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2012 – Time for Change. Awakening Consciousness.

Absolutely must see. A superb message for our times. A documentary for awakening to our crisis in consciousness. Highly recommended.

Directed by Emmy Award nominee Joao Amorim, 2012 Time For Change follows journalist Daniel Pinchbeck on a quest for a new paradigm. Bringing awareness to how unsustainable our current culture is as a direct reflection of our consciousness, Pinchbeck explores our necessity to reach for our higher potential. It requires us to face reality.

Apocalypse means uncovering. It doesn’t necessarily mean ‘disaster’. It means uncovering of reality. ~ Sting (Co-Founder, Rainforest Foundation)

Includes Sting, David Lynch, Gilberto Gil, Ellen Page, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Terence McKenna, Penny Livingston, Buckminster Fuller and more. This documentary provides insight into Western mono-culture and our destructive, materialistic, unconscious behaviors and realizations into our path and process of awakening into a new dawn of conscious awareness. We are given insights into how to shape our embodiment and become in sync with a holistic life experience. From Capitalism to Environmentalism to Yoga… a vast body of knowledge is covered to transform our lives.

It’s not ~ what’s going to happen? It’s ~ what can we do to bring about this change in this time? ~ Daniel Pinchbeck

It’s time to change consciousness. The movement is happening now. From Ignorance to Bliss.

Transformation of consciousness. This is the revolution.


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