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New Moon in Cancer July 19, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Cancer on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 12:23 am EDT.

This new moon is right at home in Cancer. It’s a great time to start fresh. It’s a good time to kick off a new practice of creativity, from the arts to tracking revelations in your dreams.

The home is of course, a barrier to the outside world. It is where we are most comfortable, in our domain. It symbolizes our inner world and where we are more of our true selves than anywhere else. Since we do get so comfortable in our own zone, what’s external can sometimes feel like a threat, and we become protective, resistant and reactionary. If we can overcome our lower, yet often useful, instincts to protect ourselves and those we love and hold dear, when they are not serving us, then we can shine our truth from the inside-out. As a foundation of our creative, intuitive selves we can become more refined in our own identity and self-understanding on a deeply spiritual level.

There always needs to be the balance of internal and external realities. You need to open your doors and windows to let in the breeze and go outside or else you’ll become a hermit.

This can be a highly emotional time for some, especially those who tend to live close to their emotions. It can be a time of mixed emotions that play havoc with the analytic and intellectual side of our minds. For some, an internal protective mode can reveal itself as damaging now, such as we see in obsessive-compulsive behaviors like hoarding. It’s a good time to recreate your internal world so there is more harmony and less obstacles to inner peace. Remove what is not needed now so you can let the energy in your life flow more freely.

Some will feel there are a lot of obstacles now that are just too much. No matter what you are feeling, give yourself the benefit self-restraint can offer before you spew out a mouthful that could be potentially hurtful to others.

With Mercury having gone retrograde on the 14th and Uranus going retrograde the day before, it’s easy to get caught up in the illusions and dramas misinformation presents.

Is something you’ve heard really true, or is it just hearsay? Are you basing strong opinions of others on very little real information? Are you voicing your opinion, yet you are actually only vaguely informed by the opinions of others that could potentially lack any real validity or truth?

Addictions to information and opinions are common now. It’s time to rethink how you prioritize your minds attention. 

We’ll see a lot of people, especially online, voicing their opinions, and they aren’t always so nice. Don’t fall into the vicious cycle of bad-mouthing others for the “fun” of it. With this new moon it’s time to reconsider how you can be a more compassionate and understanding individual. It’s quite possible you don’t know much of the real story at all, but only a fraction that’s become a twisted interpretation. It’s easy to get drawn into the drama now. Bring the qualities of caring and nurturing to your reactions of the opinions of others. It’s best to say nothing, if there’s nothing good to say.

It’s also really easy to get drawn into false ideas on what’s being expressed. Does a botoxed face really send the message out that you want? Does it really say younger? Or does it say you’ve just stepped off the morticians table? Does it say the very opposite you’d intend, that you’re desperate and have a lack of self-confidence instead of young, beautiful and perfect on the outside? What are you covering up on the inside?  That’s the type of various points of view and possible misinterpretation that is so easy to get people confused now in terms of identity and self-expression.

It’s best to get to know yourself more authentically now than to try to win over any external validation. Who you really are is never about what others think and say. Whoever bases their life on drawing a circus of external opinions, misses out greatly on polishing the real Self within.

It’s easy to get into arguments now and get on other people’s nerves, or vice versa. It’s best to compromise now. Find ways of getting on the good side of others to achieve an aim that requires cooperation. Force and demands can definitely lead to butting heads.

Use your inner impulse for assertiveness in positive ways. Bring out your confidence by taking on demanding roles that require an attitude of leadership. Keep in mind, you can be a leader that is hated or respected. The choice is yours.

Use this time to get clearer on what you’d see yourself lead in. Weigh your considerations carefully and spend time pondering rather than jumping on the bandwagon as soon as an idea seems good. Take time to think things through.

It’s a good time to get well versed in your home life. Spending too much time distracted will create mountains of unfinished cleaning. Keep your space tidy now. See what needs to be done as an opportunity to recreate your space just as you’d like it.

With the heatwave and inconsistent weather reports, people will start to feel like the cry-wolf syndrome is becoming all too real. With the warning of a flash of hail one moment, a thunderstorm or a potential tornado, all while the sky outside is blue and cloudless. It can get frustrating and leave us ignoring information because the validity just isn’t there. Pay attention to the details of your life now that your trustworthy intuition shares.

If you are having insomnia, it may be a good idea to let yourself daydream. Remembering the good ol’ days with family and loved ones will be good for the soul. It’s good to have moments of nostalgia now, this new moon will help you reinterpret the love of your family.

Get out of bed and meditate for a while if you’re tossing and turning. If you find reading helps you sleep, choose something that is mystical and dreamy so your mind can be stimulated into desiring dreamland.

The moments when you’re not sleeping may be the most creative and inspired ideas that put you on an all new trajectory.

Do you have a day each week that you focus on your creativity? It’s good to start a regular schedule now for exploring self expression in art, music, dressing up, changing your style a bit, hair. Unleash your creative self. You may find yourself a new aspect of your identity you had no idea was just beneath the surface.

It’s best not to spend too much money now, but think creatively of how you can bring more money into your life. Spend the next few weeks researching area’s more deeply that will get you more well versed in areas of your interest where you think you may be able to bring in a higher bracket of financial abundance. Don’t count on a windfall to magically transform your life now. Work is about what you have to give, so think in terms of adding to a project that will bring financial return. You may want to receive now, but you have to give to get.

Don’t spend money on a spontaneous idea. Ask questions. Look at all the angles before you make any decisions, especially in investments; both in your time and money.

Any projects that have been put to the side for a while do to time constraints will do well to get your attention for the rest of July and into August. Bring out your drive to succeed and match it with a willingness to be creatively inspired.

Those in love will do best to talk out problems, but may also find tiffs lead to passionate make-ups. In order to get along best you’ll have to have similarity in your beliefs or an imbalance in how your minds meet could lead to a sense of feeling separated on fundamental levels.

Spend time at home with your family. Make your home a place to share the love.  Good dinners created from the heart where everyone is present at the table, is becoming rarer. Remember how it used to be when people would sit on their porches and enjoy the day instead of addicted to their gadgets. Bring more of the natural world into your home life to feel a stronger sense of connection to what your life is meant for. Place some natural objects in your home that give areas a sense of purpose and designation. From rocks you picked off the beach on that relaxing day, to new plants that bring new energy to your space, make your home feel like the castle it should be.

Remember, although it may be cliche, there is truth to it ~ home is where the heart is.

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