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New Moon in Pisces March 11, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s a New Moon in Pisces on Monday March 11, 2013 at 3:50pm EDT.

Now we’re finally in daylight saving time and spring is just over a week away.

A lot of personal energy is focused in the spiritual sign of Pisces right now, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Chironand Mars all accompanying Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. That’s 7 heavenly bodies in Pisces. Since February 23 Mercury has been retrograde traveling backwards in Pisces, connecting closely with these personal planets. It’s been an important time to reconsider our personal spiritual paths.

In the broader picture of spirituality in our material world, the Pope resigning has been getting a lot of attention in the news, of course. This seemingly sudden transformation of a figurehead of such a long reigning institution puts the Church front and center. The transfer of power and all the baggage that the Church has accumulated has many people reconsidering what exactly the Catholic Church, and religion, symbolizes and represents in our current society and how dogma and spiritual ideals are in tune, or out of tune, with humanity today. The process of choosing the next Pope as well as figuring out how to go forward with all its scandals fits well with this Mercury retrograde period. A slightly clearer understanding and direction will start to reveal itself after the 17th, when Mercury begins moving direct again. Remember though, Pisces does bring delusion and the fog can hang thick. Some have said the Pope’s resignation signifies the end of the age of Pisces.

Jupiter, signifying religious institutions, is also in difficult position to Mercury retrograde in Pisces now. It will be interesting to see what kind of challenges, twist, turns and revelations come forward as the world’s largest religious institution gets a new leader. Difficult decisions and reconsideration may lead to eventual transformation, but with this astrological turning point keeping the forbidden things shrouded in mystery and hidden behind the veil is the more likely path forward. The transformation of the institution itself is important, but more importantly are the personal choices the general population makes about how they relate to spirituality now, regardless of which religious beliefs on does, or does not, ascribe to.

With the Sun in Pisces though, the fog may lift in some of our lives, but we will have to be honest about how we approach our personal spiritual paths. The bridge between our everyday lives in the material world and spirituality isn’t clear now. Much of this lack of clarity has to do with the battle between right and wrong according to so many different systems of belief that put pressure on us to conform to what we are told to believe.

Finding new ways that don’t depend on the hard coded dogma of an institution will likely resonate with us more than ever now. We are growing up.

Comet Pan-STARRS streaking closer to Earth. Now visible in Northern Hemisphere

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To feel spiritual now, a more personally relevant approach to life will help you see spirituality infused in the material world. Projecting your own way of magical thinking into the world and connecting to arts, architecture, flowers and nature that speaks to your soul will bring you in tune with spirit. Entering the realm of spirit through meditation will take you further into personal connection with divinity than standing up and sitting down on cue in the pews will.

Spending time with the sun on your face, your eyes closed and a few deep breaths will be more enlightening than going through the motions in an institution. Pay attention to your daydreams and your dreams. The messages are deeply personal and significant for you now. Discuss dreams on the Symbolic Living Forum here.

Amethyst is a good stone to work with now.

Astrology and Easter: Easter Sunday (March 31) is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon (March 27) after the Spring Equinox (March 20).

It’s a pivotal time to reconsider trusting your internal, personal, intuitive connection to spirituality, rather than having an established organization dictate your spiritual ideals, beliefs and the difference between right and wrong for you. If you believe something because of peer pressure, but it doesn’t really resonate as true, you should rethink the situation.

Jupiter asks us to see the truth through challenging the status quo now. It is important to realize now that the truth is not monopolized by a formal institution to be accessed by you only through a mediator. The truth is within you. Your heart knows. Unfortunately, knowing the truth is present within the creation of the universe itself is often forgotten. The astrological climate now implores us to realize we are not dependent on someone else telling us what to think and believe. A personal relationship with spirit is where the truth is. The answers are within you. Being a manifestation of the divine universe, the code of the Divine is within your DNA, in your soul, in the natural world, and the universe.

Saturn is retrograde now, since February 18th. It’s an important time to consider our financial borrowing habits and debt in the light of living a more spiritual life. How are your debts, and financial karmic choices holding you back from living a more spiritual, authentic life? It’s a very good time to look over your budget and think of how you want to transform your relationship to finances.

As mentioned, Trust is a major issue now with corruption in so many major institutions. This includes religious, governmental and financial institutions. Accountability is becoming more of a focal point in our society. People don’t have the trust they once had, and this is pivotal in our understanding how to transform into a more responsible society as a whole. Audits are frequently revealing that the books are lacking in truthful and accountable behavior. With Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, expect to see intentionally being hidden beneath the rug to be investigated.

Now that Spring is on it’s way, we will start to see more of the light. The Sun moves forward into Aries in just a little over a week, bringing us the Spring Equinox; the Astrological New Year.

Mars moves into Aries on Tuesday, March 12. How appropriate, Mars rules Aries, what a great placement preparing us for the Spring Equinox to bring renewed vitality and energy to our lives.

Finding your personal truth and reaching towards the light will bring you closer to a meaningful, spiritual life. Enjoy the Sun and renew your spiritual journey.

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One thought on “New Moon in Pisces March 11, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

  1. I was speaking with a Catholic tonight who brought up the subject mentioning who they hope the next Pope will be. After a short discussion on the possiblities, she then mentioned that it’s up to God, that God will choose. Intending to make a point, I said, “Well, they take a vote on who becomes the next Pope.” She said that they are guided by God, that they pray on it and God gives them the answer. I did not respond further with my opinion, but rather bit my tongue to refrain from starting an argument, but I was immediately thinking to myself, “Is that really true? I don’t think so.” Inside I rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of such a programmed statement. Oh, so that’s what they said on television, and so she believes it. Ughh.

    Now, I’m thinking of one of Catherine Tate’s characters when I say, “What a bunch Baloney!” So God chooses/tells the cardinals who the Pope should be? God chooses? God intercedes to appoint the next Pope, but doesn’t intercede when there are vile pedophiles molesting children?!? I don’t think so!

    I seriously get irked when people are so hung up in their religious programming that they push aside and sweep under the rug, removing from their minds the horrible things that go on inside the organization to uphold the status of the church and its leader like idols regardless of what’s really going on.


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