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New Moon in Capricorn January 11, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Capricorn on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 2:43pm EST.

There are a lot of planets in Capricorn right now. The Moon joins The Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus also entered Capricorn a few days ago on January 8th. That’s a lot of energy in Capricorn.

As you may have noticed, Time has been referenced quite a bit this week in our new column The Light. There’s a reason for that. With all this energy in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn (Father Time),  time is a concept that many of us are questioning lately.  Our relationship to time is changing.

Along with those questions of how time unfolds in our life, comes the consideration of how you are using your time, with this lifetime you have been temporarily granted.

Now that 2012 is over, it’s as though we’re in an all new era, and with the New, comes many questions about where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished and where we’re going.

I keep hearing people say, “the older you get the faster time goes.” I think that is so true. At least it does seem like it.

We can’t borrow time. With all this astrological energy prompting us to wake up to our lives, we have to start thinking about what kind of future we’re creating by our choices and actions in the Now. Eventually the future will become now, and if life teaches us anything, it teaches us that time is short and life certainly catches up to the future pretty quick.

With the new we also have the opportunity for focus, direction, and starting fresh.

However, a lot of people just aren’t completely clear right now about where they stand. In a way it’s like a mid-life crisis point where we our uncertainty prompts us to ask ourselves a lot of personal questions about what we have been doing in life with the amount of time we have. The questions lead to a lot of self revelations and further contemplation. Especially in our active subconscious, dreams will be revealing to us our need for more fulfilling wishes for the future.

Another very interesting occurrence that happened in the last week that speaks volumes to our strong capricorn energy buildup now, is the concept of the Trillion Dollar coin. Have you heard about this? Well of course we know the US economy is in over it’s head in debt, trying to push responsibility into the future, and the idea of creating a platinum coin valued at a Trillion dollars is now being considered as an attempt at some form of a solution.

Well the future is catching up quick and it seems this Trillion dollar coin is a significant symbol of how far, how serious, and as some are saying – how downright ridiculous, the state of the economy has really become. A Trillion Dollar US coin is of mythic proportion. Let us know in the comments your opinion on the trillion dollar coin.

So far as my coin would stretch; and where it would not, I have used my credit.
~ William Shakespeare, King Henry The Fourth

This is a time of responsibility. Saturn is a planet of responsibility, but with Saturn in Scorpio, it looks like borrowing money (a concept ruled by Scorpio), is just getting to be too much, and sooner or later, Saturn is going to have to put his foot down and force the hand of responsibility to take control. Saturn is demanding that being reserved with spending and borrowing be a catalyst to changed.

Capricorn is a sign that climbs the ladder of success, and can reach the top of the mountain to see the light. However, Capricorn knows there’s work to do to climb that mountain to reach it’s goals and claim success and achievement. If the game keeps being played of shuffling around time and money through debt, that is no recipe for success. Success doesn’t come by sitting around, hoping and waiting that things will just work out for themselves while you dream in la la land. Capricorn is an earth sign and knows that to get from point a to point be requires a careful step by step approach.

The sky is pushing for our awareness, and in many cases it does seem that humanity has to learn things the hard way. The joy of the sun may reach down to the ground but it doesn’t reach down to the depths of the ocean. Capricorn being half mythical water beast, and half goat, symbolizes that we must come out of the abyss to see the light, and when we see the light we still have further to climb to get closer to it.

Our desire for the light asks that we keep focused and move towards it with attention and persistence.

You can’t reach your goals and achievements by simply waiting around, hoping and shuffling numbers around that have no foundation in reality. How much foundation in reality does a Trillion Dollar coin have?

Money is a symbol, and like all symbols it can have great meaning or it can be illusionary depending on one’s perception. The power of a symbol is in the mind, as well as bringing it down to earth, grounding the intention behind the symbol in our reality by giving it purpose and meaning.

Money is energy. It is its own magical force, which we bend according to our will. Your relationship to money is a reflection of your will.

So with all that said, I would advise in your own personal life that you recognize the omens in the sky about time and money now. Start living in the Now more in tune with the now and be responsible with your time. Let your relationship to time also be your relationship to money – purposeful and aware.

You can create a more authentic foundation for yourself in the material world that reflects your real purpose.

Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.
~ Buddha

Right now, an important lesson in all our lives is about debt and how we come to terms with our past and future by the choices we make now.

Though we are part of a monetary system that does have rules for how we interact with it, in the grand scheme of existence the meaning of life is beyond what money can buy. You are worth more than dollars and cents. Life is really about Spirituality and Love.

Right now it’s important to find the balance and take a sacred approach to your lifestyle and money matters.

You can feel much more abundant in life by living more simply, with more appreciation to the finer aspects of living.

What you need to allow yourself now is time to experience your feelings so you can get clearer on where you stand. I suggest dancing, or other ways to experience gravity such as a massage, yoga or tai chi now to help you bring your thoughts and emotions down to earth. Getting in touch with the earth element will be significant now. Try patchouli or vetivert oils to tap into the positive energy of now. Your shift in awareness will all make sense, just give yourself time.

The start of the year is full of prompting and opportunity to shift our thinking so we can create a better future for ourselves.

The energy is there. With Jupiter and Mars in good accord now, your ideas can be pushed along by your enthusiasm. Start reaching out. Networking to create a bigger bubble of opportunity. Brainstorm ideas. Think outside the box about how you can make your own life feel and be more abundant.

Though we may be pondering concepts of time, we know deep down that we can choose a better future no matter what mistakes we made in the past. So start today. It’s never too late. Water bearer Aquarius implores us to propel forward with hope.

Most of all value your time. Make the most of your time. Stop wasting your time.  Figure out your own personal priorities and create a plan for 2013 that makes sure your life this year is not unconsciously whittled away. We’re already a week in. It will go by fast. Make sure you set yourself up to love every moment of your life this year.

Make this new moon the start of a new you this year.

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