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Full Moon in Taurus October 29, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Taurus on Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 3:49 pm EDT.

This Full Moon is locked into the Frankenstorm, the popularized name given to Hurricane Sandy so close to Halloween. It’s also being called other big names such as a Mammoth Storm, Monster Storm and a Super Storm. Many news articles are mentioning the power of this Full Moon influencing the tidal pull increasing the possibility of storm surges and flooding. This hurricane and the Halloween season are bringing the energy of this Full Moon to a wider audience and to the collective consciousness.

Taurus has it’s roots in the Earth, expect to see shifts around this Full Moon related to the material world. Because of this major storm, safety and security on the material level along with financial impact are also in heightened focus. Although our readers are from around the world and the East Coast is not the sole focus of the planet, nonetheless these considerations are on the minds of millions of people now, especially with strong media attention. The media affects our collective consciousness, for better or worse. With the Sun in Scorpio and Saturn nearby, it’s very important for people in the storms path to take care of themselves doing what is necessary to minimize flooding. There’s also snow in many area’s. It’s also a reminder to be prepared in the event of any earth changes and our perceptions of how we influence the world around us, locally and globally. The lessons of a Taurus Full Moon are for everyone. Astrology is a part of all our lives.

On a personal level this is a time of considering how you reveal yourself to the world and what footprints you leave behind with each step you take. Are you ready to be more honest and forthcoming about who you are and what you want in the world? Do you see yourself as someone who can impact the world around you by being here and asserting your wants and needs for a better tomorrow? Who do you honestly wish to be, and do you want to be seen for the real, authentic you? It’s a good time to think about how you’ll go about being who you are meant to be and what your purpose in the world is. What do you stand for?

For many people Saturn brings fear, and although it is important to be cautious, some media outlets are hyping fear as sensationalism. They know it’s easy to get caught up in fear and have all eyes glued to the TV and thus higher ratings. It’s important to be aware and share awareness, but it’s irresponsible to be an alarmist.

With the Full Moon in Taurus emotions and security can certainly be heightened so be cautious of how caught up in the drama you get. Don’t get drawn into the lower consciousness fear can create. Instead be smart and turn fear into a tool for caution. Use this Saturn and Taurus opposition to your benefit. Let awareness of the importance of your safety and life direct you to demonstrate to the universe that you care about yourself and others and that you’ll take the necessary steps to create secure conditions that are as safe as possible.

Once the storm passes, obviously many will be looking to insurance and help from others financially to rebuild. Taurus loves to build things so find yourself a healthy Taurus willing to help if necessary, or channel that strong, Taurus energy yourself. It will be a good time to make sure you go after what you need, rather than wait. The astrological conditions coincide with this necessity. Get your batteries, candles and extra food in case the electricity goes out for a while.

Security is more than having batteries, flashlights and all the right gear. Security is about people and your environment. It is about our relationship to life in the world.

In today’s world so many of us live in cities, more than ever before. David Suzuki discussed in an interview how much the world has changed in the last 100 years. In 1900 there were only 16 cities in the world that had over 1 million people living in them. Everyone else on earth lived in rural areas. Therefore, the majority of people lived close to nature and understood its cycles and their relationship to it a century ago. People valued nature.

Today the world has over 100 cities with over a million people living in them and now there is a significant disconnect from the natural world. Where people once placed value on nature, now a larger part of civilization places value on the economy. Today, accumulating material possessions, proving self-worth and value through the brands and how much money one has and the things people can do because of it, reflects the shift in priorities, values and consciousness.

Nature is the foundation of our lives and always will be. It is a requirement to exist as humanity. It is the foundation of our physical reality. The economy, on the other hand, is a man-made construct that provides a continuous fluctuation of stability vs. instability. Although the financial system is embedded so tightly into our lives and we now believe it is a necessity, it is possible for humanity to exist without it.

Although all things are changing, and transforming at all times, and natures weather patterns can vary, the Sun rises every morning, and the Moon is full every month. Nature does have it’s regular cycles that provide us with a foundation of knowing our life patterns if we tune into these cycles.

Security includes people in your life. Do you know your neighbors? In a crisis do you think you would band together or become more divided with the strangers around you? Many people living in cities do not know who lives in the apartment or house next-door! Larger cities are also touted as potentially the worst places to be in a crisis where people vie only for themselves in a competitive environment of survival.

Cities are an economical construct where financially related materialism is embodied as the highest value. We see this demonstrated when people claw and trample their way through shopping centers to fill their baskets with all those plastic material possessions during peak shopping periods. We also see this demonstrated when a storm is on it’s way and people are emptying shelves. Dependency on what is available and offered by stores also factors into how our foundations are less about people and more about financially driven companies.

In smaller locals however, where communities are built on relationships and common themes, coming together with those you know is easier. Working together for solutions, rather than against each other may never be simple, but is eased when the common bond of humanity is more realized. This is an essential lesson. We need each other. We need other people in our lives when things get rough. Be the ray of sun and hope that lights up your environment.

Now though, all this disconnect has it’s benefit to our awareness. We see so many people now turning towards holistic wellness, and earth-based spirituality to reconnect our souls to the spirit of the earth. The disconnect puts it squarely in our faces, screaming at us to wake up! We are noting the importance to stop denying ourselves from putting our feet in the grass and becoming grounded again. We see the value of getting away from the city lights and staring up into the milky way in awe of what our souls have been missing. On a broader level, more people are being shown the larger negative consequences of holding the attitude that we have “dominion over the earth”. It’s as if the message doesn’t sink in until it’s almost too late. The gift of this Full Moon is an awakening to the necessities of our lives connected to the earth in stronger harmony.

