. now you’ll have a much easier time realizing how to feel more secure. Logic and drive are giving you energy to build your foundation with smarts. Ask and you shall receive. Send the message to the universe about your bigger plans and you’ll start to see the stepping stones show up. Focus. don’t wait around for things to magically happen. use your brain now. You should also put more love into your diet now and have a more regular routine to fuel your thinking processes. Vitamins and minerals along with deep breathing will give you the tools to support a brilliant mind.

Cancer: The sun may be leaving your sign early this week but it’s a good thing. Change is good. Now you get a chance to feel more in tune with your body with greater self-awareness. Respecting your body helps you feel more secure in yourself. Take some time to reflect on what a healthy ego means to you. Researching the arts, visiting a museum, and appreciating beauty in all its forms is a good change of pace. Chat with others who are interested in art and you’ll feel less worried and more inspired about life overall. The change in focus helps you not take life so seriously. You’ll be able to push through personal creative boundaries this week and you’ll get a new perspective on spirit infused in matter.

Leo: You are burning bright. The obstacles you’ve had, get the light shone on them in a new way giving you the chance to overcome them through a renewed sense of personal power. Thinking highly of yourself. You are the center of attention in a good way. Vitamin D gives you a real boost so soak up a few rays. You can be unstoppable but be sure that those with insecurities don’t feel threatened by your confidence. Sensitive people can feel bullied by overt behavior. You could get an awakening if you’re too egotistical that impacts your karma. So be empowered and enjoy it, but don’t be overpowering. The Full Moon puts the focus on your relationships.

Virgo: Bringing a lot more love into your habits it going to do you well this week. You’ll feel more like yourself and you’ll alleviate a lot of stress if you allow yourself to live and work in a more creatively inspired manner. You’ll feel like you’re getting ahead with you tasks, making your work feel more enjoyable rather than just doing a mundane job. However, it’s also quite likely this week that you’ll have a finer appreciation for even the most mundane tasks. You’ll see beauty in many places and situations this week. Your vision board should have a specific piece of artwork on it that reminds you of the perfect combination of organization couple with creativity.

Libra: You’ve got a really good chance of having a dream, or many dreams, this week that speak to your heart and your soul. Vivid, artistic, adventurous dreams could take you to other worlds, dimensions and states of consciousness. If you’re not usually a dreamer, you will also benefit from taking the reigns and stepping towards realizations through meditation. Hypnosis could uncover mysteries long forgotten, even past lives. An awakening you may now have won’t necessarily be so obvious though. The changes may happen deep within your subconscious mind. Either way, you should definitely keep an open mind and heart this week. A play or an opera may also shed new light on your way of thinking. Abstract painting may challenge your logic but raise your vibration.

Scorpio: These days you’re destined to have an emotional breakthrough that shifts your life. You’d do really well this week to talk about your destiny this week. Don’t be afraid to discuss topics that seem ethereal. Though some outwardly say esoteric topics are strange, even taboo, most everyone has curiosities about the things in life that aren’t easily explained. By reaching past the closed-minded cages of society, you can get to know yourself and the world better. A mother figure may have the right words that help you see life in a new way. Talking and listening to the message between the lines can change your worldview this week. Your career gets a light turned on this week. Pay attention and put your best foot forward. Take off the mask.

Sagittarius: You’re brighter than ever. You may get a strong glimpse this week of what lies ahead for you. Someone may show up with a message that gives you hope that the funding or emotional support you need will be there so you can take the next step. Believing in yourself this week gives you a rush of adrenaline and a jolt of passion to make life meaningful. It’s a good time to think about your higher education. It’s likely too late to apply for schooling for September, but you may want to think about the following year. If college or university isn’t on your radar, you may find an interest or hobby is worth your contemplation. This is a good week to consider what you’d fancy. You can make the next few weeks as philosophically stimulating as you like. Believe in yourself and you’ll feel wisdom is bestowed upon you with abundance.

Capricorn: You’re lucky. Tap into the earth element this week and you’ll feel abundant, grounded and resourceful. Burn incense like patchouli or vetivert, or wear earthy colognes to remind yourself of how much power you have. Wealth does not just show up in dollars and cents. Real abundance comes from your brilliance and your creativity. Even if you feel like those parts of you are buried deep, you’ll likely witness your own wisdom this week that you had long forgotten. Kids have a lot to teach you about how to reconnect with the magic of the earth. Think in terms of wonder. Child’s mind is a buddhist concept that holds true for you now.

Aquarius: It’s a nice time for Aquarius this week. With the Full Moon in your sign on Monday, you’ve got a lot of power and light shining on you. Though you may have been feeling a little bit of a slow pace in an area of your career, you know that the obstacles of the past have been real gifts pushing you to work harder to transform your life. Any steps back you had to take were simply pivots for you to head in a stronger direction. Now you get it. You’re flicking the switch to your lightbulb moments. You’ll also have moments of satori this week that are very personal. The time you spend on building your internal energy creates a bridge of authenticity and friendliness that others enjoy sharing with you. Both personally and professionally you can tune into what you want to experience in the world. Communicate your feelings to the universe and make your action plan reflect what you reflect want.

Pisces: It’s all coming together for you. You’re a compassionate person at heart and though that sometimes takes a backseat, you know that life treats you kind when you when you’re being true to your nature. You’ve got to take advantage of the current astrological climate and get creatively philosophical. Reaching back into the archives of ancient artists creative works tunes you into yourself much more deeply. What the brilliant minds of the past understood and embedded in their work is a reflection of you. You’re a masterpiece. The sooner you tune back into the truth of your spirit, the sooner your destiny’s path will become easier to walk along.

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