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Full Moon in Scorpio May 5, 2012 Astrology Horoscope Supermoon

It’s officially a Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 11:35pm EST.

This is a super perigree moon. This full moon will be 30 percent brighter and appear 14 percent larger than other full moons giving us all a super connection to the moons energy. We’ll be seeing images of the moon in the news this weekend for sure. Tides are expected to be a bit higher as well.

The Bay of Fundy in Eastern Canada has the highest tides in the world, so they’ll surely enjoy the majesty of the ocean with slightly higher tides this weekend. The moon will look very larger especially when it appears on the horizon.

Waves crashing at night and a dark, mysterious castle on the hill remind us of Scorpio. Just what’s happening in the complex depths of the ocean and inside that castle?

This full moon brings us deep into the water. Our reactions will be more noticeably instinctual. Psychic insights will be heightened now.

Dreams may bring up a lot of what’s hidden. It won’t be uncommon to have dreams that have you worried about getting caught, or for revealing something that should have stayed below the surface; better kept a secret. You could be the one who is being asked questions but wish they would disappear, while some may be acting as the investigator. Either way deep values and concerns will be brought up. The inner and outer reality are noticeably intertwined, and transformed in the process having you debate what to keep quiet and what to reveal. Pay attention to the signs and symbols in your dreams and especially the feelings brought up in situations.  Themes of lies, jealousy and revenge won’t be uncommon. You may notice them in your waking life as well.

It could be a little wild this weekend. We know the Full Moon has a reputation for a bit of extra ‘lunacy‘, it may be a good time to stay in an watch a few vampire and werewolf movies to help avoid any strange happenings out and about.

Shows that deal with research and detective work will seem more interesting than usual. The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, Supernatural and the like would be great entertainment this weekend.

Some may notice conversations about ancient mysteries and the occult (what’s hidden) are intriguing but don’t jive so well with talking to those who are more rigidly religious. Arguments about what is and isn’t true could certainly create a wedge between people. The passions of opinion can flood the atmosphere; try to tame it when disagreements get heated. With Mercury in Aries as well, you’ll likely be tempted to speak up quickly, but it may be your best bet to bite your tongue. A lot of learning can take place in such conversations with others who aren’t afraid to ask questions.

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. Remember, books were burned to keep people from learning more. It’s natural to wonder and grow. If you like to ask questions, while another is more closed to considerations, it’s best to keep quiet and to yourself if you know it could result in building walls rather than bridges. Someone may be noticeably closed to broader ideas to keep their worldview from crumbling. It’s their safety net, maintained for their own comfort. They have a right to it, even if you see through it’s superficiality or lack of substance. Being a good listener and respectfully taking it all in, deciding for yourself can be enough. Regardless, the conversations will likely get you to think more deeply, so in that, they are catalysts to inner transformation.

With Jupiter and the Sun so close in Taurus it is actually a good time to have a more grounding philosophy on life merge well with the deeper mysteries during this Full Moon in Scorpio. Explore to grow. A fountain of wisdom may be highlighted for you that could transform your beliefs about your place in the world. A personal renaissance can lift the veil. It is an auspicious time to discover ancient earth lore and magic.

It is a great time to explore mysterious subjects privately where you get to ask yourself the questions and decide for yourself without external interference or pressure. Alone is where even more learning can occur, than in conversation with another. Astrology is considered taboo by some, while others explore it with a love of the universe. It’s all about perspective. Reading late at night will be a lot of fun this weekend.

It’s a great time to get out in nature during the day and enjoy the blooming flowers and trees. Here we get to internalize our material surroundings and the feelings they evoke on a much deeper level. Our instinct to connect with nature is heightened now. It can be a religious experience.

The taboo subject of sex ruled by Scorpio, can be appreciated for it’s deeper spiritual significance seen in the beauty of the new life emerging in the plant and animal kingdom around us. Sex is instinct and alchemy. It is a magical force that merges pleasure, unites love, and creates new life. It is at the core of human existence. Without it we do not exist. It is that powerful and purposeful. Although it has been suppressed in society at different times, it will never go away.

Here we see the connections between the base of the chakra system with the third eye psychic center. The Kundalini, representative of the consciousness, and life force energy, rises through our system from our baser, instinctual nature at the root chakra, to the wisdom and intuitive, psychic center of the third eye. The snake is a symbol of the movement of kundalini energy and of Scorpio. Although the snake has been demonized in some cultures and myths, the snake is also seen as wisdom and healing in others. As it sheds it’s skin, it moves onto a new phase of life. With this Full Moon you are awakened to the depths of your inner world where transformation begins and creates change in the external world you live in.

You may enjoy trying or exploring Kundalini Yoga, or Chakra Yoga this weekend, as well as learning more about the concepts of Tantra.

By consciously recognizing your baser instincts that guide your actions and reactions, merging them with choices guided by higher wisdom, you become awakened to the complexity of your human nature.

In love, jealousy can certainly come up, but communication is the key. With Venus in Gemini, talking is important. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t accuse without having the information first, but also don’t investigate your partner to the extreme unless you want a stronger fortress to be built to protect from your detective work. Those in trusting relationships where you know each other well, won’t have to worry about such things. If arguments come up, they could lead to passionate resolutions.

It’s a good time to look for deals to save money. It’s important to be more careful with your finances now.

We’ll be talking more about symbolism and more about Scorpio in our tweets, so follow us for more.

It’s Adele’s Birthday today (24). She’s a Taurus enjoying this Full Moon in Scorpio as part of her astrological outlook kicking off her personal new year.

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3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Scorpio May 5, 2012 Astrology Horoscope Supermoon

  1. What movie is that picture from? Anyone love this a site as much as me, this is my sunday routine most of Nadia’s articles and horoscopes apply to my everyday life.


    1. The image is from Cleopatra 1934. We tried to find the film on youtube and other video sites to post it, but were unable to unfortunately. If you are able to find it anywhere we’d love to know.

      Also note, the New Moon and Full Moon articles on Symbolic Living are not written by Nadiya Shah, they are written by Symbolic Living. She does provide the weekly horoscopes here and the dailies on our sidebar.  

      Have a great day and thank you for your compliment on the site.


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