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Full Moon in Libra April 6, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Libra on Friday April 6, 2012 at 3:18pm EST.

Happy Easter Weekend! This Libra Moon brings us in tune with the scales of justice. How does the meaning and symbolism of Easter speak to consequences of rules, justice and authority, rebirth, hope and transcendence?

Saturn has been infusing Libra with it’s energy for many moons now. The moon meets up with Saturn in Libra during this Full Moon phase and brings that energy into our lives.

The Sun is in Aries, directly opposite the Moon now. Although the Moon is watery, and the sun is at home in Fiery Aries, Libra’s air brings the Moon into compliment with the Sun. Light shines brightly on our intellect, where we can make more sense of our emotions by thinking things through with a more logical approach. We can see how our individual perspective paints the world around us.

Speaking of the mind, Mercury has finally gone direct a couple of days ago in Pisces, on April 4. All those mishaps, miscommunications are fading away with the misty wonders bringing new life to our minds. It’s a great time to relax and gaze at the clouds. What thoughts and intuitive ideas come up? They can lead you in an all new direction. Take the time to watch the clouds transform as they pass. It’s a great practice to balance your mind, which will help you tune into the Full Moon in Libra energy as well.

Be careful though. If your ego is on a pedestal you may need to practice self-restraint when appropriate. Keeping quiet when necessary, can maintain the peace and balance in your life.

We are all destined to grow, change and be challenged. Saturn shows us where what holds us back and through it we can assess how to break free and move beyond limitations. Where do you feel restricted in life, and would like to be liberated? Whether it be self imposed by your own doubts, or by something or someone externally tightening a straitjacket around your dreams, now is the time to get real about balancing your life for the better.

Do you feel judged by others, or do you judge yourself causing you to hold yourself back in endless ways? Do you break free from the established structure around you by revolt, anger, disagreement, or do you find a more balanced, smarter approach to moving in the direction you envision?

Many people choose the path of least resistance in life, and usually if you choose that you are doomed to fail. Why? The path of least resistance is to do nothing at all, to never face obstacles or have the drive to get beyond them. We know what doing nothing at all leads to… to a lesser extreme procrastination and lack of drive with nowhere to go and no desire to grow, and at it’s most extreme, complete inertia; death.

Here we see the structure of time. Time has it’s limitations, it’s structure and it’s order. What do we do with what little time we have? How do we find the balance of relaxation with effort to succeed and have ambition to accomplish before it’s too late? Do we live in a rat-race society or do we use our time more wisely to have a more fulfilling life?

Although we may all want freedom and liberation, we all live within a world of rules we must adapt to. This is where we find Libra’s balance. The wants and needs of our inner world, uniting with the demands of the external world. We must conform in some ways or otherwise perish. For instance, as a most basic example, the world demands we must eat. It is a most basic, primal requirement for our very existence. Yes we could choose not to eat, but you won’t last long that is for certain. The structure of the world is filled with all these demands and thus limitations we must live within.

This is your chance to come from an all new moment, to find the way in your life to see how accepting structure impacts you, and how to use it for your own highest good. You can choose to live from a place of complete freedom and do absolutely nothing at all leading you nowhere fast. Saturn brings in the need for grounding you in reality so you get things done. However, balance is needed or it gets too heavy. Move beyond the disorder that can come from having complete freedom, into developing a self-made focus for your life that will have tangible results. Limitations you may initially hate, can actually be gifts so you can create something more concrete.

Consider how self-control is of benefit in your life. We know, where there is no level of control, misbehavior can become disastrous. Absolute power corrupts. See now, as an opportunity to realize how you can regain control of your life decidedly in your best interests.

How is your karma working for you? What are your past debts, demanding of you now? Debt is an interesting subject, as it demands from us to find a balance between what we did in the past, with what we will do in the future, and brings it all together in the decisions of now. You racked up your credit card, now your bills tell you your future requires something of you to repay what was. To make it more complicated that debt mounts into your future with interest. A clever program set up by the structure of society that imposes a blend of self-imposed limitations with external limitations. You, are in the middle of it required to find the balance. It comes down to choice.

So, this brings us to Mars retrograde sharing his wisdom, which touches the Sun in Aries influence as well. It’s an important time to reconsider what you’re passionate about. What makes you feel strong, healthy and would enjoy doing as a regular work routine? How would you really like to spend your days?

Taking a bath or shower with Eucalyptus oil corresponds well with the astrological atmosphere. It will bring in the elements to soothe your mind, help clarify your thoughts, and tune you into a state of health and well being. It will help lighten the load on your shoulders, relieve tension and decrease stress. All important in feeling ready to move from a place of balance.

This is where you get to feel deep within yourself this Full Moon energy to guide you to make decisions and set yourself on a path of real goals. Consider each step that gets you excited about fulfilling your obligations in the world to survive, pay bills, etc., but to move beyond them by organizing your time for a satisfying lifestyle. A bigger, brighter picture of your life will emerge as you create a realistic plan that excites you about the possibilities. It’s time to move beyond the limitations, by acknowledging what’s been holding you back.

For those who find life too difficult to get through all the obligations, it can be detrimental to escape through use of drugs and alcohol. If you have a gloomy outlook these days, it will only increase with such behavior when crashing down from the momentary high. This will only exacerbate the condition of a confused and foggy state of mind. It’s important to set clear goals and make distinctions now, with responsible choice. To use the higher vibration of momentary escape to your benefit, meditation and daydreaming will be much more conducive to gaining insights that make a positive difference.

Write down your thoughts. It’s likely ideas can be broad now. With a little effort you can take bits and pieces and put them together in focused, organized points to see the stepping stones to the bigger picture more clearly.

The Moon is touching the area of life that wants balance now. Do what makes you feel more balanced. Swaying to extremes will make the pendulum swing wildly and will take longer to get back to flowing back and forth gracefully.

Those in relationships will do well to explore your interests together. Come up with a plan for finding more mutual balance in your lifestyle. You want to set up the foundation and structure of your life so you meet responsibilities and make room for freedom. Discussing career, ambition, and money can lead to understanding the strength of your bond. Venus moved into Gemini at the beginning of the month, which emphasizes the benefits of communication to overcome any obstacles in relationships. Bring compassion into the relationship, seeing the others point of view with respect and a willingness to listen.

Create a holistic vision of your life. The changes you make now may not come in sudden bursts. Slow, steady changes come with time and hold more weight. Enjoy them. Make them happen.

Enjoy the Easter weekend with a spirit of gratitude that you are able to choose your path in life.

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Here is a video with an “interesting delivery”, but the message is great. Ignore the title, as it really speaks about finding your passion.

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