With Halloween so close, we are also within reach of the spirit realm with more acuity. It’s time to remember those we’ve loved and lost, and who have moved onto their own present outside our material world. Create a special place, light candles and speak from your heart to those who have moved on. It will be healing and bring you closer to spirit.

Some people lock their doors, turn off their lights and hide away during Halloween, associating it with evil, even going so far as calling it “The Devils Holiday“. For so many more though Halloween is a celebration and a time to let loose and have fun not taking life and death so seriously. Although death can certainly be scary, it also demands and forces us to think about our mortality and our spirituality, our purpose and our limitation of time.

The Underworld is ruled by Pluto, which rules Scorpio – precisely where the Sun is now next to Saturn. So as mentioned earlier, there is fear surrounding this storm, and with it personal, inner transformation about priorities and relationship to the material world including financially, are heightened.

Did you know in ancient Egypt, the Bull was sacred? In Egypt the word “Ka” represented Life Force, and Bull.

“Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers would determine whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife. The first question was, ‘Did you bring joy?’ The second was, ‘Did you find joy?” ~ Leo Buscaglia

Osiris is a symbol of the descent into the underworld and resurrection, just as the phoenix too symbolizes the realm of Pluto (Hades) transforming into new life. With the descent though, comes the new appreciation and understanding of life. As Isis demonstrates the connection to the underworld and all that is unknown hidden behind the veil, we realize the world needs the other side to create deeper meaning to the life we know. Osiris is also associated with the constellation Orion, and has his eye on Taurus. All these cosmic symbols are doorways into the meaningfulness of a larger cosmic picture, our lineage of understanding the world, life and death through our ancestors reaching back thousands of years, and thus the spirit realm.

For those of you who find yourself feeling a bit depressed or melancholy during this Full Moon,  getting outside, soaking up the rays of the sun in the day and the light of the moon at night, staring into the heavens will do your spirit wonders. Getting grounded and connected to nature will help you release the patterns of thinking you have about your own little world, and move you to see the grander scheme of the universe as a magical place of wonder.

If you feel inhibited and lack self confidence dressing up for Halloween and taking on the role of a character will transform your perspective. It will get you thinking about having fun and exploring your artistic side which is always liberating. It’s important to not take yourself too seriously. Just go have fun. If you can’t go out, at least do something in the spirit of Halloween to enjoy yourself and tune into the season.

This is a time to heal who you are through finding a deeper connection to spirituality. Many will find occult (hidden) themed subject spark curiosity. Watch films and read books on haunted castles, witches, vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, ouija boards and the like to get your mind traveling the realms of curiosity.

Considerations for your Sign:

Aries – You need more than money to feel a sense of stability now. You need to get grounded in your body so you feel more calm, collected and able to make better financial decisions. Your significant other will be able to bring you a stronger sense of balance now by showing you what you need to do to make necessary changes.

Taurus – You may be feeling a bit inhibited and not completely comfortable with your body. Practicing yoga will get you back in touch positively with the physical element of your being so you can be free to shine like this Full Moon. Go outside and soak up this Full Moon, or carry around a Moonstone if the weather isn’t agreeable.

Gemini – Although it may be a good time to contemplate philosophy, it’s not such a good time to discuss differing religious beliefs. Instead make your meaning of life and death musings be more geared to enjoying themes of the Halloween season.

Cancer – It’s a good time to go out and have some fun with friends, or have a Halloween party at your place. Don’t spend too much on party favors, instead just enjoy being creative. You may feel a bit shy, but a great costume will help you let loose.

Leo – Your career may on your mind now. Don’t let your doubts get the better of you. If you can take a day off and get outside to enjoy a natural setting you’ll feel renewed and grounded. You may just need a change of pace to refresh your perspective.

Virgo – Pick up a new subject that you can sink your teeth into. Transylvania is a great example of a faraway place to consider. Pondering a distant past could pique your fancy. Any subject you’d love to explore further to give you an interesting perspective on life will help ground you in the present.

Libra – If you are to be anything this Halloween you’d do well to be a sexy beast. You’d also find the more occult subjects of alchemy, divination and crystal balls and witchcraft to inspire you during this Full Moon.

Scorpio – You’re ready to feel more balanced during this Full Moon. You are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that your karma influences your emotional outlook on life. Create positive karma for yourself now in your relationships to others. Have fun in the moonlight.

Sagittarius – You may feel somewhat neutral during this Full Moon overall. However, if you find you have lots of fiery energy you’ll do well to put it towards your health. You may find just talking about what you should do to get moving in the right direction will be less rewarding than actually doing it. Stay focused on the bigger picture.

Capricorn – You could actually feel variations in your mood are moving you towards feeling more grounded as you settle into deeper self-understanding through the process. Reading a book on money matters or the economy while getting your feet rubbed will give you the right frame of mind to take the next best step in shining a light on your financial picture.

Aquarius – It’s a good time to look at your obstacles in the material world and consider how you can change them. Writing down what you want to let go of and burning the paper will be good for you. This Full Moon may not feel easy for you. Burn earthy incense like white sage to alter your perspective and help you feel grounded in the moment.

Pisces – Sitting by the rocks on a lake or by the ocean while watching the moonlight and breathing in the fresh air will let you pour out your emotions. Your soul will be heard, and you’ll fee refreshed by the aliveness of this material world.

Countess Dracula ~ Happy Halloween.


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