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New Moon in Taurus May 9, 2013 Astrology Horoscope Solar Eclipse

It’s officially a New Moon in Taurus on Thursday May 9th, 2013 at 8:28 p.m. EDT.

This New Moon rings strong with renewal. The solar eclipse will create a ring of fire around the sun as the Moon passes between earth and our closest star. This signifies a wake-up-call in our lives. More information on this solar eclipse at the bottom of this article.

It’s a good time to ground yourself through your connection to nature. Talking about matters of financial security and ensuring you make the most of your spending now is important. Wasting money now is unwise. Create a plan. Spend according to budget. See this New Moon as marking a time to think about your finances.

As the New Moon grows we’re going to move further into understanding the importance of our responsibility in the material world. The consequences and benefits of exchanging money comes into focus. Transaction methods, interest payments, exchange rates, tax rates and fees all have rules that denote our bank account’s bottom lines. Paying closer attention to these details will do you well in the long run. Begin tracking your finances better if you’ve been lagging behind. Create a budget that ensures you have enough for unexpected expenses. Take the drivers seat of your financial picture.

This New Moon in Taurus is colored with ambition – responsible ambition. Don’t get sidetracked by desires that you know will just throw you off course. Your ambition to succeed will grow if you have your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Let the grains of sand on the beach and the blades of grass in your yard wriggle between your toes. Plant your ear to the ground to hear the hum of the earth. Pull down the branches of apple tree’s with their blooming flowers. Listen to the breeze rustle the new buds and leaves. Your soul needs these kinds of simple experiences. They matter. They will replenish your mind with new thoughts, inspired ideas and a sense of presence you need to step forward with stronger footing.

Meditate facing the morning sun. Then, turn around with the sun behind you to look at your shadow lay out before you, representing you in the presence of an enormous star. Let your mind wander to new realms as you merge your concept of the physical world with the play of light and shadow.

The crunch of the apple, that magical, mythic fruit – right here, right now, in your hand, in your mouth, nourishing you with the pleasure of flavor and nutrients as it becomes a part of your body. Your skin, kissed by the sun, caressed by the breeze. This is your life. In this moment, all else can be washed away. All worries, doubts, fears, plans, judgments, ideas, all gone for a moment while you experience the pleasure of this moment.

We are all designed to experience pleasure. So why are you resisting it? Why have you stood in your own way so many times and let misery and melancholy cloud your opportunity to experience your God given right to feel good.

When that New Moon passes in front of the Sun, that’s it… that’s the resistance to the light. It’s natural. It’s a part of life. It happens. But once those few moments pass, the light shines brighter than ever. Let yourself experience shedding that skin you wore in the past. Realize that dark shadow served its purpose. It had its time and place, but now it’s time to move on so the light can shine. You deserve life to be more than dark shadows and gloomy clouds.

Pleasure is designed into this complex, magical system we call life so you can tap into it at will. The fragrance of a spring flower, fingertips gently caressing your skin, the deep relaxation of a deep breath and a long exhale. That’s all you need right now to get in line with what the cosmos has on offer now.

All the responsibilities and necessities can take a five minute break while you get back on track and let yourself synchronize with the gifts the cosmos has waiting for you.

We are all artists in some way. We are all born into a creative world. To live requires creativity to continue like a string of notes of an improvised song always changing key. New players joining in to play the chorus, the bridge, the Major lift . . . . With Venus now in Mercury get your brain in tune with your creative desires. Arrange those flowers, mix those paints, explore your voice, do a raindance, go to the symphony, learn to play a few chords . . . Merge logic with creative inspiration now and you’ll awaken a part of you long dormant. Let go of the resistance.

It’s also a really good time to learn the names of tree’s, plants, flowers, birds and the like along with their properties. Have fun learning their correspondences for earth-magic as well.

Let Mars take you on a journey of heart pounding excitement as the New Moon grows and the Sun moves to the final stretch of the degrees of Taurus.

Think creative. Mind your money. If you don’t you’ll feel heavy. If you do, you’ll feel so much lighter and ready to move forward.

Honor your body and the earth now. Whatever you feel that connects you to that earth energy most, do it. Make responsible choices with your food that ensures you are compassionate to life and the world.

Burn incense. Smudge your house with white sage. Carry your favorite stones in your pocket. When you tune into the cosmos and let love rule, doors open. Tune into the magic of earth again now and bring that forward with you as you walk into your future. Do what you can to bridge heaven and earth in your own life, and more light will enter the world for others to enjoy and awaken to as well.

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