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New Moon in Aries Astrology Horoscope March 22, 2012

It’s officially a New Moon in Aries on Thursday March 22, 2012 at 10:37am EST.

Happy Spring Equinox! The sun entered Aries on Tuesday at 1:14am EST for an all new cycle through the heavens. This is the beginning of the Astrological new year. Spring is here with a heatwave in many parts of North America.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which symbolizes the season of new beginnings. The life force reanimates the world, and brings with it the desire for action and experience. The first stirrings of new life to awaken with the seeds buried in the earth ready to sprout. The sun’s rays shine, encouraging new buds to emerge.

Aries represents the first impulse. What are your impulses telling you these days? Aries is the force of will, ruled by Mars, the active, energetic drive to have a purpose which this new moon emphasizes for us.

Mercury and Uranus accompany the Moon and Sun in Aries, marking these fresh beginnings with sudden inspiration. It would be wise to ponder the new ideas for a while although you may certainly have the urge to react quickly. If you get emotional, be careful how you express that in public in touchy situations.

If someone else has an idea and puts on the pressure for you to go along for the ride, you may want to take a breath and think for yourself first. It’s  not a great time to jump as soon as someone whistles. Rather than being hasty, think things through, and realize you don’t have to have an answer, or make a commitment right away. With Mercury retrograde you may not be able to make sense of the pros and cons. It’s ok to take your time.

Although it’s warm outside, a cold snap could be right around the corner. With excitement you may want to pack your warmer wardrobe away for the season, it would be wise to not be so rash, and feel out the season a little while longer first. With the all new weather, you may want to sport a new style. Wait until April for a style that requires a commitment like a tattoo or a significant haircut. You may change your mind, and don’t want to be stuck with something you don’t really like.

This is the perfect time to renew what you consider to be your purpose by writing out ideas. Ideas now can have the potential to grow, but making sense of them them will likely be easier after the first week of April when Mercury goes direct.

Absorbing new information will be best with pen in hand. Reading outdoors in the warmth and among the song of birds will awaken new ideas that feel right.

Setting goals for the spring and summer now are supported. Although setting them in stone isn’t suggested, it is certainly a great time to consider how you want your year to go. What do you envision yourself doing for the spring and summer months? Consider how you can make those goals a reality now to start the ball rolling.

The steam may be there for the drive forward but it can fizzle out rather quickly. It’s important to write your personal vision down and be willing to make revisions, but don’t forget the initial impulse to succeed. Creating a well thought out plan will be helpful in reaching towards achievement.

Your individuality expressed through creativity is encouraged now by the Sun and Moon in Aries. If you were to create something to be remembered as your expression what would it be?

It is an active time, and being impulsive can get many into little accidents. Keep your whits about you. It’s easy to feel so carefree now we miss out on the details, like that stop sign and that car coming around the corner.

It’s a great time to sweat off any excess, pent up energy from the winter months and that possible spare tire around your waste from hibernating. Jogging and biking will bring out the spring spirit and the experience of fiery freedom rushing in the wind, but of course, be careful not to be a speed-demon on the trails for safety sake. Wear a helmet.

It’s a time for self awareness about what you’re passionate about. Mercury will help with that if you tune into thinking more reflectively. This New Moon in Aries will be great to help people bring to consciousness the, usually unconscious, roots of their passions and reconsider what drives them. Although there is the strong impulse, there’s also the help of the slow down with Mercury retrograde.

Mars is retrograde now. Mars in Virgo is now in a comfortable position trining Pluto in Capricorn as well as Jupiter and Venus in Taurus, all in earth signs. Venus as you may have noticed over the last few weeks in the sky, shining bright alongside Jupiter. On March 14 they were conjunct, and now Venus is rising much higher in Taurus, appearing above Jupiter. Most notably a sense of hopefulness is bestowed on those who allow a great sense of freedom and willingness to grow with life’s changes now. The attitude of hopefulness can take you far and open doors for you, that would otherwise be hidden and locked from site.

New Moon’s can be an emotional time for many. Money matters can bring with them a range of emotional responses and outlooks from freedom and possibilities to obstacles and burdens. It’s now a good time to reconsider your strategy in how you pursue making money and the work you do. Now provides an opportunity for transforming your life in this area and growing your wallet, but it will take some of your effort and energy to see how  you can accomplish the outcome you want. Waiting around could be depressing and elevate worry. A passive approach at this time will offer some revelations that will move your spirit deeply, but could also bring with it self-pity. You will feel much better by focusing more on putting an active plan in place that can lead you to success.

With the watery moon and fiery sun joining forces, and airy mercury and uranus all in Aries, it’s great that Mars is connecting to the earth element now for some grounding. The earth merges well with the watery moon helping to keep the intense fiery excitement more balanced. The energy this New Moon imparts is quite joyously balanced, and many will feel the good vibes of spring in the air with enjoyment leading to inspiration that feels holistic.

It’s a really good time to consider health and wellness, approaching foods with a more reverence for the earths gifts you enjoy. Gratitude for what you have to eat and caring for your body leads to a more spiritual perspective of what you’ve been granted in life.

Your connection to the material world and finances should also be seen with an attitude of abundance and appreciation. Respecting what you have and acknowledging how it came to be is important now to reawaken gratitude in your life. Take care of your finances and your environment as a reflection of your intention to be aware of how your will creates your reality.

For those of you feeling a lack of energy, you have to get up and move a bit or you’re likely to get depressed, and instigate worry about what you’re not doing. Tune into the moment with enthusiasm to shift your energy, whatever it takes. Pursuing your desires in small steps will help move you from procrastination to an all new perception. Dreams come alive through being practical and active. That’s the energy imparted now, tune into it to go with the flow of that vibe and it will take you far.

Now that spring is here, you’re invited by the season to take part in the life of the world and be more extroverted, to share your spirit and your creative ideas. Take the fire energy and use it. Achieve something. Create an environment around you that supports further motivation. Think about how to accomplish, use your gifts and have fun with your life. The time for hibernating is over. Express Yourself.

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The Ram is the astrological symbol associated with Aries which is ruled by Mars. The myth of Aries is portrayed in the story Jason and the Argonauts of Thessaly who searched for the shining golden fleece of the Ram Aries. Watch the Full Movie here

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