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Full Moon in Libra March 27, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday March 27, 2013 at 5:27am EDT.

Spring is when we can recreate our concept of what our lives can attain. It is when we can emphasize our positive characteristics and use better judgment to redefine our desires for a lighter future.

All the boundaries that have held us back the things swept under the rug are ready to be purified. The clutter, literally and metaphorically, is primed to be cleansed.

How do we purify our karma? How do we find that middle road that allows us to reach towards a destiny of greater harmony? How do we remove the stains that have embedded into our psyches so we no longer repeat our damaging patterns?

This Full Moon helps us to see ourselves in a new light. This is you getting a chance to clear your karmic debts out of your life by renewing your thinking patterns and reinventing your steps forward. All that light of the Full Moon is awakening your inner life to become someone more than your past has defined. This is the moment of merging spirit with new beginnings.

Your decisions are important and should be made with intention, purpose and clarity. This is a time when you should not make decisions lightly. Changing your thinking patterns requires reflection on who you are, the path you’ve travelled, what your desires are, and what is the higher road for you. So seek out the answers within yourself by giving yourself time for contemplation now. Before making a decision on your next step, weigh the pros and cons. Consider the outcomes for yourself and all involved. Your decisions transform the world.

All that sudden inspiration that may arise now, take note of it, contemplate it, work with it to see yourself more clearly. Don’t leave it in the past. Use it now.

To gain clarity you need to clear your thoughts attached to your karma, and flush out all the negative energy. It’s a good time to make your material space reflect the inner world you want to foster. You can refresh the energy of your space by opening windows, bringing in fragrant flowers and burning incense.

You also need to bring more light into your awareness. What is your relationship to light? The spectrum of light in your environment is easily achieved by hanging faceted glass in a window. When the sun hits the glass, rainbows sparkle on the walls and bring in new energy. Opening a window for a breeze can cause these pieces of glass to gently sway so the rainbow dances around the room.

At night, the moon and the stars are sharing their light with you. Of the billions of years, this current moment, that wave of light that hits your eye and enters your consciousness is there for you. In Kabbalah, the energy of the stars and planets is one of the ways we connect with the higher realms.

From the vastness of space, to your own personal domain, it’s important to get your space right so you can let the energy flow. Learn a bit about Feng Shui to incorporate the ideas and symbolism into your life. Spring cleaning doesn’t happen all at once, it can be an ongoing project of self-renewal. Get rid of all that is unwanted, unneeded and has weighed you down. All that collected dust symbolizes what you’ve not paid attention to in your life, either through neglect, lack of awareness or not having enough time devoted to ensure things are in order. What have you been sweeping under the rug?

Emotions can make people do things that supersede logic and make decision that may not be for the best. Consider someone shopping to fulfill an emotional need, only to be deep in debt and the burden that comes with it later. Emotions can pull us in directions that don’t serve us well. So be cautious now. Think before you act.

Life can be chaotic. Nobody ever said life was easy, and if they did, they weren’t being honest. Life is so full of options it can range from devastating and perplexing to the most liberating and joyous. Emotions never last though, so keep that in mind whatever you’re feeling. Enjoy when you can, let go when you have to.

Nothing in this world lasts forever. Everything comes and goes. But it’s important to find the middle road in our lives that help us travel life without the pendulum swinging out of control. Now is a time for more self control, but inspired control. It’s about guiding your will of your own volition.

Life requires the balance of flow and freedom with order and structure. So many people these days go with the flow to such a degree they don’t have any direction, purpose or roots. Others are so structured they leave no room for inspiration and spontaneous joy.

Many people find solace in the traditions of religions for this reason. Though religion isn’t for everyone, traditions do have their benefits. They bring order and purpose into people’s lives. When traditions are coupled with spiritual concepts they can bring more light into people’s lives because they seek to unite the higher intention in life with one’s lived reality. In this way the flow of life is accepted and transformed into something meaningful. Synchronicities are seen with fresh, lighter eyes, rather than the skeptics cold disregard for meaningfulness as sheer coincidence.

This is a good time to start a personal tradition. Whether you look to a particular religion, or you seek out a practice of your own making, finding balance in your life’s activities and spirituality is very important now. You could go for a walk at a certain time each day; tend to your garden every week, lay in the sun for a few minutes each day listening to birds and feeling the breeze on your skin, or burn incense and meditate at night. Whatever it may be that feels right to you, follow that. Make a new part of your life feel intentional so you can find order in the chaos.

It may not be particularly easy now to stick with a specific tradition you choose, but at least explore some now, try something new that feels right. It’s a good time to start bringing more light into your life intentionally and set the foundation to a new tradition that feels important in your life.

Let yourself not be drawn by the flow of life all the time, being pulled this way and that on whims having no direction. It’s time for you to take more control of your life and not be guided by external events dictating your reality. Give yourself an intention that comes from within you.

Let your inspiration guide you to create something new in your life.

You deserve to feel the pleasure of life in your heart and soul. Make that a reality by what you give and receive into your life intentionally.

With Easter on it’s way, we are in the time symbolized by rebirth of nature and spirit, balancing the polarity of destruction with the promise of new life. Spring symbolizes the new beginning as the light of life becomes a stronger force in our lives.

This is exactly what you need to hear right now.

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