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The Isle of Avalon – Arthurian Legend

Written By Ashwini

The Isle of Avalon has been a subject of fascination for many. I personally believe that the Isle of Avalon is not just a place that may have existed on earth and ascended. It is your Inner Paradise. Isle of Avalon is a place such as Shambala or Paradise which exists in each of us. We all have the potential to live in Avalon. How you ask?

When you live from a place of heightened consciousness, of pure divine love, where you feel the Oneness in all, you are existing and operating from Avalon. Avalon is a vibrational energy of Complete Oneness. Many people are returning to their origins in Druidry and Celtic path to earth magic. They are returning home – to Avalon. The Dragon has awakened and is calling the priests and priestesses to come home and reclaim their place in Avalon.

In my efforts to weave myth, mystery and magic together I have come to understand that the Arthurian legends are not just legends or history. It is an allegory. I explore a few of the energies and characters.


The Once and Future King. He is not just a king of history or legend but a fair and just king who shall arise when there is a need. He may have ‘bodily’ died or ascended (depending on what myth you believe) but he represents the Quintessential Emperor energy. He lives and rules through all the fair and just leaders – not just kings but all kinds of leaders.


The Quintessential High Priestess or Initiate. Any seeker (male or female) in the Path of Oneness embodies the Morgana energy. She is the mythical faery, goddess, sorceress, high priestess, witch. For me personally, she represents myself and all seekers of the path. I see her in me and me in her. She represents union of cosmic and elemental energies; of angels and goddesses; of sky and earth. She weaves the Above and Below.


the Quintessential Wise Old Wizard. He represents ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge. He is Gandalf, Archangel Raziel, Yoda, Melchizedek, Dumbledore, the Three Wise Men, Wise Man archetype of Carl Jung. He is the guide and mentor; the ultimate Druid. He commands the Dragon and imparts the knowledge of the dragon to the Morganas of Avalon. He gives the power of the Dragon to Morgana.


Magic. Magic is the very fabric of our existence, it shall never be destroyed. Magic is the vibration of plants, animals, minerals and rock. Magic is our breath, Energy, Prana, Chi. Magic is the light and warmth from fire, the coolness and flow of water, the stability of earth and freedom of air. Magic is Divine Will. When you use affirmations, manifestation or practice positive thinking you are working Magic. When you use Reiki or crystals to heal you are working Magic. As long as there is existence, there is magic. The Dragon (Divine Power of manifestation, healing, knowledge) exists in Avalon. Magic just took a new name in the recent past – Miracles. It has and will always exist. For Magic is Existence.

Isle of Avalon

Inner Paradise. Avalon shall exist as along as Avalonians live. Avalonians have taken many names and forms through history. They are the sages, priests and priestess, shamans, lightworkers, healers, scholars, esoteric scientists, channels, saints, messiahs, prophets, gurus, masters etc. Anyone who seeks and lives the trifold path of Divine Wisdom, Divine Love and Divine Will are Avalonians and Morganas. Isle of Avalon reveals itself to all seekers when they see the Dragon; when they experience the Love and Oneness in all; when you see a plant on the roadside and want to talk to it and give it love; when you see a rock and caress it; when you see yourself in the mud beneath you.

For all the Morganas – here is an affirmation:

I, High Priestess Morgana, am existing now from the Isle of Avalon with the guidance and mentorship of Merlin and the power of the Dragon – for the purpose of service.

Ashwini is an Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Counsellor who blends several spiritual paths. She believes that all energies and beings such as angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, Goddesses and Gods are One and they are all within us. Her life work surrounds helping people see their Inner Divinity and reach out within themselves to find answers and healing.

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