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New Moon in Gemini June 19, 2012 Horoscope Summer Solstice

It’s officially a New Moon in Gemini on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 11:02 am EDT.

This is actually the second New Moon in Gemini in a row which is rare and reveals to us the enhanced significance of Gemini in our lives this summer. Last month, we saw the first New Moon in Gemini with a Solar Eclipse (read more). Now, the second New Moon in Gemini is only hours before the Summer Solstice, which officially occurs on June 20 at 7:08 pm EDT marking the height of the sun in our sky.

With the big move of Jupiter into Gemini on Monday, June 11th, along with The Sun, Moon and Venus already in Gemini, we’re undeniably in a period of Gemini’s magnified influence now.

Since Jupiter moved into Gemini we can expect big, expansive developments in communications over the coming year. In sync with Jupiters move we got just that on that very day when The Apple Developers Conference in San Francisco, a huge player in our world’s communications technologies, showed off new technological advancements.

We know Apple regularly markets new features, but most notably on June 11th, Siri was shown to be moving in bigger directions by bringing voice activated actions to vehicles with ‘Eyes Free‘. Although the system is not to be released for months, it’s not surprising the next step in technology was announced coinciding with Jupiter’s move into Gemini. The technology will allow drivers to access directions, calls, music, entertainment and more by speaking and will sync with smartphones. A button conveniently placed on the steering wheel or dashboard will be all that’s need to turn the system on, speaking will do the rest. This is a big leap, just what Jupiter signifies. We’ll see how this competes with Google’s self-driving cars innovation.

Although technology touches all of our lives now, it is not the only form of communication. In fact, many people rely on what the major technology players offer us, in form and functionality, which can dictate the methods of how people communicate. Keeping up with current technology by major brands can certainly seem to be expanding one’s horizons as new developments are taking place so frequently. However, there’s also the flip side, where it’s may actually not be as expansive as one may believe. If you are to rely on what is given to you by a few corporations at the top, then you’re potentially limiting yourself within a narrow scope of reference.

Communications is not only about technology, although our current world may lead us to believe so. Communications happens in many more ways, and with Jupiter in Gemini now, we’re ready to think outside the corporate box.

This is actually a time to think bigger for ourselves. Too many are lost in technology and social media, spending so much time communicating in cyberspace, a virtual reality, they’re forgetting what the meaning of life is in the real world. Jupiter, having been in Taurus for so long, is carrying forth that earth energy into our consciousness, and what it means to live and communicate in the real world.

Nothing beats real communication between human beings, the natural world, pets; in the moment, and in the flesh. That’s where real moments, real emotions and real feelings of love, doubt, happiness, and insecurity are. All those things that fill us with joy and fear, pleasure and pain, happen in the real world, and those attributes are what brings forth who we truly are at our core and speaks to our soul. That is where we bridge our consciousness with the material world, and where we find the true meaning of this life.

When you smell a flower, that’s real communication. Messages as old as time are held within the scent of a flower, speaking directly to the core of our minds, bodies and spirit. When you feel compassion for another life, that’s communication from your heart. When you look into the eyes of another, deep messages beyond any words or what any technology could ever transfer is there. When you look up into the heavens and see the past, that’s communication. Think beyond what gadgets and gizmos offer, they’re really only a small part of life, we just so happen to be making them seem so important because they are new, and marketed well. If you’re losing touch with real-world communication, you’re missing out on the bigger picture in life.

With the current atmosphere in Gemini, it’s time to rethink your relationships to what social really means for you and what it gives you and where you can find the balance.

Idle gossip isn’t in anyone’s favor now. Although the urge may be there, venting online, attacking and bullying others with sly remarks will drain you, not empower you. Sly, passive aggressive attempts to get the upper hand won’t work, it will only make you look bad, and rightly so. Those using clever, manipulative word maneuvers designed to say something between the lines will reveal their true character. It’s best to be upfront, honest and truthful now.

Imposing your beliefs on others will only divide your spirit from others. When you engage in these behaviors, especially now, you’ll feel it in your heart. Venus, is bringing us deeper into our hearts now and it’s time to reconsider how we share and withhold love from others. These messages should be getting through to many of us now and transforming us.

It’s not unlikely to feel emotional now. This New Moon in Gemini brings to our consciousness who we are and how we see the world. Compassionate, emotional people will have moments that prod them to stop the distracting mind chatter and bridge thoughts with emotions. You may be caught up reading a book, for example, and suddenly put it down in favor of feeling your emotions about something that came to mind and touched your heart.

Understanding foreign cultures and religions to you, is not always easy, especially since we are handed a narrow view unless we look beyond what’s filtered to us by the media. Opinions of others are not reliable either, as they can be biased and skewed for various reasons, including a lack of education and conditioned judgments. Broadening your understanding of the world now will do you good. Starting with arts, entertainment and foods of foreign lands is a great way to introduce yourself to the joyous side of other cultures. Jupiter gives us a willingness to grow in understanding the world in bigger ways. When you’re educated, you’re empowered.

It can be a tough time for people emotionally now when considering the financial battle in the world economy. Money isn’t as easy to come by as it once used to be. The debt situation, the unfairness of the social classes, misplacement of trust can escalate people’s emotions to anger, panic and fear. The news reports offering mixed logic, and quickly changing opinions can stir our minds into a frenzy of confusion and misunderstanding. Luckily, we can find emotional balance by reasserting our place in the world through our immediate surroundings and connecting with the people who are important to us.

It’s a good time to philosophize and consider what the meaning of your life is beyond all the distractions. Taking a vacation now, either to a far off place, or even a nearby getaway, will do wonders to bring you back down to earth. The best vacations now aren’t those that offers glitz, glamour, rambunctious behavior and distractions. Quieter times, by the ocean, or a body of water such as a lake, river or stream are better choices. Walks in the forest, hikes along hills and valleys letting the winds caress you and clear your mind will heal your spirit.

It’s also a good time to find a niche interest that makes you feel unique. Something you are curious about that you can research and explore more about will be rewarding. Now is when you want to be thinking about what is worth your time and gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Step away from the computer, it’s not going anywhere. It will be there when you come back to it. Take some time to get back in touch with the real world. Considering retro forms of communication will be intriguing. Listen to different styles of music, older styles you aren’t familiar with. Classic talk radio shows will imbue a vibe from a different era that will adjust your energy.

You may have dreams of people you once knew long ago, and in those dreams you may share a hug and mutual caring, friendship and love. Enjoy it, they may be getting the message too.

Telepathy is another way of thinking outside the box. Exploring these subjects, along with communication concepts like reiki energy, meditation, yantra’s, mantra’s, music therapy and the like will expand your concept of reality.

Thinking about your body language and what it conveys about you will be interesting. Many people don’t like seeing or hearing themselves on camera, but getting used to seeing yourself in a new light will provide you with a more holistic perspective of what messages you send to others. Also exploring how yoga changes your mind-body connection through practice will open you up to understanding the realms of communication.

Using affirmations now will help heal wounds. Enhance positive thinking by actively engaging in self-talk that is kind, loving, and forgiving. Any self-doubt, guilt or negative opinions you have of yourself can be alleviated now with a little effort. Taking a eucalyptus bath and geranium will lift your spirits and purify your mind.

Mercury rules Gemini and is traditionally known as the messenger of the gods, merging the male and female principles, Mercury represents a a divine union. Dreams and prayers are touched by Mercury’s hand, and carried on winged feet to the domain of the gods. Now in Cancer, Mercury shows us the importance of the Mother, and what really matters in our lives.

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