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Full Moon in Leo February 7, 2012 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Leo on February 7, 2012 at 4:53pm EST.

This is a time to pay attention to your ego, and not be a slave to it, but to use it for good.

Bring your strengths forward. Look at the uniqueness you alone have and bring it out in the open.  Only you have the forces brought together in the magnificent orchestra contained within you. Others can think and say whatever they wish of you but the truth of who you are is within only you. Share that truth. Own it. Respect it and be grateful for it. Your personality was meant to shine like the Sun. When you radiate, others can’t help but notice you.

Nobody can be someone else. Nobody can try to be like another, it won’t work, it will never have the same quality or authenticity of the original. An imitation is never as good as the real depth of soul the original has within. Although actors can do a great job, and create a moving roles, we know it is only an illusion reserved for the part. We always see the actors own energy in that role. The actor becomes a star, because they radiate their own inner qualities into the performance. What moves us, is their life force, coupled with the display of universal motifs and archetypes we recognize within ourselves.

This is Leo. The radiant star quality within all of us, unique to our personality, yet often hidden beneath layers of conditioning. Let the sun shine from your heart and beam from your eyes.

Honor your uniqueness instead of judging yourself. Be strong and proud to be authentically you in a world where we are often compartmentalized by others misconceptions and false views. Be courageous to release yourself from the untruths, so you can become true to yourself.

With Mars in Virgo, the ways we handle our ego is brought to our attention. Our instinctual nature is reflected upon and made sense of. Here we recognize the balance of the male dominating ego and unhindered force, with the feminine principle of composure and self-control.

When we are courageous, determined, enthusiastic and confident we are utilizing the solar, fire energy of Leo to move us through life’s challenges with excitement. However, when we’re pigheaded, violent, domineering and boastful, we’re manifesting our lower qualities.

It’s a good time for people who are challenged with self-esteem issues to reflect on the powerful meaning of our life. Are you self critical? Have you believed what others thought and said and adopted those as true about yourself? How has your persona been molded over the years by the idea’s you’ve encountered?

If you were to strip away all those layers, you will find within an authentic person, full of love and light. Sharing that true self, there is no question of confidence, because it is the true you. If you don’t like yourself, where does that opinion come from? The false version of yourself is built on fears you’ve been conditioned to believe, not truth.

The Full Moon in Leo symbolizes you being real and feeling good about who you are. The Sun in Aquarius shining on the Moon, speaks to that truth of your individuality and how that relates to others. It’s a great time to understand where your weaknesses come from, and how the harsh judgments you impose on yourself represent a false version of you, not the real you. Realize your potential by being true to your real self.

This is a good time to express your talents. If you don’t think you’re talented, think again. Try anything that interests you, and focus on the positive. Doing something, anything that interests you will open up worlds of possibilities. Maybe your first painting won’t be that great. So what. At least you put the paintbrush on the canvas instead of being paralyzed to act. Athletics will help you burn off thoughts and energy now, helping to give you a healthy ego boost.

Get ready for spontaneous love. Venus moves into Aries on February 8th and will get closer to Uranus. Be careful to not splurge on buying material possessions without any forethought. It will be tempting. Spend less time in the malls worrying about buying the perfect gift for valentines, and more time being with those you care about.

Saturn goes retrograde today at 9:02 am. He still needs to finish off his work in Libra, indicating the world’s need for justice continues to be a focus, and we’re continuing to increase our awareness of the limitations placed on us in our collective experience. The world can be a hostile place, but we’re responsible for divisiveness. From the small argument with a stranger online, to nation against nation, we all need to be more conscious of how we impose ourselves on others. We will begin to reflect more deeply on our personal responsibilities and how our karmic debts get paid and restrict us.

Be careful not to procrastinate. The longer you put something off the heavier the burden will become. Wishing a problem going away doesn’t make it so. Try not to put too much added responsibility on yourself. Take the weight off by organizing and delegating tasks.

On February 3rd, Neptune moved into Pisces for a long stay until 2026. Neptune is right at home being the ruler of Pisces.

This will become an increasingly spiritual phase for humanity, where illusion and reality blends together transforming our perceptions.

It’s a great time to start a new spiritual practice like meditation, yoga, tai chi and related fields of interest and become attuned to a more healing vision for yourself and the world. The downside is many with the predisposition to want to escape reality through the use of mind altering substances from drugs to alcohol may feel the temptation grows. Be mindful of what is good for you on a deeper level. Bring your attention to what matters in the large picture of your life bridging your intuition with a higher calling. Be compassionate and sensitive to all those you touch.

Arts and creativity will become more divinely inspired. We’re looking forward to holograms becoming a part of our reality. The world is going to seem more mystical and virtual as we head into the future. Expect flower power, and hippy new-age ideas to become more prevalent. Try to stay grounded for balance.

With imagination, the sky is the limit. Dreams will be fantastically mesmerizing. Keep notes.

Mercury moves into Pisces on February 13th. Be careful of your opinions, they certainly may not be based on validity, and subjectivity can take much out of context. Gossip could turn delusional, even deceitful. Work extra hard to keep your thoughts organized. A planner and to-do list will help, but try to get that going before the 13th so it’s set in place. You’ll have your intuition to guide you though, so don’t worry about being too methodical. Listen to your inner voice. Think spiritually and compassionately when in discussions with others, especially on Valentines day.

A great, entertaining example of the Leo energy coupled with our new phase of mystical Neptune in Pisces is the Egyptian Solar Deity representation Madonna entered as in processional style of Queen Cleopatra during the Super Bowl. The gods and goddesses of ancient Roman and Egyptian myth, with the apocalyptic trumpeting is also fitting for the 2012 new age era.

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