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The Pyramid Code – Mysteries of the Pyramids

This five episode documentary series explores the values, customs and beliefs of ancient Egyptian culture demonstrated in their connection to nature, cosmology and spirituality. The Ages is explored in parallel with the ages of Vedic and Mayan cosmology.

Early in the series, the location and structure of the pyramids are explored as an ancient technology designed to create higher consciousness. Symbolism of Egyptian art and the ages is explored later in the series. The precession of the equinoxes and the Yugas are explored in part five. Were the pyramids and sphinx created during a Golden Age 36,000 years ago?

This series brings to light questions about our own civilization. Are we really the most civilized society the world has known?

We hope you enjoy this exploration into the mysteries of the pyramids, sacred cosmology, astrology, The Ages, the ancient cultural balance of matriarchal and patriarchal societies and of course the spiritual insights presented in this series.


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