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New Moon in Cancer Astrology Horoscope July 8, 2013

It’s officially a New Moon in Cancer on July 8, 2013 at 3:14 a.m. EDT.

The Sun and the Moon join forces at 16 degrees of Cancer. As you know, Jupiter entered Cancer, his absolute favorite place to be in the sky, at the end of June, and will be there for over a year. This is a New Moon in a sign that is feeling lots of auspiciousness these days. Trusting in life opens new dimensions. Life gets an all new philosophy.

Pluto is standing across the sky from the midpoint between Jupiter and the New Moon now. The sky is reminding us all to check out egos and emotions from a deeper place. Who we truly are below the surface, hidden from others is where we can begin to make meaningful transformations.

The day before the New Moon Venus connects with Uranus. Love, in the moment, without hesitation, without all the clutter of needs and wants, is able to awaken us and liberate us. Passion for life and loving life takes on new meaning.

Mercury is also in Cancer and went retrograde a couple of weeks ago hanging out close to the Sun and the Moon. It’s important that we all reconsider how we relate to the world rationally and emotionally. You may notice that emails end up in your bulk folder, or your phone dies at the most inopportune time, but don’t despair, it gives you time to reformulate your ideas. It’s best to consider how your voice and words impact the emotions of others, so be kind. You may find yourself getting frustrated easily and quickly, but be sure to pause so you don’t damage future opportunities by putting your foot in your mouth.

Rethink your budget in terms of food as well as the type of food you are putting into your body. What you hand your money over for, represents your vote for what you accept as a part of the world. What you eat says a lot about what you believe.

Processed, pre-packaged foods are all too common now and many, if not most, are missing out on the emotional connection to nature. If you live near a local farm you should definitely rekindle a love for picking your own fruit. You’ll really feel a difference if you increase your intake of fresh, organic, hand picked berries. The spirit of nature will charm you as you work your way down the berry lane and your tastebuds will rejoice. What have you been missing? This New Moon asks that you reawaken your relationship to the joys of real food. The life force in nature is a gift that becomes a part of you.

It’s been said that the CEO of Monsanto only eats organic food. That’s a strong message without any need for words.

Just a few hours before this New Moon, Saturn goes direct. He’s been in Libra for many moons in retrograde. Now he travels back over his tracks. The obstacles you’ve been learning, especially in terms of karma and other people’s money are going to feel less heavy and less personal. Now your doubts will start to lift and time will feel more like it is working with you rather than against you. Mars in Gemini connects with Saturn harmoniously now. Though you may feel rushed, your lessons in dealing with debt are moving forward and you’re better able to cope with longer term plans. Let yourself be enthusiastic about the potential you’re working toward while also acknowledging patience is virtuous.

On Saturday Mars joins the party in Cancer and brings his passion, enthusiasm and drive to the bigger outlook on life. We’ll all start to feel more desire to have abundance shower us with blessing.

Keeping secrets won’t feel like such a burden now. Secrets can hold personal power, but are disempowering when they are based on fear. Instead, the secrets you keep now will be for good intentions. Your diary of personal thoughts and feelings are where you heal, transform and awaken. If you have an inclination to work with the law of attraction and other occult or magical thinking practices you’ll feel like they make more sense now. Your raw emotions are able to move you forward towards your dreams. Logic may be out the window for now with Mercury retrograde, but that’s fine, it will allow you to rise above logic to a more intuitive understanding of life and the world.

Your karmic path is important to acknowledge during this New Moon. The great mysteries of life are hidden for a reason. Our desire to become awakened and realize the truth and purpose of our lives is asking us to become more spiritually in tune with the cosmos. Blessings are often in disguise and sometimes arise through the most symbolic and esoteric ways.

It’s a good idea to write down your dreams and assess them with a dream dictionary. Get to know the meaning by pondering the possibilities. With the trine in water, Neptune in Pisces brings a lot of magic to dreamland-magic you’re meant to look into. Messages can be cryptic, but your emotional, intuitive self will lead you to discovery.

Those you talk to in confidence and on personal matters now will remind you of spiritual ways of thinking that you’ve forgotten. Intuitive conversation take on a stronger role now. It’s important that you use this New Moon with your best intentions. Your spiritual, higher self can become more awakened. Baths and showers can become sacred rituals. Even sweating in the hot sun can be a sacred experience of embodiment. You’re 70%+ water. Feel yourself as a manifestation of a precise alchemy in the world. The stream between matter and spirit are able to flow well now, deep with your core. Evolution of the soul is paramount.

Loved ones, especially pets, teach us about unconditional love. Keep your heart open. Through all the struggles, liberation reaches deep into your emotions and changes your soul. Karmic bonds between hearts may experience dramatic shifts that are timeless.

If you are to be in tune with the cosmos now, it is important to feel your way through your life. Acknowledge and accept what your feelings are telling you. Right now, what you feel is more important than rational thought. Your feelings will guide you to experiences that you are meant to have, and are meant to learn from. We are all on a journey, on our own, and together, and to feel life move through you and through others is a blessing that can not be measured, calculated or standardized. Though it’s sometimes hard to break through that shell, once you get past the surface, you can touch love and life as it is meant to be experienced. Tears can be the most beautiful symbols of appreciating what life really means.

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