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Carl Jung. The Inner World and Individuality.

This short Documentary explores Carl Jung’s history including his disagreement with Sigmund Freud, the Collective Unconscious, Archetypal behavior patterns, as well as his controversies. His work explores individuality and understanding ourselves so we do not live to be who others think we should, but who we really are. He became internationally famous for his work in understanding personality types and the psyche.

Additionally, the following short BBC Documentary piece from 1984 discusses Carl Jung’s philosophical, rational and psychological perspectives and briefly touches on his difference with Sigmund Freud’s ideologies.

Delving into the marriage between the conscious and the unconscious mind, Jung reaches through the psyche into the world of myth, archetypes and symbolism. He explores the constructive purpose of these facets of the inner world to discover the spiritual meaning in life beyond the cycle of biological events.

You may also be interested in taking a personality type test as discussed in the first documentary based on the Myers Briggs Test at the following links

Personality Type Test

Personality Test

Alan Watts discusses Carl Jung’s work and his recognition of the polarity of life. Watch Alan Watts here.


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