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New Moon in Aries April 10, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Aries on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 5:35 a.m. EDT.

This is a really potent Spring. A lot of forces are merging in Aries. The desire to find your inspiration is calling you to step up to the plate. There is a fire burning inside of you, inspiring you to action.

Don’t be surprised if a great idea falls into your lap that helps you take steps towards a renewed sense of purpose. You may also find someone asks you to do something important that requires you to step outside your comfort zone, that will allow you to finally achieve something you’ve long desired. You’ve got life pulsing in your veins, so use it while you’ve got it.

This New Moon in Aries has love fused to our personal lives. Relationships reach far beyond the superficial and mechanical objects of desire, into a flutter of alchemical proportions. The magic between Mars and Venus now makes everything about life an art. You’ll feel it in other people, in the blooms of flowers, the newly forming buds. Your creativity will rush to be poured out into the world.

All this energy can be revitalizing for many of us. However, too many people are always doing something to fill up every ounce of their time. From sunrise to midnight, too many are bombarding themselves with external stimulation to the point of numbness.

You’ve got to consider switching up the pattern once in awhile, or life becomes one predictable bore after another. When you pause for a while, and do nothing, you get a renewed sense of purpose that helps you resume life with a new energy. Winter and Spring symbolize the importance of this transition in our lives.

Giving yourself a break from the same routine will allow your mind to think outside the box and become more creative and inspired. If you’re running in circles like most people, and are always preoccupied with filling up your time with this, that and the other, you’re missing out. The empty glass has more options available than one already full. If your mind is always on the task at hand you are left with little room for an inflow of new ideas and inspirations.

Now, Venus disarms Mars by merging her energy with his. The result is a more creative moment with doors open to inspiration. It is the silence before the storm; the composure before entering into the battlefield. The receptive quality is coupled with the underlying active principle ready to burst onto the scene.

Arts, crafts, all that is beautiful is inspired by this New Moon. This is a new beginning. The Moon aligns with the Sun which has just recently entered the Astrological New Year at the Spring Equinox.

Finances go through a transition near the end of the week. How are your finances? Have you been spring cleaning money matters so you have renewed clarity in that area of your life? It’s tax season. Don’t expect to win the lottery. It’s better to count on your instincts than daydreams. To feel like you are getting what you want, and heading in the ideal direction financially, you have to make the declaration with an authoritative stance. You may feel like you have to climb down the mountain a bit, to get a better view of what’s ahead.

The most fortunate ideas come from pondering, daydreaming, reading and participating in such reflective practices like yoga and meditation now. Take notes and share with like-minded individuals. Important realizations can be had now.

Take a night of the week to not be distracted by gadgets, games, the internet, TV. Force yourself to get creative if you are hesitant to take that first step. I guarantee, once you get started, your creative impulse will build upon itself until you’re bursting with ideas. Get in the drivers seat and turn on the ignition.

We are all at various stages of our personal evolution. This is a time to begin a new stage with anticipation of the best we can bring forth into the world. Recognizing your imperfections leads to a state of natural refinement. Plants and flowers lean towards the light. If there is shade they will reach around to get a glimpse. That’s refinement. Life is that desire to seek, grow, and experience pleasure.

It’s also a good time to look at your body in a new way. Instead of judging your body, recognize your flaws as personal, unique character traits that are part of a spiritual design, as sacred as the cosmos. Love your body, by not only respecting it with your thoughts, but also with your actions. Treat yourself well and honor your temple.

The burdens of life come in many forms, but free will and desire lead us to overcome the obstacles. With smarts and willingness you can make the right choices to help move yourself, and influence others into a brighter future. The Sun is reaching towards its climax. The moon is in his embrace now. We’re all riding this wave together. Let your senses wake up to the subtleties often forgotten and drowned out by the racket you put yourself through.

Just enjoy it. It’s time to get outside and soak up the rays.

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