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New Moon in Libra Astrology Horoscope October 15, 2012

It’s officially a New Moon in Libra on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 8:02 am EDT.

This is a time when we have the opportunity to renew our relationship with our whole Self spelled out for us in the the natural cycle of the world. This is where light and dark merge.

Here we experience more acutely the marriage of our unconscious with our conscious worlds. Through this we contribute to, and unite with, the collective consciousness.

Asking ourselves more philosophical questions, and continuing to ask the questions as we peel away the layers of the onion, we become more self aware and united with our true selves more wholly. As you get to know yourself more personally, and understand your individuality more concretely, you are able to choose and create from your free will better attuned to the cosmos.

“Cosmos”, is a Greek word for order, and is thus the polarity of the Greek “Chaos”.

There is no doubt, there is order in the universe. The patterns and cycles of nature show us there is meaningfulness to existence.

This is a great time to commune with the spirit world. With Jupiter in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces connecting harmoniously with this new moon, and thus the sun, we are at a point in time that unites us with the balance of mind, matter and spirit. This is a point of great opportunity to assert our place in the whole world and choose to create with balanced power.

As part of this important time in our lives, we are also facing the world powers of nations and economy, that are always in a struggle for domination. The transformative powers and the warring powers are in conflict now, rather than harmony and we are at a threshold of potential spontaneous combustion. Although the phoenix may rise (see the Full Moon in Aries), we strongly need diplomacy in all our lives so it doesn’t burn its surroundings with ferocity.

This is where we come in as a collective. This is where we bring in the deeper understanding of our spiritual desires to recognize the resulting reality of the ego’s chaotic, insatiable drive to consume. We have the ability to drive the chariot, guided by our souls love, rather than being driven by our minds misguided hate.

This is where we ask ourselves what is really true and where are we being mislead into believing and justifying a world of opposition. This is where we ask what our higher purpose here on earth is, and realizing our spiritual nature, so we can understand the perceptions born from our lower selves.

How do we get to choose our fate? What do we contribute to ourselves and the world around us by choosing to live and think from a place of peacefulness or aggression?

We are able to open the doors to the other side and walk through them emerging in a newly created worldview. Through the passages we walk in our lives we learn and are renewed. We are born again in each moment, in each choice, and in each step we take.

We are destined to go down deep to the roots so we can fully understand ourselves. This we can see in so many area’s of our personal lives, and in the collective world. It often seems to be human nature, that only when we have an understanding of how low we can go, and reach the precipice, are we willing to change direction.

The world is the middle ground. The playground where we make our choices and where our existence seeks the equilibrium we hope true justice will provide.

Through it all, whether from above, or from below, we grow in who we are.

Now, as we travel around the sun, we continue our journey of healing and bonding with our spiritual truths so we can bring them into the world and realize their impact in our material world.

You are the decider.

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The following video parallels the New Moon in Libra Forecast for those interested. Alan Watts on Carl Jung.

Considerations for You:

Aries How do your reactions and attitudes towards others reveal your own inner rebellion against yourself? Are you willing to free yourself by pursuing your own personal philosophy on life, while respecting others points of view?

Taurus How does your worrying contribute to your experience of the world? What steps are you able to take to release your doubts so you’ll be able to bring your souls purpose into the world?

Gemini Does your personal, philosophical point of view create a world that is more united or divided? What is the work you have to do in order to find harmony between your positive and negative thinking patterns?

Cancer How can you reconcile your attachments to both love and fear so you feel more comfortable with who you are? Are you willing to view your physical body, and the world as it is with more compassion?

Leo Are you open to discussing other people’s spiritual or world views? Do you judge others who have a different philosophy than you? Are you willing to explore myths and metaphors of other cultures to learn valuable truths about yourself?

Virgo What do your attachments to money say about your beliefs about the material world? Do your desires for material things sometimes make you step outside your ethics, morals and spiritual beliefs? Through your spending, do you directly or indirectly contribute positively or negatively to others in the world?

Libra Are you able to share with others your whole, true self? Do you hide parts of yourself from fear of judgment? What can you do to build a stronger relationship with your real self, and share freely with others?

Scorpio Does the way you think about yourself reflect your true spirit? How can you create stronger emotional bonds with the spirit world, to become a more responsible honest person willing to share your deeper truths?

Sagittarius What are all the various attributes to the word Power you can think of? Which of those attributes do you see in yourself? How can you be a force of power in the world that makes a difference?

Capricorn If you were climbing the tree of your life, and stopped in the middle to rest and look around for a while, what would you see around you, below you, and above you?

Aquarius Are you afraid of your shadow side, or are you willing to look at who you are deep down to your roots so you can emerge as a successful, newer you?

Pisces Are you ready and willing to do the work and understand broader philosophies so you can heal your deeper wounds? Are you willing to reach into your emotional self so you can unite with your blessings in disguise?

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