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New Moon in Gemini June 8, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Gemini on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 11:56 a.m. EDT.

It’s important to not believe everything you hear right off the bat. With All this energy in Gemini, and Mercury contrasting Uranus, be somewhat cautious with the first thing you hear. Don’t get caught up in hearsay. It’s insulting to your intelligence to let yourself fall into believing things without considering the bigger picture.

This is a time to think better and bigger than all the petty distractions that come your way.

A lot of people thrive on gossip and forget about the feelings of that someone at the target of criticism and critique. There is nothing easier than pointing out someone else’s flaws, but remember, how and what we say about others says a lot about who we are at heart. Use your gift of speech as a tool for nurturing now instead. Aligning with a more loving approach to interacting with others will make you feel a lot better than complaining. You don’t have to like everyone, but you also don’t have to be nasty towards them.

It’s quite possible some of you have to get some words off your chest and you feel the urge to just blurt it out. If you are in the presence of someone that is overcompensating for their shortfalls by acting out and being loud, leave the room instead of giving in to that primal urge to tell them off.

Make someone’s day by extending your hand and your heart, even your wallet. A couple of dollars means a lot to someone starving on the street and will make your heart glow now. Be that someone who can give a moment of nurturing someone desperately needs in their life. They will be grateful and you’ll know it.

Dreams are super important in understanding your subconscious now. Aspects of your personality may be challenged in your dreams allowing you to face aspects of who you are that deserve attention. How others perceive you and interpret your personality and character traits may be in the spotlight. You will have the guts to speak your truth and through that you’ll realize you own who you are much more than you have ever before. You know yourself more than anyone. However, advice from those you know are wiser than you should be welcomed now.

Go within to find the Divine now. Know that this world and the spiritual world are linked through you and within you.

It’s quite possible that deja vu shows up a lot now. People you never knew may have the most familiar faces, as if you’ve known them before. Listen to what they have to say. Pay close attention especially to what women have to say and men who are in their active, inspired element. Absorb the information that surrounds you now.

It’s not surprising the news is focusing on the controversy of the government surveillance tracking and tapping in to our communications with Mercury opposing Pluto now and in an uncomfortable conversation with Uranus. Generally, the average citizen doesn’t feel comfortable knowing that our conversations and social media interactions are logged and analyzed with such scrutiny. It obviously pushes against the grain of our natural desire for freedom and privacy. Though most of us have nothing to worry about as we live our daily lives, it can get under the skin of many who don’t like the direction our communications and technology is heading towards.

It’s a good time to work towards paying off your debt now instead of racking up more bills. You’ve got to put in the effort rather than pushing it off to the future. You have to create a game plan and budget in order to clear up space. If you don’t, your true destiny will feel further away than it really is as you keep digging the hole and extending a burden on your shoulders. If you need a loan now, crunch the numbers with a realistic game plan that makes sense. It’s easy now to accept money without thinking about the bigger picture. Take a moment to assess the details first. Caution is a good thing. Don’t overcompensate at the cost of the future.

Pay attention to numbers now. 2013 is a lucky year for many. Feng shui is a step in the right direction. Create a magical space in your home now using symbols and numbers of items to represent your intentions.

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