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Full Moon in Gemini November 28, 2012 Astrology Horoscope Lunar Eclipse

It’s officially a Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 9:45 am EST.

We’ve been between eclipses. A couple of weeks ago we had the Solar Eclipse, now we have the Lunar Eclipse. This is a magical time.

The Sun moved into Sagittarius on November 21st. This brings an important connection with Jupiter’s energy in Gemini now. By the way, have you been noticing that gorgeously bright light in the eastern sky in the evening? That’s Jupiter.

Many of you have probably been noticing vivid dreams of big events, with lots of symbolism to decipher as well as lots of synchronicities popping up in your life. These are signs that you’re awakening to higher consciousness.

The polarities of light and dark are in a dance in our lives. We are waking up to more Whole understanding of who we are. Challenges and blessings come together to get us to climb the ladder. It gets us to also think about what we do in the world that effective and what needs to change. Doing the same thing and expecting different results? This Eclipse helps us wake up and ask ourselves questions that are both philosophical, and real.

It’s time to become awakened to who you see in the mirror. Who is the real you, staring back behind those eyes, behind that mask you wear in the world? What hidden parts of yourself that you bury to the rest of the world are you ready to love and accept within yourself?

It’s a good time to bridge your lower mind with your higher self. Get the network of your consciousness flowing through the whole spectrum and expand your thinking process. Blues and purples are good colors to start visualizing with to tune into the higher realms.

There is so much potential deep inside you to bring up to the light. Merge your physical world with the spiritual. Experience your body as being lighter and less of a burden and more of a grand magical design for you to live your potential here in the world. This is a time to love your mind and your body and improve your karmic footprint. It all starts with your thinking process. Work on it. Embody your mind and emotions. Really feel who  you are and why you are here.

Bring more of your philosophy of love into the world, merging your highest vision of heaven with the world. Use your will to bring more light into the world to produce real results in the tangible world around you. Begin by seeing the light in you.

Your success in the world as a living, purposeful being starts with your choices. You can be the bearer of light in the world, or you can be the evil twin. It’s up to you.

Mercury has been retrograde since early November, but by this Full Moon he’ll be in direct motion again. The communication problems you may have noted over the past few weeks will enter a smoother flow again. Timing has likely felt off, strange and not running according to script but now finally returns to being somewhat more predictable.

Deja vu may have been noticed lately too. Did you write them down? Did you try to decipher the possible message the moment had for you?

Some of you may have been in a situation where you had to socialize with others you aren’t so comfortable with. It may not have been easy to bite your tongue to keep the peace, that’s for sure. Especially in conversations of beliefs, personal philosophy, religion and politics, oh what a mess that can be. Some people have a hard time accepting differing world views and pick away at the details to push buttons – which is of course, no fun.

There is a coin to flip and you need to decide which side you’re going to call. This Full Moon has a lot to do with choices. Are you being heard? Do you speak and nobody listens? Are you saying what you feel you need to say? Or, do you need to be the listener, and be nice instead of voicing your opinions?

Jupiter retrograde in Gemini adds a bit of reinterpretation and reconsideration of the truth. Humanity can debate the truth until they are blue in the face, but what really is the truth? Is it static? Does anyone or any organization have a monopoly on what the truth is and everyone else is wrong?

This is a problem we see in the world, likely since the beginning of time. So many can only see their own point of view and instead of being open to other people’s thoughts, they instead insist others adopt their views. This of course adds nothing to a harmonious conversation. So few can admit they may be wrong. Don’t get drawn into the gossip. Social networking is notorious for nosy people saying too much. During that Mercury retrograde it’s probably been heightened for many of you, or those you know.

With the Moon nuzzling up with Jupiter this can bring lots of emotions to the conversation. Hopefully though, with a mature approach and with Mercury going direct again, resolution of differing opinions can occur. It’s possible that the eclipse will bring an awakening to accepting something other than the standard ideology one holds firmly within,  to enjoy a bigger worldview that is freeing.

It’s a great time to start an internal conversation with your Higher Self. You may want to start a new pattern of meditation or prayer to get in sync with a more encompassing spiritual connection. The reason this conversation with yourself may be needed could be due to a conflict that hits your emotions deep. Something someone said or thinks about you, could spark the need to get more authentic with yourself.

Some who are weaker though may find that the escape deep emotions can call them to, may be strong. Drugs, alcohol… you know they aren’t going to lead you anywhere good. The escape is temporary and coming back to reality ends up be harder. Try to be strong and take an approach that shows yourself the love you deserve.

Those who love and respect each other can enjoy a deep philosophical bond that goes beyond words. You’ll feel the connection deep in your hearts. Talking about higher ideals, exploring each others minds will bring growth in love and relationships.

If you have a love-hate relationship with someone, try to be nice. It’s not always easy. Some people can drive you absolutely nuts with their way with words, gossipy manner, questions and comments.  Some people feel they have a right to go beyond respectful boundaries just because you may be family, or have known each other a long time. It’s best to pause before you speak, think first before you respectfully let them know how you feel. Instead of explaining to them how they have crossed the line, focus on sharing how it makes you feel so you can spark emotional bonds rather than divides.

Who do you have a superficial relationship with? A lot of people actually have relationships that are based on a facade. Due to the opinions and expectations imposed by others, some will put up walls. The eclipse will help the walls fade away as the important, real, authentic person below the surface is recognized at a soul level. Keep that in mind as you deal with people. There’s someone great in there, under all those layers, and this is true for you too.

For those who are all talk and no action, with big dreams but can’t seem to take the concrete, detailed steps to get there, now is as good as any to keep dreaming. Let the big dream inspire you during the Full Moon. You don’t have to act yet, but write down some ideas that keep the vision alive and bring it a step closer to the real world. Keep a journal listing of related steps you could take to make that big idea become reality. Focusing goes a long way to inventing reality, slowly but surely.

It’s a Full Moon, but every day is a new start. Think of now as a time to open  your eyes, see the magic in life and bring it down to reality. From inspiration to thinking about the next step, your mind can carry the light forward and influence the material world. You are powerful when you bridge your spiritual insights and philosophy on life with an emphatic desire to create something real and meaningful in the world. Let the energy of the Full Moon empower you. Go outside, soak up that energy and feel the magic. Your place in the cosmos is nothing less than a masterpiece, and you’re the artist.

Focus on what’s big and important. Let the trivial things take a back seat, while you drive down the freeway. We are heading to a better place, if we choose to. The realizations won’t stop. We’re evolving one thought at a time.

And enjoy a little bit of behind the scenes magic and symbolism in the production of Wide Awake with Katy Perry that seems appropriate for this Full Moon.

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