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Full Moon in Capricorn July 3, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 2:41pm EDT.

This Full Moon may come on strong for many. With this Moon visiting Pluto in Capricorn there’s an intensity that makes the Full Moon feel especially powerful. The need for personal breakthroughs and self-transformation is felt deep within ourselves.

Though some may wish for spontaneous transformation in their lives, generalized hopes for things to be handed to you on a silver platter will likely be dashed. Many will realize and acknowledge it all comes with time and with work. With Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, having recently gone direct in Libra (on June 25), all the learning gained from his long retrograde period, starts to feel more integrated so it can be put to use, and applied. This Moon in Capricorn reminds us of the climb up the mountain to find the equilibrium we desire.

Saturn is the ancient god of time (relating to the Greek Kronos), and time is one of the things people worry about most often. In myth, Saturn was so worried about what time would do to him, he ate his children so they couldn’t grow up to overthrow his seat on the throne. Do you worry about time and all that comes with it?

On the last new Moon we were near the solstice – the midpoint of this year before the famed Dec. 21, 2012. Now, as it’s July already, we’re officially moving passed the midpoint of the calendar year. Although the sun is shining and the joys of summer have just begun now we’re noticing the sun begin to descend from it’s highest glory. Some people get a little depressed about how time flies. I mention this because in all things in life there is the balance, which Saturn in Libra reminds us of.  The cycle of life is always about balance. Although Summer is one of the most freeing times, some can’t shake their worries about the future, and time closing in. This Full Moon will give you the opportunity to see time in a more gentle way. By changing your perspective you can take a lot of weight off your shoulders and enjoy time.

The leap second last weekend is just more evidence that counting time is an illusion we create.

Although we do love the sun, the recent heatwaves are certainly evidence that even the sun has a dark side. Too much is not a good thing. We need balance in our lives.

Saturn is the karmic teacher, and has its classic attribute in mythology to Satan. Satan means “adversary”, and thus represents the limitations imposed on ourselves which we must overcome. It’s no surprise Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is a mythical beast, part of which is a goat, and the other part, sea creature. Capricorn is ambitious, and wants to evolve all the way from depths of the ocean to climb to the top of the mountain.

Saturn is the planet that symbolizes limitations and restrictions in our lives. However, just as we need the balance of night and day, we need the balance that restriction provides.  The limitations are actually great gifts in disguise, all part of the larger design of a holistic, balanced life. With limitations we are given the opportunity, and sometimes forced, to make decisions and to overcome the obstacles. Without them we may never move towards our destiny. We need to do the work, and with great work, comes great rewards. Libra is an air sign, prodding us to clarify our decision making process, make assertive decisions, and come to conclusions from weighing your options.

Limits provide form and structure. They are necessary, like laws of physics that allow us to use our knowledge to create our reality from the existing foundational laws.

Now think about how you have limitations in your life. Sometimes we definitely do have pressure on us from the outside forcing us to react and choose. However, quite often our greatest obstacles are self-imposed, much of which are false beliefs, and patterns of thinking, about our potential and worthiness. This Full Moon is providing you with the opportunity to change your karma by changing the way you think about yourself and what you really believe is true for you. Think positive about what the restrictions in your life are trying to show you. What are they teaching you and forcing you to do to overcome them?

Just like how depression and procrastination are obstacles that make you feel heavy, they force you realize and affirm that you want to feel lighter. Then you can take the steps necessary to reassess yourself and make decisions to get yourself out of the dark cloud and move to a higher level of potential for yourself.

Do you wish you could reset time so you could learn from your failures, until ultimately you make the right choice?

The antagonist offers the greatest blessing, by showing us who we are and are not in comparison. Do you have someone in your life that just won’t get off your back? Any experience of opposition forces us to reveal our capabilities to move beyond the limitation. It is where we gain our greatest learning. When we make mistakes we get to try again and redefine, and fine tune, our direction with greater clarity. When you are challenged by others beliefs and ideas, it forces you to think about your own position and thus offers you the greatest self-knowledge and self-awareness. What if you could repeat a day over and over again until you got it just right. Each time learning something from your mistakes so you could eventually get the outcome you desired.  That’s exactly how it works. The lesson will keep showing up until you learn it. That’s Saturn’s gift.

