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2012 – Science, Myth and Consciousness – Mayan Calendar

Although it is common in western media to simplify the Mayan cosmology as being nothing more than and end of a calendar (as some say “they just ran out of space on the tablet”), it is important to have a more well rounded approach into understanding the purpose and meaning of cultural mythology. As Joseph Campbell clearly demonstrates in his work, mythology and archetypes are an important part of understanding the collective purpose and experience of life and the journey of humanity. To disregard the Mayan cosmology as trivial does a disservice to the development of culture, human consciousness and the cycles of time. The calculations in their complex calendar system of cosmology is no accident.

On December 21, 2012 the Sun will Eclipse the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This documentary features debate and assessment of the Mayan Calendar regarding science, myth and consciousness. The interconnection of the cycles of nature from planetary alignment with the Galactic Center, the Dark Rift of the Milky way as encoded in Mayan Myth symbolism is explored. In the West, we have been slowly merging Eastern and Western philosophies, bridging our view of the material world with more esoteric, mystical philosophies of indigenous and eastern cultures. Is the end of a the Mayan cycle pointing to a rebirth and a shift in consciousness? Enjoy the film and feel free to share your points of view in the comments below.


One thought on “2012 – Science, Myth and Consciousness – Mayan Calendar

  1. For sure, the calculations necessary to make the “Mayan” calendar are anything but trivial; it is a calendar which depicts the 26,000 year Great Year cycle, which ends in 2012. So accurate, it was usable by navigators, and was by the ancient mariners, ca 4000 BC. The original calendar was made by the Vanir Gorgons, the female navigators which guided the sailing ships of the mariners during the Atlantic era, the Grand Climate Optimum. It was brought to Maya and copied by them, although they did not know how to do the calculations. Single degree accuracy is not necessary for agriculture; the Mayans grow maze and were not known for navigation. (ref: Duncan-Enzmann)


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