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New Moon in Sagittarius December 13, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday December 13, 2012 at 3:41 am EDT.

First of all, make sure you don’t miss the Geminid meteor shower happening on the eve of the New Moon, December 13th and early morning hours of the 14th. Look up in the direction of constellation Gemini to see about 100 shooting stars an hour. Check out the map here at

Think of the meteor shower as representing points of light waking us up to our nature of duality and ponder all that means for the times.

For those of you interested in watching the 2.7 mile long Toutatis meteor fly by the earth, you can see it online at The Virtual Telescope Project at 3pm EDT Thursday, December 13th.

This New Moon is full of power to start new thinking, new philosophy, broaden our ideologies, and seeing the broader picture while personalizing what we realize. With Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) retrograde in Gemini, and Uranus in fire sign Aries, going direct on the same day as the New Moon, there is wisdom of synchronicity and inspiration in the air. All preparing us for transforming the direction we choose to focus our attention towards.

We are only a week away from the infamous end of the Mayan Calendar cycle. With all the various points of view of what December 21, 2012 really means we are in for an interesting surge of collective consciousness. It is unfortunate though that the mainstream media, as always, sensationalizes and trivializes ancient cultural thought which is really nothing less than mockery of ancient Mayan cosmology.

One of the things we often forget in this day and age, is that although ancient civilizations didn’t have all the tech gadgets we do today, it doesn’t mean that earlier civilizations weren’t advanced. Considering how disconnected we are today from the natural cycles of the world and our environment, it could certainly be argued that today we are less civilized than ancient cultures that honored, respected and lived in connection to the natural world.

It could also be argued that today, we are so wrapped up in materialism and our ego’s that we are actually quite uncivilized and living at a very low-level of consciousness.

We are now entering a period where the New Moon is the last of the New Moon / Full Moon aspects before December 21, 2012. With this date, it all has us consider our relationship to time just a little more closely. If, for example, it really were to be a doomsday, or if it were to be a shift in consciousness, would you say that you lived the life you wanted to up to this point? Would you say you worked towards making your best choices from birth to this point in time?

Time. People are so worried about time. There’s not enough time, everyone is too busy. People are running around going crazy for the holidays. Life seems to go faster the older you get. In the process people really are missing out on the very essence of life – which is to be aware, to be here, to be conscious. All you need to do to come back to here and now is to breathe.

Why is it that people are always chasing after something, some future attainment, some future fulfillment? Even if people don’t verbalize it, they often think in terms of, “If only I could get there, my life would feel content.” In reality, no it wouldn’t. Once that kind of narrow thinking pattern, that limited scope of what equals fulfillment is an ingrained part of ones way of life, it is a habit that is hard to break. So, once you do get to that place you thought you wanted, there really is no contentment there. This is because you’ve built up a conditioning within yourself of wanting more, of chasing, of trying to get to some other greener pasture. Sorry to tell you, but after all that chasing and rushing towards the future wants, before you know it your life is over.

That’s what this December 21st is showing us. Our relation to time, understanding that life goes in cycles and you never know when it will be up, or when it will change. So why are so many people missing out on living now? In large part, because our society conditions us to always want more. With Pluto slowly moving through Capricorn this is one of the important areas of realization during our time.

Money conditions us to want. It doesn’t teach us to ever be satisfied. Money teaches us to want what’s next, to desire more, to compare ourselves in status. Money compels us to chase yet never truly reach fulfillment or contentment because we live in a society that teaches us to want and yet there is always an imposition upon us that holds us down, namely debt. We live in a system of debt. Debt management is actually the antithesis to a healthy economy with our current system. The economy depends on everyone being in debt, there is no escaping that truth. If nobody was in debt, the economy would collapse. So in terms of chasing after money, nobody will ever be truly satisfied. Some of the richest people in the world, are also severely depressed, even suicidal.

Chasing numbers is never going to fulfill you. Even if you think in terms of friends and followers on social networks, instead of money. We see people are often obsessed with getting their numbers up. For so many, it has nothing to do with real social interaction with those who are truly important in their life, caring or giving, it’s simply about attaining higher numbers. However, when you reach a certain goal in numbers, what’s next?… the goal for the next number. It’s always a chase. There is no true satisfaction or fulfillment in chasing numbers. How many people do you know that are actually on social networks, yet, in reality are always in their own bubble simply typing to a computer screen. In many ways, it actually feeds anti-social behavior. The result – people are missing out on real life; and life is short.

True fulfillment does not come from the chase of obtaining things in the material world. The material world is temporary to us all. However, we can bring fulfillment into the material world from a higher place. We can bring real joy into the world by shifting our consciousness from trying to find fulfillment in the rat-race of the material world.

