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New Moon in Aquarius February 10, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Aquarius on Sunday February 10, 2013 at 2:39 am EST.

The past couple of weeks you may have noticed something significant has come to an end. A death of sorts. Whether it has been someone who has exited your life, or a way of life that you need to change, the transformation feels significant. With this New Moon in Aquarius you may notice big changes happening  in your life. An all new direction for 2013 that is determined by you walking your own path on your own terms.

Instead of being stuck inside, and inside the walls of your own head hung up on complicated thoughts, look outside to the bigger picture where the secret of life is beyond your own ideas.

If you have been in a manipulative, uncomfortable situation, letting go or severing ties is important for your well being. Some people may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing that you can see through in their undertones. It comes down to honesty and integrity. You know you deserve better than the energy that has been around you, and this New Moon opens the door. That wolf may be someone else in your life, or it may be a part of you that you held onto for a long time, that you now realize was just a way you fooled yourself into living your life a certain way. Now you know better. You can see through the illusion.

Communication and life lessons now has a lot to do with spirituality, but there is a mismatch with how it is expressed. You may notice someone uses the term “spiritual” loosely. They may say they are spiritual in an enlightened way, but beneath that very thin veneer they flaunt trying to strongly project of being so “good” you can see that there is something unpleasant brewing beneath the surface that just doesn’t resonate with your spirit. It feels hollow; like empty words. It may be evident that they are using words that are light, but between the lines you can see their dark side for what it is.

It’s like seeing someone who says they are full of energy and love, but what they actually project is someone who is lethargic and actually come across as quite self-centered rather than loving. The words don’t match up with what actually is presented, and of course, actions speak louder than words.

If you feel that someone may be putting you in a position where your reputation or dignity is in harms way, it may all be unconscious on their part.

The dark side of someone you may see through, may be unconscious to them because it is a part of their character they have relied on to get what they want. What they may be doing is saying they are spiritual, but instead of considering the whole of how they affect others, they are being selfish and self-centered in their approach. They want to have their cake and eat it too and may see the ends as justifying the means regardless of the bigger picture beyond their ego. You may see through the mask they wear. The trickster archetype is present.

Regardless, you get to choose to change your own life and not let others define it for you. Also, be sure to draw in the compassionate side of Aquarius, and try to be open minded, though it may not be easy depending on the circumstances around you. We are all in this together, to learn. However, you also have to ensure you aren’t bending over backwards for others for the sake of being nice.

It’s quite possible it’s not personal, or intentional on their part to cause you problems. They just may not know any better and have to go through the process as a wake up call to their own actions and habitual way of approaching things. Unfortunately, you may be affected by their growth process, so it’s a good idea to ensure self-preservation.

Aquarius is a hopeful sign but is not all light and roses as some think. It does have its duality. It represents our consciousness poured out from our spirits, and as an air sign it relates to our mind and thinking processes.

We are all human. We all have light and dark sides, and all of it is part of our growth. It all exists for a reason but you don’t have to allow what you don’t want to remain in your life. Now is a time to purify your life, and purge yourself of what you don’t want. It will help you move forward with better intentions.

In terms of personality conflicts you may also notice someone who is trying everything they can to pretend they are not fluffy or flaky, but the truth is, they actually are. Be aware of those who may be trying to avoid who they are by trying so hard to put on a false front. Some may be lying to themselves or hiding a part of themselves for fear of what others may think. If you, or someone you are in the presence of is doing this, you know there is self deception going on, and thus an imbalance in self-acceptance.

It’s time to get real and stop trying to be a false persona. If you do feel the need to change parts of your own personality, you can’t do it by wearing a cloak. Transformation comes from a much deeper place.

Transitions in your life now may come on with a sudden severing of ties so that you can be free. It’s as though a fire has been lit under you, that you can’t ignore. The message is there; nagging at you to smarten up and take a stand for your life. It’s all designed so that you can breathe new life into the bigger picture of your circumstances. Take some time to yourself, breathe, think through how you can choose to let go for your well being instead of getting wrapped up in the ego.

This New Moon is a new beginning. It’s time for you to recognize what isn’t resonating with you. In a way, you rebel against the garbage of life, so you can shoot your arrow straight at the target your spirit really has its eye on.

The life lessons now are geared towards communications and how you achieve what you want – all tied into a higher spiritual purpose for your way of life. You may be learning to value yourself more through the challenges that come into your life.

By acknowledging what you and your time are really worth you are ready to let go of what doesn’t serve you. Certainly, by realizing your self-worth you don’t let others devalue you and use you to their own advantage.

Think it through, and ask yourself if the energy you are putting towards something is really worth it. If it’s not, be honest with yourself and take a stand to move forward by saying, “Enough is enough. I am worth more and I am moving in an all new direction.”

Right now it’s important to not forget about the earth element. You need to ground yourself to feel more secure. Money may play an important role now in how you choose which direction you want to move in. The challenges now may include money matters, and letting go of something for your betterment may mean you may have to say goodbye to it at a small loss so you can get on with your life for bigger and better things.

We are now living in a world where most of us are digitally oriented. This is Aquarian, but we can’t live in our heads in the field where everything is mental energy and forget about the material world. We need to ground ourselves to feel more balanced. So if you are living in your head too much, take a break and come back down to earth.

If the concerns of the mind are overtaking you, rediscover your connection to your body. The Aquarian need to raise consciousness is best when it is in touch with the earth as well and creating comfort with the whole self. Embody your truth.

For those of you interested in space, an asteroid will be coming close to the earth later this week.

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