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Full Moon in Virgo Astrology Horoscope March 8, 2012

Virgo - Sphinx

In a few days in the western hemisphere we’re going to be enjoying a lot more sunshine as the clocks spring forward this weekend, giving us more sun later in the evening.

It’s time to start living more in tune with the outside world, awakening from our habits of hibernating at home.

You may have noticed a lot of mention in the news lately about our celestial night sky. Venus and Jupiter have been getting a lot of attention, shining bright in the heavens moving closer together in Taurus. Mercury has been noticeable after sunset in Aries, and Mars and the Moon have been within reach of each other, now in Virgo. Check out the video at the end of this article.

This is a time for mindfulness and attention to detail. Fresh ideas shouldn’t be wasted. It’s always a good idea to write down your ideas immediately, and especially now when you get sudden flashes of inspiration, even if they seem far fetched. Reflecting on our motivations and desires is sometimes needed to summon the courage to go for what we want. As your inner reserves get inspired, ideas you may have considered in the past may now seem more achievable.

Mercury will be starting his retrograde phase in a few days, on March 12th. That will be a great time to go over the ideas you’ve logged with more reflection to consider the possibilities they may offer.

This shouldn’t be a particularly emotional time for many, the focus is more on rationality, effort and finding the deeper core of what drives us. What compels you to put in the effort for what you’re working towards? What is the heart and reasoning of what makes you feel like you’re living with purpose?

Self-confidence issues may come up though that can get a real boost of positive interjection by tuning into visualizing more of what you see yourself enjoying in life. Worry and doubts that have been long ingrained can naturally be difficult to deal with. Work on your root chakra to feel more secure. Attention to diet and nutrition is extra important for overall well being now. Try eating more natural red, earth toned foods to improve your sense of grounding. Rooibos tea is a great red tea.

If you’re in a work related rut, wondering what is the point to all the effort you’ve put forth is self reflecting questions may arise. Am I just living in survival mode? Am I working at the bare minimum to get by? Could I be doing more? These types of questions will help you get real about your situation and act as spring boards to envisioning a more holistic picture of your work life. Giving yourself a break to dreamland to ponder such considerations could lead to surprising realizations.

Getting outside will open you up now to expand your world view, providing relief from the boxed-in routine. Bicycling is recommended as it allows swift, free flowing movement. With the wind blowing past you, it can draw away pent-up tension and bring fresh ideas to you in an instant.

The appreciation of art in everything, from the newly budding flowers to the most abstract painting can lift you to a higher state of consciousness now. The finer details can reveal magic usually unnoticed. Look with attentive, yet receptive eyes. Beauty that is sacred should be easy to tune into now all around us.

It’s a very good time to try a new cuisine, and make your own healthy foods from scratch free of additives and preservatives. Pick up a cookbook, or go out to dinner in a restaurant with natural decor and lots of plants. A light breakfast with a deliciously fancy cappuccino will start your day fresh, alert and vibrant.

Atmospheres are important now. Since we’re awakening from our winter slumber, opening windows for fresh air and to hear the song of birds will lift your mood. Those with vitamin D deficiency from the dark months, will do well to sit in the sunlight for a few moments. Visualizing with the suns rays on your eyelids will take you dreamworlds sparking imaginative ideas you can apply to your everyday life.

Focusing on bringing your heart to the world around you will create a more sacred union with life. Many spiritual

The state of the world is always in flux. We never know for sure if there will be war or peace. There is an element of fear surrounding us globally now which adds to the questions by many about what 2012 has in store for us.  Are we going to consciously choose to evolve, or continue on our current course?traditions place the hands over the heart, and is incorporated in yoga poses. If you are to pray, meditate or do yoga, focus on your heart chakra and breathe love in and out.

Everyone around the globe is watching and wondering, unsure of how our political leaders will play out scenarios or how the banking system and stock market will fare. By sending your consciousness into the world with love, you add to a more positive version of the world to the collective unconscious. Constructive solutions are found with clear thinking, not by fear or the battle of egos.

With the current grand trine in the earth signs there is hope the worlds economy will change for the better, but the complexities of long standing problems and desires do add to the karma of what will be. We’re bombarded by conflicting stories in the media. On a daily basis, some articles will state the economy is improving while others will simultaneously say otherwise. It’s confusing, and no wonder people are left feeling unsure.

The shift in the economy is denoted by Pluto’s long journey through Capricorn, and as we’ve seen, the changes are now coming to the surface from the darker recesses of what has been long hidden. In tough position to Uranus in Aries, transformations we’re seeing now, are not easy, but their sheer impact demands our attention. Through that, our awareness can grow and solutions can be made.

Desires and reasons run deep though. How many people want to see the current system fall so something new can come into place? How many people want to see a smooth transition vs. a dramatic shift? How many people want to see the current system continue and improve on what we’ve got? What is the real truth to the reasons behind war? How much of it is propaganda and how much is genuine?

What we can do though is become more attuned to our personal financial situations. By focusing on work that means something to you and putting your heart into it, your efforts can combine survival with sharing your gifts and living on purpose. The current state of affairs also brings to our awareness our more direct needs, and the importance of thinking in terms of local food sources and sustainability.

Food prices are increasing coinciding with the rise in oil prices. It’s a smarter choice to find out what requires less oil to get to your plate, namely locally produced foods. Changes in your diet and reducing excessively packaged foods builds a conscious bridge between you and caring for the earth. It is a step towards living more holistically and consciously. Environmentally minded individuals will find this spring brings a stronger desire to get to know local edible wild foods better.

The Moon in Virgo gives us the ability to communicate. Writing that has impact can be powerful in shifting others opinions. Debating with others on issues that matter can reach heights, but be sure to not get involved when you know it will just end up going around in circles of the ego’s need to be right. You can use your energy in more productive ways. Plant the seeds of new information where you know there is at least an inkling of willingness to listen. Don’t barrage others with your points of view though. Mutual discussions that are from the heart and are between you and others who are genuinely interested and willing to grow from the discussion, are best.

Venus has been getting much closer to Jupiter, visible in the night sky. She joins Jupiter in Taurus on the 14th. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and is now in Pisces for the next 14 years since February 3rd.

This connection with the earth (Taurus) and spirit (Neptune) is significant this month. It is a time to get more acquainted with your spiritual, intuitive, creative side that is sacred and magical. Now is the time to tune into the feminine principle of sacred love energy.  Be receptive to receiving insights that are meaningful and spiritually potent. Visualization, and dreams will be abundant with messages. Write them down. Deepen your connection to the spirit world and the intentions you send out into the world.

We can help heal the world by becoming more loving, generous, spiritual people. Venus will soften the strong stance of Jupiter and bring love, warmth and kindness to the picture, in our hearts. Compassion for others in the world, instead of judgment opens more doors to peace. We can often be lead to forget that the world is full of citizens in all countries, just like us. At the heart of people is goodness and spirit. Love, compassion and kindness helps to bring that forth more in ourselves and others.

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