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An Introduction to Kabbalah

Most people do not know what Kabbalah is or have only heard sound-bytes about what it may be. Commonly, many have heard that certain Hollywood stars are involved in Kabbalah, but know little else about this area of study.

As is our intention to share spiritually and philosophically relevant subject matter on Symbolic Living, we share this video with you for insight into the essence of Kabbalah. This video is a mini-intro, and is not meant to be in-depth or exhaustive, but it is a useful introduction for those wanting a slight taste. Kabbalah is an area of study that covers such material as realizing the source of existence, the light within yourself, understanding your higher purpose in life, transforming your life, where desire comes from and where it leads us, to live a life connected to giving and receiving light in the world and much more. Enjoy.


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