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New Moon in Leo August 17, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Leo on Thursday, August 17, 2012 at 11:54 am EDT.

This New Moon along with the energy of the Sun brings out the need to initiate and take action in order for us to begin shining more as our truest selves. Leo speaks to who we are, our identity and how we express ourselves.

So often people wish for a great transformation to suddenly take place and magically their world is in order. That’s not how it works. Now we are being granted the opportunity and sign posts will appear to get us more in touch with better self-understanding through the material world. In order to have a strong, balanced, responsible foundation to build from, we need to get real about the work of life.

In order to live a more enlightened life, you need to understand that the material world does not work against you. It is here for you. It is your foundation to build a balanced spiritual life from.

Although you may wish things would fall perfectly into place, this new moon allows us to honestlyaccept the reality that things don’t happen by themselves.

Of course, if blessings are bestowed upon you seemingly out of the blue, its most likely not by sheer luck. It’s most likely to happen as a reward for hard work already done. Your ongoing effort and attitude of enthusiasm and dedication also set you up for positive reinforcement.

Quite often one of the hindrances in people’s lives about their relationship to the material world, and their experience in it, are expressed through their relationship with money.

Much of our material world is directly touched by finances. It’s time to understand that the road to a successful career, one that allows you to feel comfortable in your lifestyle, comes from you focusing on making the changes necessary, not by wishing and waiting around.

You may be noticing many synchronicities lately, with underlying messages that your financial picture is not as stagnant or set in stone as you believed. They can be changed.

Now, you have to get more comfortable with how you think, communicate and express your relationship with money in order to find balance and a path to abundance.

Are you afraid to talk about money? Do you feel the need to hide your financial picture from even those closest to you?

How do the things you can buy, or not buy, contribute to your identity? Who do you see yourself as and how do you present yourself according to the things you own? Do you feel the need to show off your material possessions for the recognition you wish to attain from them? Do you live for the brands that you think will give you the illusion of a certain status? Do you gloat or do you shy away from the discussion?

Of course you are much bigger than your possessions. In the grander scheme, you don’t really own anything. You only enjoy the presence of things while you’re here. The point is that while you’re in the material world, you can’t avoid being honest about the necessity of these relationships and how they color the overall picture of your life experience.

It’s time to clear out your fears and renew your perceptions in order to bring in a stronger sense of security. A lot of people have fears in their relationships to money, and in their relationships to others. What touches our lives very personally, is not always so easy to talk about.

Now it’s time to put it all out on the table and really look at how you are living your life and how you shine, from your core in the world as a free, and bonded, individual to the material world. It’s time to start being more open and honest about what your real-world experiences are and what you want them to be.

The desire and passion to transform the obstacles in your path will lead you to the necessary breakthroughs to make the change. A lot of understanding comes up at the home front in how to deal with budgeting and finance. New ideas on how to make things better and more comfortable. Facing the fears brings up many useful questions that help you understand how to bring more love into how you live.

It’s a great time to bring more plants and flowers into your home.

Bring a little more of the magic into your life, and see your life working in a more spiritual order. Starting with your home as your foundation of comfort, put a money tree (also known as Pachira aquatica) in an auspicious area for feng shui benefits. This will bring in ideas and help your space be a reflection of you collecting your thoughts financially. It will also be a symbol for drawing in the necessary synchronicities you need to get yourself on a more balanced path.

The South-West side is great for your sacred spot this year. A money tree cared for can grow and thrive symbolizing your financial growth and relationship to the material world.

What other symbols do you think would be appropriate for you to work with personally?

Once you give yourself that space to be more connected to your material world, you will be able to express your deeper, truer identity to the world. Your identity, beyond all the superficial, illusionary layers. You’ll be able to initiate ideas that give you that stronger foundation, that will in turn allow you to have more time to be creative.

It’s a great time to get creative with your food now too. It’s best to dine at home now, rather than eating out. Make your food with a lot of love. Feed your body the nutrients and comfort it needs to feel good. Make your relationship to food a comfortable, enjoyable experience but be careful not to go crazy with the comfort foods and put on the pounds. Instead, experience food as the nourishing connection to the material world with a more sacred attentiveness. Find your own, unique, personal way to show gratitude and understanding of the importance of food.

Mars is on our minds now, pushing us to instinctively drive towards bringing more spiritual perspectives into our everyday lives. It’s time to get started on a new path. A strong run on the pavement, especially in the rain, is the perfect symbolic act to engage in this energy now. Be with your body, your mind and your spirit, driven to live and be in the moment.

It’s a very good time to rethink your karma and take action in balancing your material responsibilities with your spirituality. Practicing Yoga will utilize the current Mars and Saturn energy and blend well with the current forces of Neptune in Pisces.

Also, in terms of karma, with so many rumors of war these days infiltrating our worlds collective thinking, I want to remind you that such things are strong distractions from spiritual consciousness. Focus on bringing light, love and peace into the world. Whenever you are distracted, and pulled into the baser aspects of conditioned thinking of the material world, you lose precious time dedicated to creating your higher calling.

Now is a good time to question what’s really worth your attention, what matters, and what is more important to your life to be lived towards a more spiritual potential. We are in the material world and it should be honored as the sacred place it is. As the foundation of your presence here, it is where you can shine and grow into a more spiritual, enlightened being. Choose to be wise in how you co-create the world.

If 2012 is to symbolize a transformative year for you, how would you envision your life to be lived to its fullest?

Strengthen your foundations to live the life destined for your highest spiritual potential.

Now that Summer is at it’s peak of relaxation, take some time to honor yourself. Get a massage, do yoga, start meditating. You deserve some “me time” and to create the appropriate time and space for self-understanding. By building a more balanced foundation you’ll be able to live in alignment with a more true identity of who you really are.

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