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New Moon in Pisces February 21, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Pisces on Tuesday February 21, 2012 at 5:34 pm EST.

Many of you are likely feeling the need to get more in touch with your spiritual side now. We’re becoming more acutely aware of how the events around us encourage us towards reflecting on what our higher purpose is, and how we can live more aligned with spirituality in our lives.

This need also brings with it our desire for healing our bodies, emotions, mind and spirits.

As you may remember, Neptune moved into Pisces a few weeks ago on February 3rd, beginning a 14 year cycle until 2026. Now with the New Moon in Pisces, we’re ready to begin our own cycle in a more personal way.

There is a lot of support now in providing you with the keys to tuning into your intuitive, subtle, spiritual side. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune are all in Pisces now. This is a time that is highly charged with spiritual energy you can tap into.

It’s the perfect time to start seeing your life as more magical. Beginning a practice of meditation and visualization is highly recommended now. Pick up a new alternative health practice such as reiki, or tai chi to tune into energy more.

It’s a great time to tune into your chakras. Learn more about them, or refresh what you already know. Meditations on the third eye can be insightful now. If you’re new to chakra’s there are links at the bottom of this article.

Color and light therapy will do wonders. Lying in the sun to daydream will offer you the splendor of the spectrum of the suns energies to infuse your body and mind with imagination. Try this for a few days as the sun streams through your window. Your creative thoughts will flood with inspiration.

It is a time for compassion for other people, animals, nature, compassion for yourself, compassion for the world. When you see others, look through eyes of love, see their pain, give them joy when you can. Remember the compassionate gaze depicted in Renaissance religious paintings, and emulate that caring inside your heart. Bless people on a soul level can be given simply with a smile. These types of actions reflect the heavens into the world.

Those who are naturally inclined towards feeling empathy will feel their emotions stronger now. At times, the love, compassion and understanding of suffering in others can be overwhelming, and brings tears to ones eyes.

Get out your pen and paper and start writing your dreams. Explore poetry. Listen to music made of natural instruments, sounds of rain storms and ocean waves. Create your space in the image of a heavenly sanctuary. Water your plants, breathe in their natural perfumes deep into your soul.  Meditate on the movement of the planets in space. This is the stuff of a magical life and a great place to begin again.

Jupiter in Taurus is in harmony with the Sun, Moon and Neptune now, bringing together the creative, fantastic sides of our deeper selves so they can consciously grow. It will be highly beneficial to tune into nature more now. Bring fragrant flowers and plants into your space for the earth element.

Neptune (Poseidon) is the god of the seas, he’s in the mist of the air, the dew drops on the morning flowers. Warm, healing baths, steamy showers with your favorite oils can enliven your senses to the realms of mysticism opening you up to moments of inspiration, intuition and clearing your mind for higher consciousness.

Be mindful that you aren’t simply drawn into the fantasies only as a dreamer. Find ways to bring the wisdom you are tapping, into the real world. This New Moon in Pisces can be a great stepping stone for those who are accustomed to living more focused on the material world.  The tangible benefits of merging fantasy with reality can be seen.

It’s a great time to get into sci-fi films where illusion and reality merge, blend, transform and stretch your imagination. Philosophy of the Matrix.

In your work you should try to focus on your purpose in the moment of your actions. Mercury is challenged by Mars now, and work may need you to put in that extra focus on your to-do list, to keep your head out of the clouds. Those who work at jobs with repetitive tasks may daydream too much. Try to maintain a balance in your thought processes with your work processes to avoid injury.

Any inspiration that comes to mind now will benefit from adding it to a plan of action. Give yourself time-frames to work within focusing on breaking tasks down into stages to keep the motivation going moving you closer to completion. Take regular breaks for a breather.

Trust this time to be divinely inspired, and healing for you. Whatever happens around you and within you is all guiding you towards seeing the spiritual light of life more strongly. Saturn is in harmony with this New Moon in Pisces and shows us the lessons learned now are for our spiritual betterment.

For those of you in pain, or sorrow, cry all you need to, the spirit world knows all your tears. Let your soul be better for all you experience. Remember those who have passed away from the material world, and bless them with your love.

The New Moon in Pisces also enhances feminine spirituality. Those more attuned to the Goddess archetypes will feel an upwelling of inspiration.

Know when the sun walks on water with its light of life, shimmering in it’s beauty and splendor, the moon is nearby now offering the feminine forces merging with our internal tides. The maternal energy is strong now that is caring, supportive and loving. Be receptive and soak in the divinity of this moment, even when it is not so clear, there is deeper meaning to it all.

With this, fittingly, the Lady of the Lake shows us the Goddess energy in the Mists of Avalon.

Learn about ChakrasRoot, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

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