Desire is the cause of suffering. Fulfillment happens not by wanting more for the self, it happens by sharing. By being here now, choosing to give, love, share and co-create a joyous reality, we can shift away from being lead by unfulfilling desires, to being lead by a higher spiritual calling.

Imagine a world where everyone was compelled to share. What would that be like? Take a moment and imagine yourself and everyone around you driven not by wants, but by sharing. What can you share?

Now is the time for you to become more awakened. More aware of the world we are all co-creating. This is time for you and your spirit to impact the world. This is time for you to think bigger than all those pointless, meaningless distractions. Don’t get distracted by petty gossip, tabloids, media; that’s just too easy and hinders you from becoming awakened. If your thoughts are dragged down to that lower state of affairs, you aren’t honoring your short time in this world to think of bigger and better things for your life or the world around you..

A good practice now is to tune back into the authentic world. Lay in a sunny spot inside your home and absorb that solar energy. Breathe. All the thoughts, ideas you need will come to you when you let go of the petty distractions. Let go of the chase, and stop going crazy for the holidays. Get back into your real self, instead of getting caught up in the marketing campaigns that will bring you back to the mentality of wanting.

It’s time to strip away the layers that have your consciousness buried. Take off your glasses. Take out your contacts. Take off your makeup. Look in the mirror at the real you. Who have you become so far while you’ve been here in the world and where are you going to go next in this life that truly makes an impact and creates a shift in our reality?

Do what you need to do to change your energy and change your thoughts. Once you change your energy, you’ll attract people, ideas and interactions that are life changing.

A lot of people have faith that thinking positive will change reality, however, that’s not enough. Focusing on the positive is a start, but if it only stays in the realm of thoughts then we aren’t affecting the reality of this material realm.

It is often easier for people to say they focus on the positive, and ignore the harsh facts of reality. This is not an awakened perspective. An awakened perspective requires us to be fully aware, not simply creating a safe bubble around us of delusion that all is peachy keen and wonderful in the world if we only think or say it is. Of course it’s not good to dwell on the negative, but you do have to acknowledge what is reality, because if you don’t how are you going to change it? How are you going to take steps towards ending your direct and indirect influences on the reality we as a collective are creating in the world if you ignore the consequences of your actions because you’d rather just focus on the positive to feel safe?

Actions speak louder than words. If you just think positive, yet disregard the impact your actions are having in the concrete world because it feels safer for you, then you’re only thinking of your small, personal bubble and not the whole picture of your life and your impact on the bigger reality.

That is why the last card in the tarot major arcana is called the World and is represented by a whole person. The whole you determines the experience of the world. Having positive thoughts is not enough. Your actions must be consciously selected to create positive reverberations through the world. We live in a material world, and thoughts are powerful, yet without actions can only go so far. In some cases, thoughts may only stay within the borders of your own head, unless you consciously share them and project them further.

We have to face reality. This New Moon in Sagittarius is about new possibilities, and being wide open for a new direction. It is about realizing the truth of where we are headed. It’s about making the right choices. It is about looking at the whole picture and educating ourselves so we can have a concrete influence.

It’s not ~ what’s going to happen? It’s ~ what can we do to bring about this change in this time? ~ Daniel Pinchbeck

We can see that the world is in a place now where everyone is questioning the circumstances of the bigger picture around us. People are getting so tired of the BS that is fed to them every day. The comments all over the internet by everyday people clearly demonstrate that people are no longer accepting the filtered ideologies that keep us unconscious to the whole picture.

It is no secret from business practices, to factory farming to pollution to war, the major factor that divides us from a harmonious world are choices. Our choices reflect our level of consciousness.

If you want the world to wake up, you have to be part of the process. You have to face facts and make an effort to create change and make an effort to not contribute directly or indirectly to the problem.

We need to listen up. Wake up, and stop the charade. It’s time to pay attention to what’s really going on. People need to communicate more openly and honestly. In society we see an uprising of consciousness where we are all tired of the illusion, and the lies that hold us back from creating a better reality. It’s time to think about karma and what we are creating with our choices.

Ignorance is Not bliss. It may seem like it is, but it’s a false bubble, and a delusional perspective that only hinders true bliss which can only come about by consciously choosing betterment for the whole.

What you do to others, you do to yourself. What you do to the world, you do to yourself.

Now of course, we can talk about all the Big problems in the world that in some way we are connected to in this web of life, but what’s important is that each of us think about what we as individuals can do on a smaller, personal, immediate scale. What is it in your life that you know you can or need to change? Maybe you just need to have more “me time”. Maybe you need to change your relationship to your food. Maybe you need to take time to share your heart with your family, friends or pets more. What is it that you could do to change your life in a small way that puts you on more balanced path to bringing more of yourself consciously into the world?

