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Full Moon in Aquarius August 1, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s Officially a Full Moon in Aquarius on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 11:27 pm EDT.

Can you believe it’s August already? These can be the best, and hottest, days of the summer so enjoy them. It’s a great time to get in touch with the water. Aquarius is the water bearer and a great blend of sunshine and poolside, or lakeside, is good for the soul.

As you’re probably well aware, Mercury has been retrograde the last couple of weeks, and will remain so for another week. He’ll start direct on August 8th. With this Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in close proximity with Mercury retrograde in Leo, you’ve probably noticed some issues of identity and self expression have come up lately. Though light is shed on this area of life, articulations can be skewed.

This Full Moon can bring a need for more self honesty leading to a more loving understanding of yourself. It’s possible along with this may come a bit of rebellion as you search for what the truth of who you are, you may feel a bit of a need to find the right self-assertion. The light of the moon can shed some deep insights into your journey leaving you feeling relieved and awakened for all you’ve done to get here. You may have some personal revelations.

Going against the grain is possible now for some, and may lead to friction. It’s possible to get lost in your own ideologies and act on impulses. Many will want to find their way to stand out from the crowd and be a step above their former selves, but with the composition in the sky lately it’s a good idea to wait before making any rash, definitive changes. Some may feel a need for transformation in how they express themselves and how they are seen by others. However, with thinking not clear lately, one can get lost in a battle of seeking one’s identity. It’s best not to be too concerned with what others may or may not think of you now.

If you’re motivated to make dramatic changes to who you are and how you present yourself according to what others think, you could certainly lose your sense of grounding in who you really are and what your identity is. If you strongly feel the need to make a change, you should ask yourself some realistic, tough questions. Who are you changing for? What is it that you don’t like about who you are now that is instigating the need to make the change? Are you escaping an area of life, in search of greener grass?

It really is best for you to just be your authentic self. Trying to be someone else, will only devalue who you really are. You deserve to be loved and admired for who you are, not for who you think others think you should be. Ultimately, others perceptions of you are only an illusion. Only you know who you really are at your core. Nobody can ever know who a  better version of yourself would be. Be the star in your own life, to shine.

On the flipside, if you have been thinking about how you’re perceived by others, there can be opportunity for honest self reflection and evalution. Such consideratons should be put in a book for review later though, because you’ll likely change your mind. Take your perceptions of self identity now, no matter how serious you may feel about them, with a grain of salt. This is a time where you can be easily confused about how you’re interpreted and how to mold that interpration others may have of you. You may not be thinking clearly and could even have misconceptions about yourself. Whether it’s an identity crisis or something less serious, you’ll likely change your mind in a couple of weeks.

Although you may feel the Aquarian inventiveness, you should also keep in mind the power of the Sun passing by Mercury retrograde and what that means in terms of misconception. Though you may be trying to find your individuality, most likely the outward expression of that will be misconstrued. Play it safe, and be authentically yourself, rather than relying on a calculated concoction of who you think you could be.

It’s really is best if you let your light shine just as you are now, rather than seeking some other form of acceptance. People recognize you at a heart level, and admire you for who you are without the need for any superficial changes. The only transformations you should tap into now are those that are truly at a heart level. You’ll know it when you feel it, and haven’t any doubts or second thoughts.

Those who are usually self-conscious, or have social anxiety may actually find this vibe to be a relief. With a lack of direct perceptions now, the self-analytical, self-deprecating thoughts some people may often have won’t be so strong. This will allow a larger sense of freedom. It will be easier to just feel good about being yourself naturally wherever you may be in the company of others. Nobody really cares about the little details you think they do, especially now. Those defeatist thoughts you keep recycling about yourself in your mind, are not really what others are thinking about. People are too concerned about themselves to be so focused on thinking about your every move. As long as you don’t over embellish dramatic behaviour to purposely make yourself stand out, you won’t have to worry about any gossip. Realize many stars who are always vying for attention with over the top dramatics, have to do that so people will keep talking about them.

Mind and spirit may not connect easily during this Full Moon. Making the extra effort to bridge the gap will be required. Staying focused in practices like yoga, will be especially difficult for beginners, but by bringing forth your willpower you can diminish the challenging effects of Mercury and Neptune now on your thinking processes.

With Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, retrograde in Aries, it’s best not to hold onto any erratic ideas with too much weight. You can definitely use the auspicious energy of Uranus, Jupiter and Mars that are connecting positively in air signs with this Full Moon to your advantage. This configuration will help you get beyond the limitations your mind may be recycling now. You’re likely to find that creativity feels right and there’s extra energy to put into the actions required to shine and feel fulfilled. You’ll feel more grounded if you can move out of distracted, logical thinking patterns, and move your energy towards growing your creative spirit. It’s especially productive to day dream and dream big.

