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Full Moon in Sagittarius May 25, 2013 Astrology Horoscope Lunar Eclipse

It’s officially a Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 25, 2013 at 12:24 a.m. EDT.

Although the eclipse of the Full Moon will be visible in North America, it’s going to be late, and it will only be a faint shadow, so it won’t be dramatic.  Here’s where the eclipse of the Moon will be visible.

Staying up late to reminisce under the stars is never a bad thing. This is the 3rd eclipse in the past month, setting us up to move on with life’s changes. Letting go of the past and making important shifts to a new future is important now. Most of us have seen a key area of life go through big changes since April. Karma has a way of working itself out when you let go of ties with the best of intentions.

The Moon, especially when full, inspires the creative mind. With the Sun in Mercury, you may have inspiration worth writing down. Reading a good book by moonlight, delving into philosophical ideas will be pleasing this weekend.

A lot of people get crazy, and maybe a little bit zany, during a Full Moon, or at least a bit emotional. If you have conversations that touch on nerves about beliefs, philosophies or the difference between right and wrong, step back, breathe and be rationally polite. Put your ego in check and don’t become a lunatic.

Mercury makes love to Venus on the 24th, the day before the Full Moon, and sets the stage for the weekend, and the energy leading into the week ahead. They meet together in Gemini. Mercury, the messenger of the gods and Venus, goddess of love, make magic when we let ourselves have a meeting of the mind and heart with others. Light hearted gossip isn’t a big deal when it isn’t hurtful. Everyone likes to be in-the-know to a degree. Have fun catching up.

Humanity has a habit of getting in the way of love by building soundproof walls, and blocking out the light in others’ hearts. Consider how much devastation the mind can provoke in the world when we hold onto our ideas and try to rationalize right and wrong, judging others. Beliefs and ideas are limiting because everyone has a narrow scope of knowledge–nobody knows everything about everything. We can only make decisions and judgments based on what little we do know. The ego, in its shortsightedness, wants to protect those wee kernels of knowledge and put them on a pedestal above others. That’s the seed of many problems, and many hurt feelings. Well, Mercury and Venus are imploring us to dissolves the barriers and put down the sword. By letting go of the ideologies we hold onto that separate us from others, we can let love radiate and our words and thoughts shine brighter.

People just want to be happy and comfortable in their own skin. The gift that gives an abundant return is love.

Exchanging ideas with others, while having an open heart, maintains a level of respect and dignity we all deserve. Keeping an open mind helps you learn and stimulates fresh ideas. Flapping your gums while having a closed vice over your ears does nothing for a healthy exchange or perspectives.

When Mercury meets Jupiter on the 27th, and Venus meets Jupiter on the 28th, this is a powerful time. It’s a Stellium. Be sure to have meaningful conversations. The wisdom gained will boost your confidence and open doors within yourself and in the world around you. Start your day expecting to have fun filled moments when you interact with others.

These powerful gods of the sky are having an auspicious conversation. It’s a good time merge rationality with philosophy and creative ideas. Consider the world as a university. Every day is a class for your wisdom to climb a notch in rank. Soak up the brilliance and share it. This also speaks to abundance, fortune and money, so asking for a raise and feeling like your money matters are finally starting to look up will be true for many. You may also find planning for travel important now, as well as finding ways to save your money relating to transportation. Any deals now will help your wallet feel fatter. It’s a favorable time to feel fortunate. Daydream about a great vacation and step towards making it reality.

Writers, this is a truly auspicious time to feel the love for the writing process. Creative writing and big ideas flourish. Listen to the language of birds and ponder the various ways life conveys messages and communicates. Signals, sounds, and vibrations all dancing their song in the cosmos.

Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus, truly the supreme being in these ancient myths. He is father to both Mercury and Venus. This is a family affair. Jupiter is the ruler, King of the gods and father of mortal man. He was also associated as the controller of weather – rain storms, thunder and lightning. The throne, scepter, eagle and lightning bolt are symbols attributed to his power.

As protector of law and justice, it is important now to consider fairness, equality, truth and honesty now. In your conversations, in your money matters, and relationships, these are key points to acknowledge as we head into the week ahead. As we move forward into Gemini with these planets, we should be cognizant of how our thoughts and words impact our future. Speak with purpose, and listen to subtle cues the pop out of nowhere in conversations. Put your ear to the ground. Listen to musical lyrics with more acuity and assess the deeper meaning.

On the 31st, Mercury, the fast mover, moves past Jupiter and into Cancer. Words may be touchy now and nick others sensitivities. However, if you can use your words kindly, and express your feelings from the heart, it will make a world of difference in the reaction of others. Remember, body language and attitude says more than verbalizing. Smiling from the heart and through your eyes can make someone feel so much better instantly. With support from Neptune and Saturn in fellow water signs, the beginning of June will be a great time to wash away karma with compassionate words shared with others.

Be careful when you speak as we head into June. Though you may feel the urge to say whatever is on your mind, be sure to at least think of the outcome of your words. Mars moves into Gemini on May 31. There may be talk of war in the media, but isn’t there always? Stay rational and consider Mar’s counterpart Minerva, equivalent of Greek goddess Athena, as the intelligent. Both Mars and Minerva are Jupiter’s offspring. His wisdom will keep things in order when smart communication is held in higher regard than spontaneous, primal reactions.

It’s an auspicious time. Think positive.

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