Worrying about Money? Who doesn’t? Everyone can think of reasons why they need and want more money. It’s the society we live in. Situations that feel heavy, and act as a barrier are an important catalyst to changing beliefs in yourself and often necessary to get you to act and find meaning in your life. Otherwise you become bored and stagnant without the challenges spurning you on to make moves on the chessboard, to play the game of life, to be active, and assertively mold your power. The resistance gives you reason and purpose helping you to clarify and solidify a plan to take you in a new direction. Financial requirements is one of the main motivations people have to get themselves in order.

With Mars having moved into Libra this morning at 8:31am EDT, he’s kicking it all off, adding the flare and energy to motivate us to push forward. This is the time to take a stance to create the balance in our lives we want.

One thing you must learn and accept in life is that time stops for no one. So be easy on yourself, pace yourself. Do what you can with a drive of excitement about your life. You can choose to either worry, or you can choose to accept and enjoy the drive. This Full Moon and surrounding astrological energies offer us a chance to declare our goals while not battling against the clock. Do you really want to live your life in a rat race mentality? What does that do to your spirit and how many gray hairs do you want to gain at the end of each day because of stress?

Trust that time works out as it should and not rush. Allow it to happen as it is meant to because that is precisely when you’ll notice synchronicities will happen.

On a larger, more global perspective, we will continue to see more people want to know the truth. People are tired of the manipulation, misinformation and lies between the classes. The truth coming to light does take time. Pluto is generational, and takes time to unravel what’s hidden. There is a tug of war going on with Uranus in difficult position to Pluto. Revelations want to come forth. While Saturn has been in Libra for a long time, he will be moving into Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) much deeper questions come to light then. We’ll begin to see stronger challenges as the growing collective desire to look further down the rabbit hole reveals more of what’s hidden and eventually the truth will come out.

In terms of uncovering what’s deeply hidden with this Full Moon, CERN is expected to announce they may have found evidence of the Higgs Boson (God Particle), they’ve been searching for on Wednesday, July 4.  See our Twitter for Links to articles on the Higgs Boson.

When you’re in conversations with people, express yourself with a creative, lively demeanor that shows you have self-respect. It will bring more positive attention your way that will help boost positive thought patterns you hold about yourself.

It’s a really good time for romantic conversations, or letting others know you love them and care about them. It will strengthen bonds of the heart and warm up people’s personalities. It’s a good time to offer hugs that feel authentic.

Home and family is the best place to direct money now. Take care of your nest. Investing in anything that doesn’t guarantee a return could be depressing, while seeing your immediate space benefit from small investments of time and money will give you a feeling of stronger grounding.

To make life easier at home, organize routines and create easy little systems that make it easier to keep everything where it should be.

You will know your abilities and limits when they are tested. Working hard will be enjoyable because it makes you feel worthwhile.

Although it’s time to do the work, make your life less stressful by knowing you can reach your goals and have enough time to get them done. Look at the clock less and activate your life’s flow with natural cycles. Meet resistance as gifts for your greater destiny.

Make the most of your time, by living your life with joy.

This forecast reminds me a bit of Bedazzled. A retro comedy where Dudley Moore sells his soul to the devil, that lets him keep repeating his days until he hopefully gets it right.

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One thought on “Full Moon in Capricorn July 3, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

  1. Very inspiring. I do believe it is a time of truth, consciousness, and living to our full potential. As a child I was always taught to work hard and rewards will come, and as an adult I do see that. I live in the US and here we do live in a society of instant gratification, instant phone calls, instant information, and the need for instant results. Maybe this is a time were we can all realize that time brings all good things and heals all wounds?


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