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New Moon in Scorpio November 13, 2012 Astrology Horoscope Solar Eclipse

It’s officially a New Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 5:07 pm EST.

This forecast is going to go a little deep, and for good reason… this New Moon wants to be known.

This New Moon in Scorpio will bring a Total Solar Eclipse. The Moon will pass in front of the Sun. The darkness will overcome the light for a moment. The feminine matriarchal Moon will stand in front of the masculine patriarchal Sun and declare herself to be known. She will come out from hiding of the dark night, and be present with the worlds awareness in the day. The Solar Eclipse will begin around 2:30pm EST – Watch the Video at the bottom of this page.

Since November 6 Mercury has been in retrograde motion in Sagittarius. On Wednesday, November 14, Mercury heads back into Scorpio for a review. Lessons need to be learned in Scorpio with all this energy, and Mercury is bringing our internal philosophies and world-view into the picture.

Many people are in their philosophical bubbles. Introspection on what is the meaning of life, is going to go much deeper than the well known, dogmatic, structured views the factions of society often applies to groups of people. Many who usually accept beliefs and ideologies that are handed to them are going to be getting much more esoteric in their views, peeling away the layers with a more investigative approach. Ask yourself real, inquisitive questions about your beliefs and the beliefs of others. Is what you or someone believes true universally, or is it only considered true if you look through a certain lens, a biased lens?

Look into your world views and see if they help or hinder a more open, tolerant, connected destiny for yourself and others? Mercury will descend down into the forbidden places, where people are afraid to ask themselves questions. As the ancient messenger of the gods, Mercury will take the accepted status quo and lift the veil and enter the domain of what’s hidden.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Jung.

Carl Jung knew the importance of facing the shadow side of the psyche, as much as the light; the unconscious and the conscious. By delving deep into the realm of the side of ourselves we often avoid, we understand the Self as a whole.

The deeper realms of consciousness are hidden. Whatever is not known, or understand, or that is hidden, is often called “occult”. During the Dark Ages spiritual understanding, and the mystery schools were pushed underground. Books were burned. Now that much spiritual wisdom has been lost, or hidden, for so long it is misunderstood and often feared. What that domination lead to was fear of those things that were once valued as deeply spiritual understandings of our universe and our selves. The patriarchal world-view still dominates our world today.

Our society now, in large part, focuses on the material realm and regards the spiritual realm hidden from our five senses as minimally significant.

During the Golden Age, said to be thousands of years ago, humanity was in an enlightened consciousness. Yet slowly it declined through the Silver Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, which we are said to be in now. This time, is considered to be a dark age where connection to Divine wisdom has faded from the consciousness of the masses. It was understood long ago that humanity would move through this period descending from the spiritual light. Being in this period has many in a state of distraction from spirituality, by the desires of the material realm, the ego. Where power and domination is sought as supreme and all that is considered “other” is at the bottom of the pyramid. Can you see this in the structure of our world today?

We have to also be careful though with our thinking. Be cautious of others who may push their world-view. Obsessional tendencies, especially fear mongering, fanatical, conspiratorial thinking may increase. With a lack of clarity of direction people will feel vulnerable and spread fear. Whenever you are faced with fear, remember it is an opportunity to awaken to love and compassion – where you really want to focus. Know that although someone may be adamant in their worldview, it doesn’t mean you have to get wrapped up in their mode of thinking. Create space for yourself.

On Friday November 16, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, Mars, will be climb his way into the domain of Capricorn, where his force will close in on Pluto.

We are going to see an increase in attention, focus and drive towards the battle of the currencies. Since fear is often a driving force behind the ups and downs of the stock market, expect the news to become even more heightened. Know that Life is so much bigger than Money in so many ways.

We’re also going to see people becoming more engaged in their relationship to the material world. You know, some people, even many people, will fight their way to the top. Some will lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever it takes to climb that false mountain, that tower of babel that we all know eventually crumbles. The satisfaction, the fulfillment people will seek in their treacherous climb up the ladder contributes to the rat race that builds within society. Where the ego motivates, destruction, at least in part is inevitable. When we are not driven by our spirits, but driven by domination by the ego, we are not in control of our lives. We can see this reflected in individuals lives, and on the grand scale of society.