It’s a good idea to consider thinking about doing a cleanse of body and spirit. You don’t need to do anything extreme to start the shift of your energy. Consider eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, practicing yoga, visualizing bringing positive, loving energy into the world, meditating. Take the steps you know you can start to take to become a more conscious human being.

Millions of people choose not to be aware, and not accept responsibility for their actions and their impact on others because it feels more comfortable. The collective karma we’ve created in the world is pushing us to get out of our comfort zone and to Wake Up. We are on the precipice, where we can’t deny the truth any longer.

For so many, it takes a sudden tragedy to gain clarity and insight into how they can improve their life and way of seeing the world. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Some people see the problems in the world and wish for sudden external event to change everything in a flash such as an apocalypse to clear away all the corruption. Others want an economic collapse to happen so all the powers that be lose their power and stop controlling the world. Some wait for aliens to destroy humanity, or the coming of Christ to turn the world into a paradise after destroying the wicked. Others wish for a new dawn to descend upon us suddenly where a shift in consciousness magically enters the minds of everyone. Well, if that doesn’t happen, we better have a back-up plan of how we’re going to make the shift a reality and start moving away from what we don’t want.

Generally, people find it so much simpler to have those kinds of easy daydreams, that are just a front to shirk responsibility for our own actions. It also demonstrates a lack of self-love and a lack of love for fellow human beings, other life forms, nature and this beautiful planet as a whole. It’s one thing to not know all the answers and not be fully aware of all the hidden results of our actions in the material world, but when you do know full-well what we’re contributing to in the world and simply ignore it, that’s irresponsible and detrimental.

You can never have enough of what you don’t want. ~ Neile Donald Walsche

Enough is enough. We have to get off our royal duffs and choose differently if we’re going to make a difference. We have to be responsible. It’s our karma. We get what we put into the world and though it may not seem easy, we have to start taking steps the best we know how. That’s what awareness is all about. Waking up and choosing differently. When you know better you should certainly choose better and do better.

Of course, we can’t take all the worlds problems on our shoulders and change them overnight, but we do have a degree of free-will and self-determination where we can make small changes in our own daily lives.

To stop the corruption and dishonesty, are these just dreams or can we make them reality?

We can make changes today through our very next choice. We can start by honoring our environments, our bodies, seeing our food as sacred. We can put our money towards organizations and companies that are aligned with a more sustainable, sacred direction. What are ways you see you can make a difference?

With Pluto in Capricorn, the focus on transformation of the economy is exactly where the collective consciousness is meant to be now. In the material world, the circumstances of our society in this day and age that unites us all is undeniably the system built around money. This is revealed to us every single day as it touches all of our lives in some way. Now we are reaching a fever pitch. Money is energy, and it represents the collective.

What you put your money towards and all that touches in a trickle down effect, is a vote for what you want, accept, approve of and thus contribute to the world. It’s easy to say it’s out of your control and that’s just the way the world is when we pass our money over contributing to larger world problems and put the blame on the system.

What does what you spend money on say about your values?

We are now in a time that challenges us to spiritually evolve through waking up to our thought processes that influence the material world. We are being given the keys to grow to a new understanding by choosing to become more educated and seeing the bigger picture. This relates strongly with what we believe the meaning of our life really is.

Love others to truly love yourself. Devote yourself to creating a better reality by waking up and choosing what is truly based on love for all.

Now, it is so important to stop being in denial about the truth of reality, no matter how harsh it may be. Light workers are aware that to bring light into the world you have to face fears, face the darkness to create awareness to help change it.

We all have an opportunity to bring more light into the world through our choices and actions. Step outside your comfort zone to face reality, stop turning a blind eye to reality. Make the effort to become aware of the consequences of your actions. Stop the delusion and help us all move to the next level of consciousness.

Do not dwell on what is wrong with the world, but do not ignore it. Neither will set you, or anyone else truly free. If we want to choose to create a new Golden Age we have to become aware, awake and be responsible in taking the steps necessary to create the transformation.

How can you change? What can you do?

It’s important for you to be truly happy, but happiness dependent on ignorance is only a delusion.

To bring joy into the world, we have to think of how we bring joy to all that is around us. Although thinking about all that needs to change in the world for the better, may seem depressing, nobody said life was easy. We can though, bring awareness and joy into the world at the same time. Bring the joy into the world by knowing you are making a difference, and stepping in the right direction to not contribute to a world of suffering any longer. That includes your thoughts And your actions. Pay attention to what your actions contribute to the bigger picture, then we can start to see a world that is more authentically joyous.

It’s time to choose to be the change you wish to see in the world as Gandhi taught us.


2012 – Time for Change. Awakening Consciousness.

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