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Full Moon in Leo January 26, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Leo on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 11:38pm EST.

Friday night the moon appeared quite Full and was definitely beautiful, but was still in Cancer. When the Moon hits exact opposition to the Sun late tonight at 11:38 pm it will be in Leo and officially at it’s peak, Full Moon status.

This Full Moon should feel quite good overall, and where you feel alive with your presence in the world.

The ego is a powerful factor in everyone’s life. It is the drive for us to want to survive and live. It is necessary.

It is also about who you are, your identity and how you project that in your life. In humanity, the ego is very fickle though. The ego has a hunger that can never be satiated.

It can lead people to be desperate for attention, to be known and to be recognized in an attempt to quell the ego’s hunger. Those who desperately seek fame and who will stop at nothing to attain it are demonstrations of the ego trying to be in control. The ego tries to manipulate external reality to get to a place of power. The ego exemplifies the very opposite mentality of “Trust God and let go”. The ego never wants to let go. It always feels like the underdog who needs to prove themselves, fighting desperately for attention.

Because the ego is fragile, it can also lead people to victimize themselves as a tool for attention and the need to try to fill the void. Or, it can lead to the bully factor. The road runs both ways with the ego.

In essence, the ego taking over one’s life leads to ruin.

The ego wants to receive as much as possible to fill a void. It wants to take, and it’s focus is “me, me, me”.

If you think of the myth of Lucifer being a most beautiful angel who wanted to reach to the highest place, to be better than God, you can see that it is a metaphor for the ego unsatisfied with itself, always striving and needing to be at the top. However, the myth clearly shows that Lucifer falls, is banished to live in that inner turmoil of the ego.

Now think of the Sun, which rules Leo. The sun symbolizes a healthy I AM presence. It is simply present, giving, without asking for anything in return. It does not desperately want our attention or have to do anything for us to adore it’s presence as a part of our lives. It simply is what it is and exudes it’s glorious self without any doubt, without any needs. It’s core self stands true to itself and simply has presence.

Lions also exude this presence, especially when they lie in the sun. They simply lie down, yawn, relax. Those are represented best in the days of summer, which is where the Sign of Leo and the Sun meet, in July-August. However, now that the Full Moon is in Leo, we get to feel this energy within us where it is personalized.

What kind of energy do you exude when you feel like your authentic self? When you don’t have to go out of your way to seek attention, or to prove yourself as a worthy presence,  that’s the real you. It is when you do you feel like the real you, not having to wear any masks or to put on a show.

In school all the students are trying to find their identity and become comfortable with who they are. It’s a time in life that challenges us to find ourselves while being faced with so many other people also in the struggle with their ego. Naturally with so many people trying to prove themselves, and not knowing exactly who they are yet, ego’s clash big time. In general, the “perfectly popular” kids may have everything to show off, and in high school that usually means nice clothes and anything of the brand name. Then there are the kids whose parents aren’t as well off and thus the kids don’t have such great clothes, or brand name materialism to show off. Overall, cliques develop and ego’s have their way with people dividing themselves.

There is something not so interesting about the people who are slaves to their ego’s, especially in adults who should at least start to know better. Those who are slaves to their ego’s often try to satisfy everyone and become what others think they should be. In school, it’s often an intention to be popular, a smaller version of “fame”.  Basically, when someone is caught up in the ego they will try to be something else, instead of being present in who they naturally are. They usually lose themselves to the mask. They put a mask over their true in-born uniqueness, for a calculated idea of what they think will be accepted. However, the true essence of someone is what shines. Masks cover up the soul.

Bette Midler is a great example of someone who shifts into her act when necessary and knows her position as an entertainer. She is not afraid to be her real self on her downtime. She realizes that the show is performing, and she’s great at it, and her real life is not about putting on an act. She can separate the two with a healthy ego structure, and live in reality, not beneath a mask.

What healthy or unhealthy ego energy do you exude? When you think of how you project your personality into the world do you consider yourself to be authentically you? Are you in tune with your true self or do you put on a mask to try to put on a show in real life?

Do you feel like you know yourself? Do you try to prove yourself as fitting into a specific identity you think others should associate you with? Do you hide your authentic self out of fear of what other people’s egos may think of you?

What does how you project your ego into the world say about your core self, your beliefs and values?

An important part of this Full Moon is a sudden realization of the truth, and knowing your true self.

This is a time for freedom to be true to yourself. Unleash yourself from behind the false masks and the neediness of being recognized as an image you want others to see you as. You being yourself is enough. Be satisfied in who you are and what you want to share. You don’t have to play a false character to get false attention.

You may have sudden insights and inspiration that releases you from the bondage of your ego.

It’s time for you to look at yourself as more than what your ego could ever want. It may not be easy though. Our society conditions us to be trapped within the ego. Mainstream television demonstrates inflation of the ego through showing off, putting on a charade, bickering, trying to one-up the other as false enjoyment. The desperation and temptation of fame bombard our society as being important, fun and desirable.

Don’t sell yourself short. Falling victim to your ego is a strong sign of weakness as well as a lack of self-awareness.

You could think of now as being a time to be your true self, no matter what the scowling uptight nun has to say. This doesn’t mean become an out of control rebel. It simply means that you let yourself shine just by being your real self, with your real, authentic presence, and you accept yourself for who you are. Don’t restrict yourself, and don’t fake it. Find the healthy balance of the real you, at the center of it all.

Pick up a new hobby that speaks to your core.

Your authentic, divine, shining self comes from a place much higher than the ego can ever reach. When you are your authentic self, the real things that matter in life are present.

This is the feel good vibe you should have about yourself. Tap into this Full Moon energy.

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