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Full Moon in Sagittarius Astrology Horoscope June 4, 2012 Lunar Eclipse

It’s officially a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 7:11 am EDT.

This is an especially exciting week with so much happening in the celestial sky.

On Monday morning the Full Moon in Sagittarius will be met with the shadow of the earth causing a partial Lunar Eclipse. The Moon has traveled half way around the earth since the Solar Eclipse two weeks ago. The Lunar Eclipse will last about 2 hours from 6am to 8am EDT. It will best be seen in eastern Asia and the Western Americas.

Then we get to witness an even bigger, much less common event, the Transit of Venus. Venus will be seen in silhouette as a small black dot travelling in front of the sun on Tuesday June 5 in the Americas (Wednesday June 6 in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa).

The retrograde  transition of Venus in Gemini has been happening for weeks (May 15-June 26), and her Transit in front of the Sun on Tuesday will last 6 to 7 hours beginning at 6:04 p.m EDT. This is an event most likely none of us will ever see again in our lifetime. The next transit of Venus like this will not happen again for over 100 years, until 2117. These transits of Venus happen in pairs. The last time we saw Venus transiting in front of the sun was on June 8, 2004, before that, it was in the late 1800’s. Do you remember what was happening in your life  in June 2004?

Although the Venus transit is of course more visibly subtle than the ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse we saw a couple of weeks ago on May 20th, it is still a very significant cosmic event for all of us. The power of venus is soft and gracious yet reaches deep into the core of our beings.

The Mayans had great interest in calculating the transits of Venus in their calendar, likely not only because of it’s visibility as the morning and evening star, but because of it’s special, observable transitory movements in the heavens. Venus traces a 5 pointed star (pentagram) around the ecliptic every 8 years. The pentagram, an ancient symbol, has within it’s geometry the Golden Proportion, Phi which is expressed throughout the natural world and thus represents the sacred mysteries of the universe. Thus, Venus is held in high regard as an important astronomical symbol.

Whenever a new, powerful cosmic event happens we individually have the free will to choose how to relate to it and bring that energy into our lives. Although conspiracy theorists will always have something to fear, the true spirit of Venus signifies Love. This is the type of consciousness you can choose to bring into this world and communicate directly from your heart. You can be a conduit for the energy Venus symbolizes.

This is also  time of becoming clearer with yourself,  by reevaluating your self-concept of how you love yourself and your world. With the influences in Gemini, you may do well to look at your self-talk. How do you really talk and think about yourself in your mind? This is a chance for you to get real about what you think and believe about who you really are. What is the truth in your heart and what messages do you metaphorically want Mercury to take to the gods about you. Do you you allow love to flow through you to and from others or do you put up walls?

Venus and the sun were significant to the Mayans their calendars saw venus as important in their calculations. Also significant is that this celestial event of Venus is happening in the famous 2012 at the mid-point of the year reaching towards the climax of the suns ascent to the solstice in a couple weeks. The Sun is high above us showing us his light and Venus is undeniably showing us herself and bestowing the importance of us being aware of her Love.

Reconsidering what love really means to you, and how you shine that in the world is highly symbolic of this time.

How do we live in the world and take action? The questions you may ask yourself may reveal some areas of ugliness when you answer yourself honestly. You may not like all the answers you see about how you cut yourself off from others. With that understanding, you have the opportunity to transform yourself to a higher calling based on a more open heart. Now is the time to transform what you do in the world into a more beautiful demonstration of yourself.

It may not be easy with long-standing, habitual behaviors tough to overcome overnight. Setting your intention to put your mind and soul in the right place will make it easier. Create new habits.

With Gemini at center stage now, communication is at the forefront, but communication doesn’t always have to be with words, written or spoken. Communication can happen on a heart and soul level. This is a time we’re encouraged to communicate much more deeply and send the message with an arrows aim of clear intention. Dreams, prayer, meditation and spiritual intentions all are emphasized and powerful methods of communication.

With Venus in front of the Sun, this is your chance to commune with nature. Surround yourself with beauty, with flowers, tree’s and sunlight now. Take a walk in the Garden of Eden. With Jupiter in the final steps of Taurus, ruled by Venus, your connection to your body and the natural element of earth is significant. It is a concluding time to take all those months of Jupiter in Taurus, and bring together all you’ve learned about your life connected to the earths abundance and gifts. If you’ve been following along with us astrologically, we’ve given many suggestions on how to do this.

Artists, get your paint brushes out. Dancers, stretch your legs. Singers, warm up your vocal cords. This is a time to celebrate and allow yourself to live from your heart.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius brings us the urge to to be more optimistic and move forward with more attention to the bigger picture. It’s a great time to ask yourself questions, to share what you know and believe, and open up to a more abundant philosophy. Aim to recreate the world around you by sharing more light in your actions and words.

Later in the day, at 5:04 pm EDT Neptune begins retrograde in Pisces reignites our need to remember our spiritual side. With an easy aspect to Mercury we should be able to tune into higher consciousness and understand the messages. Meditation and Yoga will merge you with the cosmos, and revelations may change you forever.

Jupiter moves into Gemini on June the 11th at 1:22pm EDT. Over the coming week, bring all you’ve experienced and lived with Jupiter in Taurus, to an awareness of your personal deeper philosophy; your meaning for your life. What you’ve absorbed and integrated into yourself, and all you’ve learned will be able to be shared more abundantly. Who you’ve grown to be and how you understand yourself and your world better, will now be able to be communicated.

Rosemary will be a great herb and oil to enjoy this week.

Since we are talking about big-picture, we may also consider what’s happening worldwide in terms of the stock market which Venus and Mercury have a hand in. Always up and down, the questions of what the future holds escalate as numbers tank. What can be said with the astrological climate now, is that more people are starting to feel in their hearts a stronger desire to live in a world based on love and honesty. Whether that will translate to the markets depends on how people who strongly influence the markets decide to act in bridging their hearts with their heads. Choice is always one of the strongest factors in the material world. The stock market is a beast of mind influencing matter. We will likely see a stronger movement, and louder voices calling for a more honest approach to living in a world that merges a natural approach with a systematic approach.

Seeing the shadow of venus, means we need to do the work to get to the light. We will also hear stronger voices wanting to see hate groups diminished in the world.

Those interested in astrology, tarot, and living a life more symbolic and magically inclined, will find these concepts come to mind more frequently and naturally. Start a personal book, or journal about your new ideas and considerations in these areas. The mysteries in medieval alchemical drawings and renaissance period art will be stimulating to a creative mind.

Love that goes beyond boundaries and is perceived as more cosmic and mystical marks the apex of this year. Face the sun and open your heart.

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