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History of Astrology

Ancient Mysteries presents Astrology – Secrets in the Stars hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

This documentary discusses the History of Astrology in 5 Acts.

Humanities curiosity of the stars from Babylonian times over 4000 years ago introduces us to Astrology.  In 331 B.C.E Alexander the Great invaded the East and introduces the knowledge of Astrology from ancient Babylon to Greece. With the Greek understanding of mathematics and astronomy applied to Babylonian Astrological understanding, Astrology as we know it is introduced to the Western world. Astrology is understood as the works of the gods according to the Babylonians, and human character traits were then applied to Astrological understanding by the Greeks. Romans then adopted astrology and it flourished in Europe as the Roman Empire spread.

The Mayan culture and their elaborate astronomical calendar system including prediction is briefly explored including the 5000 year cycles denoting cosmic shifts. We then are brought back to the East where the astrological association to the Star of Bethlehem is explored. By using astrological calculation methods a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Pisces was shown to occur on August 22, 7 B.C.E. The symbolic meaning of the planets Saturn and Jupiter along with the Sign of Pisces, signifies a possible correspondence to an interpretative meaning of the birth of the King of the Jews at that time. The three wise men, possibly signifying the 3 stars in the Belt of Orion leading to a star in the East.

During the Renaissance, John Dee provides astrological predictions for Queen Elizabeth.

The Invention of the telescope create a gap between the science of astronomy and the art of Astrology. Keppler, considered one of the founding fathers of modern science proves the earth orbits the Sun. As time passes Astronomy becomes the accepted science for the study of the stars and astrology loses favor.

In the 20th century astrology is viewed from a new perspective. However, Astrologer Evangeline Adams bring astrology into the mainstream in broadcasting predictions on her weekly radio show. Though she had crowds surrounding her offices in Carnegie Hall by fans requesting readings, she was charged under a law that designated fortune tellers are frauds. She insists the case goes to court and Astrology is on trial. Her authenticity was tested by being given the task to interpret an anonymous persons chart. Her prediction was proven accurate by the judge and the case was dismissed.

The use of Astrology in WWII is briefly explored as well as the growing popularity of Astrology in modern times.

Astrology certainly has its critics and is considered incompatible with the laws of physics. However, the discussion with valid points for it’s authenticity continues.

This Documentary also includes commentary by Dr. Patrick Curry and Susie Cox, both of whom were interviewed by Nadiya Shah. Their interviews with Nadiya are also included on this page, below the Documentary.

This Documentary is also available on Netflix

Patrick Curry Interview with Nadiya Shah

Susie Cox Interview with Nadiya Shah

Watch more Interviews by Nadiya


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