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Full Moon in Cancer December 28, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

The Full Moon in Cancer is officially on Friday December 28, 2012 at 5:21 am EST.

We hope you’re having a great holiday season and looking forward to what 2013 will bring into your life so you can transform into an even better you.

A warm heart is a great symbol for this Full Moon. Have you ever watched Benjamin Button? That movie is a perfect example of what this Full Moon is all about, relationships, especially with our mothers, or motherly figure in our lives. Whoever is closest to you in your life and brings nurturing and caring into your life holds a special place in your heart. The holiday season is full of opportunities for this kind of closeness with the people we encounter.

Also consider, what your relationship to Mother Earth is and how that is reflected in your spiritual point of view about life and the environment. 2013 will be a time when we reassess the world we call home.

This is a time to embody who you are and accept your whole self, faults and all. Even though not everyone has the best mother, for the most part the motherly figure in our lives is a symbol of unconditional love. That’s exactly the kind of thinking pattern you need to have for yourself and for others in order to realize the beauty of what being a whole person really is. Aspects of ourselves that are not so wonderful are a part of the package in this life, there’s no denying that. However, once we acknowledge those things, we can show ourselves the love and nurturing we need to become better for it and move forward.

Whether you have addictions, or hold onto negative energy such as anger and grudges, or if you perceive yourself as inferior, or better than, others, now is the time to shed light on what it is that’s been with you long enough. Get ready to let go and create a strong sense of self-esteem. It’s time to move on and as this Full Moon fades, let those aspects of yourself that you know need to change drift away from you so you can be ready for the newness 2013 will bring.

You can say no to the temptations, and habits of the past and move forward. The power is there, you just have to clear room inside yourself so you can tap into it. If you feels it’s too easy to fall back into your crutches, reach out to gain support from others with similar conflicts to work through. It’s not easy to admit faults, but there are those who will help, rather than judge. Seek out online communities that have your best interest at heart and will support you with compassion and understanding. In some way, we all need nurturing that reaches into our core.

Talking about your feelings more openly and honestly can be a first step towards letting go. It’s best to stay away from any talks with anyone, especially loved ones that are nit-picky about faults and imperfections. The sensitivity kicked up during this Full Moon means picking at each other tit-for-tat style is possible if you’re not considerate and let your ego get the best of you. Don’t bother. You and others are worthy of love, not superficial, vented critiques.

Relationships are important mirrors of who we are now. Any sudden difficulties, insights and challenges that come up in your relationships will probably hit you hard if you’re the sensitive type. You’ll take things to heart which can strongly influence your emotions. Your emotions may bring you into a stronger bond with loved ones as you push through the challenges. If you have a lot of walls built up you may get that lump in your throat and well-up with tears. Once released the wall will crumble and you’ll feel a breakthrough and relief. An honest hug with those in your life can open your heart.

If your barriers are like a fortress, blocking out kindness and compassion towards yourself or others, you’ll need to promise yourself to start living a more spiritually centered life with greater self-awareness. You may need to make that resolution to climb out of the dungeon and toward the light.

Money at this time of the year is usually a big deal. How much you give, or can shop for yourself after the holidays, is a reflection of your relationship to money and how far along you’ve come in your career. Since the economy is not doing great people are shopping less this year. The value of food, family and friendships has taken on a more important role than the accumulation of material objects. People know it’s best to not break the bank. Most people will feel grateful for the smaller gifts and the meaning behind it more than the material object itself. Spending time with your family and close loved ones, enjoying the delights of food and comfort is appreciated much more than what you unwrap.

For a lot of people this has been a much more spiritual holiday. Instead of going into debt people are focusing on the value of living a more spiritually tuned-in life. This Full Moon emphasizes how we’re all becoming more spiritually driven and it helps clear our hang-ups about materialism.

As we end the year, there are a lot of doubts in the collective of where the economy is going. However, on an individual level we have hope we can feel comfortable enough to focus on what we love to do in our careers. Money isn’t enough. People will be saying no to opportunities that show up, that may offer dollar signs but aren’t in line with their vision of a fulfilling lifestyle. Saying no can have hidden rewards, allowing you to walk a path that feels more true to what you really want in life. On the other hand, it’s also important that you acknowledge your own value. If others are trying to nickel and dime you, and aren’t showing appreciation or valuing your time and effort, it’s ok to walk away. Saying no can be a strong affirmation to yourself that you know your self-worth.

The new way of thinking about what is truly Fortunate is much bigger than anything a plastic card in our wallets can ever buy. This is part of the strength we have gained this year, which allows us to be able to reformulate our thinking patterns into realizing just how abundant we really are when we’re living true to ourselves.

This sets us up for a strong move forward in 2013. Now that 2012 is coming to an end and an era is coming to a close, we are ready to acknowledge our mistakes in the past. We welcome the rebellious attitude against the status quo, and start formulating action plans about how we can transform ourselves which, in-turn, influences the collective.

Our own, personal transformations start a chain reaction in our own lives, which spreads to those around us creating a ripple effect.

People who are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings in relationships are most fortunate now. Hidden gems will be found in talks that spurn us to realize the direction we’re heading in. Those who express themselves in writing, and creative, artistic ways will have a lot of blessings realized. Keep your pen, paper, and paint brushes handy. What you are really interested in? What inspires you? Keep focused on those things as we enter the new year. Those things that excite you will open doors. Realizations will come forth that lead you on an all new path. Expose yourself to new ideas as much as possible. Think about big ideas, and all the little details as a flowing dance of creative inspiration.

Tapping into the mind more deeply, such as through meditation, will give you a new perspective and relationship to time. Like in Benjamin Button, the clock reversed symbolizes how we can transform our lives in the now, to transform our perceived experiences of the past. Our experience of time is not only a linear perception, it is much more whole and complex where memory transcends and transforms. Bringing more spiritual practice into your life will heal past wounds, and create space for you to enjoy now more without holding on to all that baggage you’ve carried on your back, for far too long.

The lightning flash of realization can come at any time.

It’s time to see your life as more symbolic. The little things, the small changes you make, make powerful shifts. Each action and thought you live, is a representation of your spirit in the world. What you bring to the world creates the world. We’re looking forward to sharing life with you in 2013.

Let us know your thoughts and insights in the comments below.

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One thought on “Full Moon in Cancer December 28, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

  1. Great article about looking forward to 2013. I am reminded that my point-of-view is helping to shape the collective conscience. It’s a cool way to look at things. Thanks again!


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