Yoga Philosophy – This Knowledge Belongs To You

Swami Govindananda gives an enlightening introduction to Yoga Philosophy.

Yoga philosophy is to help us to become the Master of our destiny, rather than becoming the slave of our destiny… to open your eyes to the big picture.

There is profound knowledge to guide your life to help you make decisions that are in your interests, that are in the interests of others,  that have got a future and light and love and energy and beauty that expands your personality. Where fear and anger and jealousy and greed start to recede, in its place there is a profound strength of knowledge and wisdom and direction.

~ Swami Govindanand

How do we live? What does the self want? How do we find happiness?

The Light is a New Body, Mind and Spirit Inspirational column by Symbolic Living incorporating a variety of insights for your well being and contemplation.

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About the New Column

The Light by Symbolic Living


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