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Ancient Rome. Rise and Fall of an Empire. Constantine The Great.

Ancient Rome, an Empire divided and united. Constantine.

Constantine would change the face of the Empire and leave the greatest legacy of any of Rome’s Emperors. A new world religion. Christianity.

Constantines enemy, the Emperor Maxentius, held the city of Rome. For six years the capital of the Empire had been suffering under his tyranical rule. Now as Constantine approached, Maxentius consulted Romes traditional Gods, Jupiter, Apollo and Mars…. “The Enemy of Rome will be defeated.”

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History’s Turning Points. The Siege of Constantinople.

For 800 years Constantinople  was the worlds richest city, center of trade, bridging Asia and Europe. When Rome fell to the barbarians in the 4th Century, Constantinople took it’s place as the capital of the Great Roman Empire. But 11 Centuries later, this once great empire, had shrunk to little more than an impoverished city state. It’s new leader, Constantine the 11th, ruled over a capital that was bankrupt, it’s lush gardens overgrown, it’s palaces deserted, and its people dispersed. Yet Constantinople remained the center of the Orthodox Christian Church, while Rome was the center of the Catholic Church. Each was jealous of the others power and influence. This division was so great, that to Rome the Orthodox Church was an even greater threat to it than Islam. What was to follow was a brutal Christian feud. But the city would always remember how the Roman Catholic Crusaders bloodily sacked Constantinople in 1204, when it possessed 2/3 of Europes wealth.

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One thought on “Ancient Rome. Rise and Fall of an Empire. Constantine The Great.

  1. Constantine is really genius about anything in ROME. I would like to add some of Constantine great issues. Constantine marry his sister Constantia.


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