The Light – January 6, 2013

The Light – January 6, 2013

Your well-being is important today. You deserve to take a break. Your mind and body both deserve a mini-vacation.

Let yourself feel as good today as you do whenever you’re relaxing in the warmth of the shining sun. Remember that feeling. Or better yet, if the sun is shining where you are, take a moment to feel it on your skin for a direct experience.

That’s the emotional state of contentment you deserve to have, especially today.

If you are in work mode today, give yourself the opportunity to take a breather at some point to find your equilibrium. A moment for yourself with a few deep breaths will give you the correct energy and inspiration you need to feel alive and present.

You most certainly should not feel guilty today about taking it easy, so make sure your moments of rest and relaxation don’t turn into the draining energy of laziness. There’s a difference between resting and being lazy. When you rest you know you’re giving yourself a much needed and deserved break enjoying the comforts of life. However, laziness is often a distraction, a gateway to being completely uninspired which can potentially lead to the draining energy of procrastination and guilt. Don’t do that to yourself. Make sure your downtime is time you spend respecting yourself and enjoying your own company, not beating yourself up.

Turning to addictive behaviors today will take you miles away from feeling truly content. Instead, a more holistic approach to your body and mind will create that sense of wellbeing you really crave. A cup of tea and a few deep breaths will be conducive to splendid emotions.

Inspiration will flow today when the mind is tranquil.

Updated – Please Note that Tarot Vibe of the Day was a trial project by Symbolic Living and has been transformed into the new column – The Light.

The intention of the project is to provide useful perspectives to readers. This project may transform, or end at any time, but we do hope that while we work on the project you find it enjoyable and valuable during its duration. Thank you for reading.

Tarot Vibe of the Day by Symbolic Living was changed to The Light because some readers were confused that the column was intended as a Tarot Card of the Day approach. Although some days a single card may be utilized in the daily inspiration, often more than one card will be used for the Vibe and Astrology is also often incorporated in the overall Tarot Vibe of the Day theme. An intuitive approach is always a part of the Tarot Vibe of the Day. We hope you enjoy this holistic method to sharing divination, rather than a single-card or “cook-book” approach.

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