The Light Inspiration for Monday January 7, 2013

The Light  is a New Body, Mind and Spirit column by Symbolic Living incorporating astrology and tarot for daily inspirations.

The Light Daily Inspiration for January 7, 2013

Sudden personal insights just for you aren’t likely to arise out of thin air today.

Keep an eye out for any synchronicities that happen to you today. You’ll have to pay attention though because they will likely be subtle rather than pop out at you. Watch for repeating patterns.

You may not be able to put your finger on just what exactly the little nuances of the day means for you yet. You may have to flush out the ideas, and go around in a few circles before you can make sense of the day.  You may overlook an important insight if you’re too quick to pass off today as meaningless and move on.

As the insight may be hidden in allegory, accessible only by diving below the surface of your everyday frame of mind, a meditative, reflective approach could really be of help today. The wings on Mercury’s helmet may flutter in anticipation at the gate, but you may have to patiently wait for someone to bring the key.

Expressing yourself today, and being creative will attract the right energy to open a space in you that will feel more free and alive. Ascending up the ladder towards your goals feels a lot easier today if you’re able to release tension. So let loose a little. Be a little less inhibited and let your personality shine.

Whether you do a bit of yoga, turn up the music, or go for a walk and reconnect with the elements and vastness of the sky, getting out of a reserved bubble will help your optimism and self-esteem rise. Goals need enthusiasm.

It can definitely be a day you find a new-found wisdom about yourself. It will require a little patience, but making your day bright by letting yourself shine more than usual will help burn away a layer you’ve held onto for a long time.

Trusting other people’s points of view today, you intuitively know are good for you, will help you establish a clearer picture on what you want.

Letting go of boundaries that have held back your light from shining is a good way to open up your day to more positive connections today.

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This New Column, is intended to be an inspirational column that will incorporate a variety of insights, including inspiration drawn from current aspects in astrology as well as the tarot to provide useful, inspiring perspectives to our readers for body, mind and spirit inspirations.

Yesterday we started this new column by the name Tarot Vibe of the Day, but there was some confusion, understandably, by readers that it was a “Tarot Card of the Day” type of daily thought. However, since this new column is not intended to be a Tarot Card of the Day approach we realized it’s best to rename the column to be more in line with the intention of this new project.

The Light is a title that encompasses the body, mind and spirit intentions of Symbolic Living in sharing wisdom and wellness.

We hope you enjoy the positive direction we intend to take this column for your enjoyment.

The Light is a new column by Symbolic Living that is also being featured on each day this week.

Please Note that The Light is a trial project by Symbolic Living. The intention of the project is to provide useful perspectives to readers. This project may transform, or end at any time, but we do hope that while we work on the project you find it enjoyable and valuable during its duration. Thank you for reading.

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