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New Moon in Virgo September 15, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Virgo on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 10:10 pm EDT.

This New Moon invites you to begin new habits that are focused and intentional.

Most people are now back into the cycle of working hard, with goals from starting new projects to preparing for the winter months. However, with the hard work can come a significant drawback as the focus is projected onto the tasks at hand. When the attention is so drawn to certain objectives, other things can slide.

What’s likely quite noticeable for many now is the need to bring the attention back to the mind-body relationship. For many the demands of life can lead to neglecting your bodies nutritional and physical needs. Some will be acutely aware of how you’re neglecting your body revealed in how it feels off. Others may notice their body screaming out for attention with a range of symptoms demanding re-evaluation of how they treat their body. Are you gaining or losing weight from not eating well? Are you feeling run down? Are you showing signs of a cold?

How do you relate to your body? Is it simply a vehicle for your external objectives, or is it a sacred temple that requires you to be present to function well?

This is the window of time traditionally when the harvest is reaped after the Summer has brought forth gifts from the earth. However, nutritional values of foods are depleting. The foods we eat today do not hold the values our relatives and ancestors once ate. Fruits and vegetables aren’t what they once were. Our genetically modified foods, along with pesticides and herbicides are changing our bodies relationship to our foods and the sacred relationship our bodies are meant to have with the earth. Food processing also significantly depletes our foods of nutrients our bodies are designed to require.

Many will start noticing self talk such as, “I’m not taking the nutrients I need. I’m running on empty. I’m not eating a well balanced diet.” It’s a good time to focus on supplements and herbs with more awareness.

Now we’ll see people re-evaluate their routines and habits. A lot of people will feel it’s time for a change. It’s time to get organized. Spring cleaning is in the Spring, but Fall is a good time to do the same. The Fall Equinox is only a few days away. It’s a time of transition, and now with the New Moon in Virgo it’s important to begin setting the tone for the change you want.

Disorganization is a waste of time. To be best prepared for what’s to come you need to ensure your mind has the proper space to be clear so intentions aren’t bogged down. It’s a time of preparation by setting a routine in place that ensures you are able to be flexible. With a clear space, in body, mind and environment, you set yourself up to be adaptable to various circumstances.

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This means getting your finances in order as well. The economy changes day to day. Opinions from day to day vary in the news, and the stocks reflect this subjectivity. For you to feel more in control of your life you need to understand the opinions of others are changeable. They don’t reflect true reality, only a version of it that they perceive. It’s a good time to evaluate your budget and set rules for yourself that makes sense.

With Jupiters placement now too, some people may be scatter-brained leading to unintended results and outcomes. So the harder you work to maintain your clarity of focus, the better. Distractions by broader ideas can pull you away from your focus. Especially don’t get drawn into the hype of marketing designed to prey on your emotional weaknesses, and resulting in you opening your wallet to try to live up to a false perception of reality.

You know, Virgo speaks to chastity, and what the underlying message of chastity says is self-control and ability to choose decisively with intention. Chastity isn’t forever for most of course, it is a stage, but it is an important symbolic representation of one’s choices of what, when, how, and why. It is the will aligned with a self-made choice before moving forward.

What is your association with your routine and how is it turning you away from following through to completion? Are you jumping from one idea to the next, and not getting started on certain projects? It’s not easy to stick to a routine for many. However, there are certain tactics you can apply to help you stay on track and on the ball.

Now this time isn’t without it’s worries. Everyone has something to worry about at some point, but with your intention to be more attentive and organized you can work through and overcome the obstacles. Instead of analyzing what you deem negative possibilities, analyze the steps necessary to be productive and resourceful to lift your spirits. Again, your nutrition will work wonders in keeping your body and mind uplifted.

Being organized is empowering. Disorganization is paralyzing. Watch Hoarders for a clear demonstration of how a disconnect from practicality can get out of hand and create an overwhelming and difficult life experience. This New Moon is a good starting point to move away from procrastination to create a better, more efficient reality.

Do you have 5 minutes? So many people think they can’t find 5 minutes, but you can. It’s about prioritizing. Take 5 minutes to do yoga. It will not only organize your moments and your mind, but yoga poses put your body into an intentional and decisive organized pattern with focus. That says it all. Those 5 minutes can be a powerful, symbolic experience that will transform you into embodying attentive, willful organization. That will undoubtedly move you to bring that kind of empowerment into other areas of your life.

Start a new task list. What am I doing? How am I doing it? Analyze. When you’re focusing on your health, write down when you’re taking your supplements, create a routine step by step. So you don’t have to remember everything, start a task list that sends you reminders on your calendar.

Now is the time to put in the work that encompasses the whole you, to attain the balance and order you desire in your life next month.

Here is where you bring together your mind and emotional self and let your decisiveness sink into your behaviors and habits. Then you are able to come from your core with more strength and determination from a healthy perspective. Mercury will be zipping through libra over the next couple of weeks, then enter into Scorpio with Saturn.

With Mercury in positive alignment with the North Node in Scorpio, we’re seeing your intentions bridged over the next few weeks to where you want to go.

It’s a very good time to be artistic and creative. When your mind is distracted it’s best to put that attention towards artistically inspiring pursuits. The way you dress, the style of film you watch, taking in the theatre or reading Shakespeare, will all be good outlets. Although broader ideas can take over, it’s ok to daydream. Some of the best ideas come from daydreaming and brainstorming. However, ensure you do give yourself the discipline to stay on track. Make your creativity fun, but also meaningful and purposefully directed to creating a better you. Watch A Trip to the Moon (1902).

If you’re passionate about something, such as if you’re a fan of someone’s work or not, try not to argue, as passions can lead to minor wars if you let them. Don’t let such things interfere with your own creative direction. Also be extra careful about what you say. With Uranus and Mercury’s current relationship, you certainly could see people saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. This is where your mindfulness and intention must come into play. Be the one to cool the flames and get back on the path.

The Fall Equinox is only a few days away. The colors of Autumn are coming to inspire us all and give us a stronger connection to the earth. Bring your body and mind together and prepare for y
our new direction.

A Little Extra for Your Sign:

Aries be careful with your self talk. Pay attention to what you say about your body. Do the work to keep your body and mind clear and healthy.

Taurus this is a great time to be creative. Don’t judge yourself too harshly so you can enjoy freer artistic creativity.

Gemini you’ll do well to make super healthy, delicious and nutritious foods from scratch and you’ll shine. Incorporate foreign cuisine ideas for fun.

Cancer write out your thoughts and intentions. Start a journal or a blog that keeps you focused. Keep track of progress.

Leo spending a little on self care that makes you feel good about yourself is ok, but keep your budget in order.

Virgo the more you do to stay organized the more confident you’ll feel about yourself. A healthy body and mind makes you shine.

Libra practicing yoga or tai chi will help do wonders for you now. It’s important that your focus incorporates spiritual awareness and responsibility now.

Scorpio a new group that inspires you to action helps you feel more intentional now. It’s important you feel innovative now.

Sagittarius to feel more empowered in your goals and career moves, bring a healthy attitude and ensure your thoughts are positively aligned with your words.

Capricorn it’s time to study. Learn new ways of keeping yourself climbing that mountain. Keeping structure in your routine will take you there.

Aquarius you’ll need to uncover the truth about what motivates you to do the work. What hasn’t worked can burn away, as you rise to new heights.

Pisces it’s a good time to see the value partnerships can bring to get you to start an all new routine. Two heads are better than one. Talk about what works best.

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