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New Moon in Aquarius January 23, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Aquarius on January 23, 2012 at 2:39am EST.

This is a time to work to bringing a more positive attitude to all you do in order to find the emotional balance needed to counter any potentially negative spiraling tendencies.

Boost your intake of vitamins and minerals. Now that the sun is beginning to shine longer in the day, find a place to bask in the light for a few moments on the sunny days. Go for walks. Breathe deeply. Naturally improve your mood by tuning into your body and environment. Step away from the computer more often.

Heavy weighted, and restrictive feelings need your active approach to get beyond them and feel lighter. Being passive, unless you truly deserve and need a rest, will weigh you down.

A good work ethic and pushing through to get tasks done will feel rewarding now and help boost your mood. Procrastination now can be paralyzing to a positive outlook. “Why do it now when I can do it later?” is truly a procrastinators motto and will lead to a slipper slope of feeling behind and unproductive which will add extra stress.

It’s best to keep your mind ambitious and geared to succeed through action now.

St. John’s wort is a natural way to help get you through the blue moments, but you have to be proactive to feel good about yourself. Start a routine that is healthy. You won’t regret it.

Essential Oils of Cypress , German Chamomile, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Fir, Lavender, Lime, Niaouli, Patchouli, and Pine are all good choices to use in your bath or infuse into your environment now.

Flashes of inspiration to get you started won’t come so easily. You’ll need to stay focused and force yourself to drive the chariot forward. Once the wheels get going your emotions will tune in to a smoother ride.

This is also a good time to get yourself geared up for a more spiritually minded approach to life. Coming soon, the mystical side of life will become more apparent. Watch for synchronicities. Keep a dream journal. Learn about energy healing like chi kung, reiki, or pick up the practice of tai chi to get your energy flowing. Tuning into astrology and alternative new-age ideas will become more prevalent for many of you.

Some of you may find yourself more interested in paranormal television programs, ghosts, and books on mystical ideas. Fantasy subjects like vampires, werewolves, creatures, as well as witches, spells, magical thinking and the like will become more intriguing subjects for many. Many who find these subjects taboo will have a more open mind and fit the ideas into their own paradigms.

Transforming opinions on religion and mysticism will become more easily assimilated into people’s world view naturally.

If you’ve found winter to be something you’ve disliked for many years, this year you may have a change of heart and see the beauty in all the seasons. Each giving you a fresh perspective on how you relate to the cycles of life.

It’s a hopeful time. The Suns rays are bringing with them more clarity on your individuality, and will carry you into a more spiritual point of view over the next few weeks. How you see yourself in the world, your purpose and how you affect and influence others becomes more real, yet ethereal.

Spontaneously helping others now through any personal issues will reflect to you a magnification of your own values and courage to share yourself truthfully. You may not need many acquaintances, but a few close friends who understand you are valuable. Building relationships that bring new directions in life is possible now. Be open to sharing.

For emotional balancing and feeling good about yourself, doing activities that will get your heart rate up will be great. Oxygenating your blood by running outside is a great option at this time of year.  Be careful you don’t slip on ice and twist your ankle. Be mindful of where you’re stepping. You may also find massaging your feet, legs and ankles will be especially potent at improving your overall sense of well being.

If you want your long term goals to succeed, now is a good time to focus on planning your way there. Money matters are always a part of life whether you’re rich or poor. Most of us are on a sliding scale anywhere in between. Focusing instead on your happiness than solely the number crunching lifts your spirits so you can be a success in life, rather than the rat race. Merge your feelings into creating wealth as a reflection of a more spiritually centered view of life.

Keep your opinions open about your love life now. Allowing others to be human without you conceptualizing their follies is important now. A more spiritual approach to why relationships are really important to you will be more fulfilling. It’s not important to envision who would be the ideal partner, or how one would fit into that ideal, for your fulfillment now. Instead, be more in the now and enjoying feeling centered in who you are and who others are individually. See others quirks as qualities rather than faults.

Chinese New Year 2012 Water Dragon

At night, tune into your intuition. Staying up late in candle lit rooms with incense will open you up to new ideas. Let them grow as the new moon starts to wax. Be tranquil as you tune into your unconscious. Inspiration in a flash can more likely happen when you actively tune into the subtle world around you now. The messages may need deciphering though, so ask a friend for their opinion

We are never independent. Aquarius teaches us that although a part of us feels strongly towards independence, it is through reaching out that we really understand ourselves. We can never distance ourselves too far from the world. Every breath, symbolizes we are always a part of the whole. Breathe deeply.

Uranus rules Aquarius

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