Putting time and  effort in real-world, earthly activities that you are passionate about will be able to bring your consciousness back down to earth. With a bit of a dedicated inspiration you’ll be able to get out of negative thought patterns and live more abundantly in the here and now. Follow spontaneity when it feels fun.

The excitement of the Olympics is well under way. The passionate, determined, focused intention of athletes driven to succeed and push themselves is inspiring. They’ve had lots of practice and can push through any external influences to move towards their desired goals. This is a really good time to find your internal, emotional balance by embodying the athletic drive.

Although most of us certainly aren’t at the caliber of willpower of Olympic athletes, and we’ll be finding focus a little difficult these days, it’s still a good time to really exert yourself physically. Being active now will help you flush out old thinking patterns and get back into a stronger sense of embodiment to help you understand yourself more viscerally.

Pounding your feet on the pavement running, weight lifting and squeezing out that extra rep, swimming laps with intention of reaching the goal will bring you back into balance. Stamina required in holding yoga poses also speaks to that inner athletic willpower. Take advantage of this time to merge consciousness with the body. Although our thinking patterns are a bit skewed these days, the body has a wisdom all its own and in turn will improve your clarity of mind.

During the summer, people often think about beach bodies. Don’t worry about that now. Athletes get the physiques they do according to their sport. It is a reflection of the effort put in towards a specified goal. Appearances aren’t their objective, the task at hand is. When you go to the beach, it shouldn’t be about what you look like, it should be about the sun, the sand, the water, the laughter. The moments are what makes life worth living. Enjoy them. Nothing looks better than a radiant, joyous heart. Make that your goal instead of superficial objectives.

Your best use of this Full Moon is to be friendly wherever you go, and with whoever you encounter. This will open you up to the light in yourself and grant you a stronger sense of knowing yourself more honestly. By sharing with others you will gain insights that bring subtle realizations about yourself that will integrate themselves slowly. Be patient.

It’s time to enjoy yourself and have fun. Go outside, breathe the fresh air. Stop worrying so much about the little details that really are trivial and insignificant to a life well lived. Meaningfulness in your life will be found in shedding old thought patterns and welcoming new forms of consciousness, but don’t get too attached to them. Let them pass by as clouds, to help keep yourself more balanced. Struggling with ideas and definitions of self and the world will only hinder your inner freedom.

Well the economy isn’t looking good is it? One thing after another it just seems to be getting nowhere fast. Most of what we hear in the news is about global affairs, and major corporations ups and downs on the world stage. However, you can start living in accordance with our burgeoning reality by supporting life on a smaller local level. Support your local farmers this summer instead of buying vegetables from the other side of the planet, you’ll find just as good quality growing close to home. By connecting locally and to that humanitarian quality of Aquarius you show care for your fellow network of humanity by supporting a more sustainable, eco-friendly world we live within. Although we generally think globally now, real change can happen on smaller, more local levels. Reaching out and building relationships within your community can be an enormous shift in how you perceive the world of business.

Our perceptions of money, the structure around it, and the ladder to climb to get it, is changing. Although it’s fun to embellish and enjoy the little luxuries of the material world, and they can make for great conversation, you’ll notice  a stronger theme these days that those showing off their newly acquired items, aren’t really that impressive. Items of status are holding less weight as we all recognize a more realistic, holistic reality. Although brands will always have their place as definitive markers, the desire for those high ticket items doesn’t have the ring it used to with the everyday person. The hyped product repackaged and overpriced is losing it’s luster. We’re all changing, and realizing we aren’t defined by the things we have. We’re defined by what we give and how we grow into knowing ourselves and others.  What’s made with love touches our hearts.

In the evening, when the Moon is bright, enjoy your dreams. You’ll likely not remember them when you awake, but expect to learn something that affects your consciousness on a deeper level. Keep a notebook handy and try to jot down a few key points. Elaborate on them as much as possible in the moment or the keywords won’t make sense in the morning. Revisit them in a few weeks.

To start off August, find your way to an authentic self expression that bridges a higher consciousness with enjoying your life. You’ll notice some people will want their independent space. Let them have it. If you notice others behavior is out of line with their character, know it will pass. In the coming weeks, focusing on helping others will help you find yourself. Balancing time for yourself with time enjoying the company of others will help you recognize more comfortable boundaries. Your purpose will continue to grow as you let go of a stubborn streak, and embrace an open heart.

It’s time to enjoy the sun.

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