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Full Moon in Scorpio Astrology Horoscope April 25, 2013 Lunar Eclipse

It’s officially a Full Moon in Scorpio on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 3:56 p.m. EDT.

This Full Moon, also known as the ‘Pink moon’ is met with a lunar eclipse. The earth casts a shadow on the moon as it stands between the Sun and the Moon. However, we won’t see it here in the western world as it will still be daylight when it happens. See the link at bottom of this article for the scientific technicalities.

Although the visual display of the lunar eclipse will be “underwhelming,” we still get to enjoy the astrological significance on a more esoteric level.

There are angels in the world; they come in many forms and at the most opportune moments. Miracle workers live and breathe among us. You may find yourself truly blessed.

It’s quite possible that someone will help you in a significant way now. The help could be more than you dreamed possible and there’s a lot of heart in it. We attract important transitions into our lives now that can take us to the next level.

This year has been full of big changes for all of us; surely you’ve noticed. This eclipse brings us a karmic transformation that helps us find deeper understanding of ourselves. It’s a good idea to work on clearing your karma. Truly wishing others happiness helps you find more of your own.

If you need to transform your money situation, other people may definitely be able to help you out as part of lifting your karma.

To make a shift in your life now, look for the clues around you. You’ll find the answers hidden in riddles. Try reading other people’s behavior to get deeper understanding into the influences around you. Journal it. Examine it. Ponder it. Even the subtlety of someones eyes can take you to other worlds.

Earlier this week and leading up to the Full Moon you may also notice many occurrences of the number 11 popping up- seemingly at random but definitely with a more synchronistic purpose. Keep mental note of what you were thinking or saying at the moment you see the number 11 and piece together the clues. There is meaning behind the mystery. Some of you may find another number keeps repeating that is significant to you.

The meaning of inner beauty awakens now; beauty in the earth, our bodies and in our hearts and spirits. Life blossoming all around us in Spring is a testament to this. There is so much beauty in the world, and inside humanity, yet so many hide behind masks and away from their own reflection.

Venus departs from its caress of the Sun and stands across the sky from the Full Moon in Scorpio. Now we are faced with seeing ourselves much more deeply, for what we are. The perceptions we project onto others, is the very part of ourselves we need to resolve.

Neptune pleasantly takes us to the next level with this Full Moon. Life is love. Life is mystical. Candle magic, and a bath of rose geranium, sounds perfect. Relax and peer into the waters of your own soul. Scorpio will take you deep into the hidden realms.

Awakening requires inner reflection. It’s often hard for people to admit to themselves the truth of who they are. It’s easier to blame others “out there” for life’s circumstances. Denial is a common human trait. Taking a look in the mirror and facing yourself and accepting personal responsibility makes life real. The shadow side of ourselves needs to be seen. It grounds you and will provide you with a strong stepping stone of a balanced understanding. The stream of life runs both ways. There are two sides to the river.

Many of you may notice shadows are artfully interesting lately. Tree branches, leaves, and the shadow of your beloved pet may be catching your eye as light and dark do their dance. Remember, shadows exist because of the light. The roots of shadows reside in the manifestation of light.

Emotions of jealousy and envy may surround some of you, or if you notice yourself having a nasty attitude, it’s time to reassess how you are projecting yourself into the world and how that is reflected back to you by what you receive.

Just as it’s not easy to admit our own faults, it is often just as difficult for us to admit, or realize, how beautiful we are. Life is beautiful. All the errors, pain and affliction holds within it the key to the beauty of the heart. Love and compassion join this Full Moon to support us in our time of need.

Mars moves in to join the Sun and stands across from the Moon infusing us with renewed energy, willpower. By feeling through the emotions to clear away our self doubts we can become more inspired. From there, we can shed new light on our life and realize the direction that we can take for our betterment.

Those of you who focus on spirituality this week and weekend will be blessed with renewed faith in life.

If you give generosity and kindness from your heart it will return to you.

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