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Jason and the Argonauts

Jason and the Argonauts (1963).

Originally titled Jason and the Golden Fleece this fantasy film of Greek Gods and Goddesses follows Jason’s trials and tribulations as he quests to to find The Golden Fleece at the end of the earth.

The Ram is the astrological symbol associated with Aries which is ruled by Mars. The myth of Aries is portrayed in the story Jason and the Argonauts of Thessaly who searched for the shining golden fleece of the Ram Aries.

Jason meets Greek God Hermes, who then takes him to Mount Olympas to speak with Zeus and Hera.

Goddess Hera helps guide Jason and the Argonauts through trecherous terrain and battles with classic stop-motion beasts and creatures. Hercules accompanies Jason for a short distance until the God’s turn him towards other purposes.

The magical, healing Golden Fleece of a winged ram said to be the offspring of Poseidon, is to be found hanging on a tree in Colchis.

The classic visual style of the 60’s is a delight in showcasing a number of Greek gods and goddesses, sets and design. Enjoy the film full of myth, magic and adventure.

Parts of the 1963 Version have been disabled on Youtube. However, here is another version.


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