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Full Moon in Virgo February 25, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Virgo on Monday February 25, 2012 at 3:25 pm EST.

Intensity. Nerve wracking. Stress. Have you been feeling it? The changes this year have been super potent for so many people. Take your B vitamins, hot baths, sleep,  and eat well for better balance and to help take the edge off. Use essential oils like ylang ylang, lavender, geranium to dispel the stress and calm your nerves. Get a massage. Breathe. Drinking excess coffee is not a good idea now.

For a lot of people this is a time that has been challenging, and getting over the hurdles takes time. A step by step, logical approach may not be easy. Communication may feel off, but luckily time is on our side. Take a breather, it’s ok to be a little late on things, or to adjust your schedule. Now is the time to realize that you don’t have to battle the clock and drive yourself absolutely nuts. Don’t freak out. Everything will get done.

Take one moment at a time and know that all good things happen when they are meant to. It’s time to check in with yourself and acknowledge that synchronicity happens when you least expect it. So don’t worry. Things show up out of the blue to help you along.

Work and getting life in order is a huge factor for so many lately. All of the stress and strain that’s been happening around you lately is here for you to be able to make better decisions about how you approach your life’s circumstances. It’s also here to teach you about how to say no, so you can take better care of you. It’s not easy to say no, but it is so often very liberating. Say no to others excessive demands. Say no to letting yourself work yourself to death. Say no to feeling unhealthy because you are too busy to take care of yourself. Cut out the excess demands that are making you a nervous wreck.

Through challenging times, the wisdom of your spirit may hide until you are ready to tune in. The curtain is drawn, you have to be willing to open the window and let in the fresh air, listen to the birds and take in that deep breath. It’s time to realize why you are here on earth and tune into your spirit. You’ve got to turn on the music, lie down, and chill out. Your body, mind and spirit need it.

You can keep on going on as you have been, or you can stop, think about how you are using your time, and make a better decision. This Full Moon is all about your decision making process about your life’s patterns and habits. You can tune into your spirit and your creative, intuitive side only when you are willing to readjust your methodology and approach to living. Your way of life can liberate you, or exhaust you. You have a chance to heal your spirit. Stop putting obstacles in your way to your health. Your physical and mental health is utterly important now, so make yourself step away from the stress so you can become healthy and whole again.

Try to do things you need to do effectively, to the point, and make it short and sweet so you can have more You Time.

Spring will be coming soon. Start planning what you want your Spring to be like. Set your future up to have Less Stress.

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