Pluto is big. He is a slow mover. He transforms, and now he is in the domain of the economy. Pluto is known as “the giver of riches”. However he is not only the giver, because in the realm of economics, money is worthless unless it has something to be compared to. The value and quantity of what is considered rich, is only comparable as it relates to the quantity of the poor. This is why we now here so often the 1% vs the 99%, this is due to the law of relativity.

A Plutocracy, is where wealth rules.

It’s time for you to search deeper than what that relative attainment can provide temporarily. It’s time for us all to let that false self pass away to the past as we realize our true selves more deeply.

With our karmic debts now in Scorpio, the domain traditionally ruled by Mars, and now ruled by Pluto, this New Moon brings attention to death and rebirth. Emphasized by the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, we are experiencing a period that signifies that we let go of a part of ourselves that has long been dimming our light. As we look at the darkness that exists, and seek out our higher values in contrast, we are able to become awakened.

You are never the same from moment to moment. Each moment is a little death of the past. We are always transforming.

Uranus always has an element of potential with it that can bring sudden change. It holds the energy of the lightning bolt that can strike the tower. Uranus, also a slow mover like Pluto, has been in difficult position to Pluto for some time. Now with Mars ready to bring new energy to Capricorn and charge towards Pluto, it’s a good time to ask the questions that are below the surface that a lot of people don’t want to go to. So here goes – Now we are so dependent on global trade, and the internet and the economy is in a flux. How would you be self-determining if the house of cards were to fall? If hypothetically the economy did crash or if the Internet just turned off. What would you do? How would you relate to your local community? If your dependence on the economy were to come to a halt, who would you be? What would you do? How would you relate to the world around you?

Would you be consumed by fear, or would you feel free? Would you reconnect to your spirit, the stars and the cycles of nature if you knew your climb up the ladder of ambition were to no longer have any relevance in a world without an economy?

There is just over a month left before we get to that point in time significant to the Mayan Calendar. Although much of our western society sensationalizes then debunks the significance of the myths, it is still an important symbol for our age. We are part of a larger picture. A grander vision of the world has long been significant to ancient cultures who had a connection to the cosmos. Just because we in the west are generally far removed from the natural cycles of our world and the cosmos, wouldn’t mean much to the deeper esoteric significance of spiritual meaning infused in the patterns of our lives.

With this New Moon in Scorpio, and the Solar Eclipse, we are given an opportunity to remember our matriarchal spiritual sides, our feminine aspect of the whole which has long been forgotten in our patriarchal world. Now we are at a time that gives us more of an emotional bond to the eternal cycles of time. We can access the Goddess side of reality that for so many is forgotten and enter the realms of magic, art, and altered states of consciousness through accessing our higher selves.

Rituals that have been enacted for thousands of years, unite us to the same consciousness that all those before us have experienced in those ancient practices. Create a ritual that feels right to you. Something that connects you to your higher purpose, to the cosmos, to the cycles of nature, the cycles of the sun and moon. Magic happens in everyday life. Get closer to your spirit. Become more aware, more conscious, and tune yourself into the real world around you – that’s magical.

As we get closer to 2012, we are given an opportunity to remember, and get closer to our true selves and our true purpose, our reason for existing beyond the structures of society. The wall that separates us from our highers selves can be broken through. We can reach deep into ourselves to discover the brilliance of the light that emerges from our most deepest recesses.

Neptune started direct in Pisces on Sunday and with his difficult conversation to this New Moon it points the way to delving deep into ourselves may be challenging but will be an important step to our spiritual growth. This is also a turning point that does well for our karma.

This is a time to ask ourselves, what do we want to bring into the world? What is the purpose of all this? Who are we going to choose to become as the old way of thinking washes away? Are we collectively heading into a state of higher consciousness where we will merge with a more enlightened view of the world and bring more love into the material realm?

The material world is a spiritual world. It is all energy. By bringing lighter consciousness into the world you raise the vibration of existence.

What are your thoughts ? What does the Solar Eclipse symbolize to you? What do you think of the Mayan calendar?

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One thought on “New Moon in Scorpio November 13, 2012 Astrology Horoscope Solar Eclipse

  1. My dearest love Tadhg collapsed and died of a heart attack last Friday November 9, 2012 in the shadow of the eclipse. He was a scorpio born Nov. 18. I am a Pisces with a scorpio moon. I wish it had been me. I no longer care about the material world. I want to be with him in the spiritual realm


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