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Hesiod and the Muse

Hesiod was a poet, inspired by the muses (Zeus’ daughters). The muses were considered the source of knowledge and were invoked to inspire literature, the sciences and the arts. Hesiod wrote an epic 800 line poem called Works and Days, a Greek creation myth of 5 ages from the Golden Age to the present Iron Age.

Golden Age – An age of happiness where it was always Spring and people grew younger then finally passed on to become daimones. The Golden Age ended when Zeus succeeded over the Titans.

Silver Age – Zeus ruled and created the 4 seasons. Life for mortals wasn’t as easy as the Golden Age. When they died they were honorable in the island of the underworld as “Blessed Ones”.

Bronze Age – Zeus created man as strong warriors. They were violent, wore bronze armor and died at their own hands passing on to the darkness of Hades.

Heroic Age – A god-like race of heroic men, known as demigods. Dying in wars they went to the underworld or the island of the Blessed Ones.

Iron Age – We are now in the Iron Age, said to be a time of evil. Man will be liars, envious and wretched, foul mouthed, dishonorable, bitter and sorrowful. Most of the gods abandoned the Earth and eventually Zeus will destroy the race of the Iron Age.

Hesiod and The Muse by Moreau 1891

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