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Venus and Jupiter Conjunction March 2012

March is a fantastic month to observe the sky. You may have noticed a lot in the news about Venus and Jupiter these days. This is great. It means people are looking up to the heavens with awe, wonder and excitement. Whether it be purely scientific astronomical observation, or combined with astrological significance, it’s all very inspiring to gaze into the heavens and observe their movements. Too often life can pass us by with such wonders pushed off to the side.

Venus officially conjuncts Jupiter in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 14th at 1:54am EST. It will be a gorgeous site to see all week, get out your telescopes for an even better view.

Now, with the brightest of these stand-out planets, we’re all called to reconnect with the mystery and magic of the cosmos, and marvel at it’s beauty and vastness.

These heavenly bodies have been with us since the dawn of humanity. Observing them, connects them with all our ancestors past and future, and to the many philosophical considerations of our place in the universe.

Venus and Jupiter are astrologically now in the sign of Taurus. Venus rules Taurus so is right at home with her energy amplified. It’s a time to appreciate all that is beautiful. Art, music, fine foods, comfort, luxury, and love are all to be cherished with gratitude. Giving love, and receiving love in all you do will open your heart and set the tone for abundance in your life.

Optimism is in the air. Seeing how beautiful life really is by appreciating the wonders of our experiences here on this magnificent planet is a point of view to be pursued now.

Your generosity and affections to those you love will be a blessing for them as well as yourself.  Put your heart into being creative in ways that inspire you. Writing poetry, painting, exploring colors, being dazzled by the spectrum of sunlight, to laying under the stars and breathing in the cosmos will all raise your consciousness now.  It would certainly be a time when getting in touch with the earth with reverence would bring you a renewed and rewarding outlook on life. It’s a great time to read fantastic and inspiring literature, especially with a philosophical tone.

Nature buffs, environmentalists, druids, tree huggers and the like will see their love of the earth amplified even more now and wish to share that with others with enthusiasm. With the weather warming up, Yoga barefoot in the grass will be exceptionally moving to the spirit.

Be receptive and appreciate the abundance of the natural world now from the ground to the expanses of space. We are all stardust.

If you’re thinking about your work life, it’s the best time to really think about what you’d love to do. With Mercury retrograde, reflecting on what you’d really love to do could lead to some interesting considerations. In all, think about the joy you’ve had on the earth and how you can continue to build a relationship with everything offered in this world from a place of heartfelt gratitude for you life.

Re-establish a healthy bond with the material world, including your views on money. This isn’t the time to splurge and spend, it’s a time to water your money tree.

Mercury started his retrograde motion on Monday March 12, at 3:48am EST.

Also visible in the sky these days along with Venus and Jupiter are Mercury, Mars and Saturn. Mercury is closest to the sun while Mars and Saturn are furthest visible after Sunset.

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