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Full Moon in Cancer January 9, 2012 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Cancer on January 9, 2012 at 2:30 am EST.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. There’s a highly potent Lunar force flowing through us now.

This is a good time to go within to find wisdom. Emotions coming up now can transform from moment to moment.

It’s important to find comfort and a stable foundation for your feelings now. If you’re being swayed and challenged by others, don’t be surprised if your defenses are up. Bringing forth a motherly affection and kindness to those you encounter will calm the waters.

Where do you feel your emotions in your body? Do you allow them to drown you in sorrow at the depths of the sea or raise you high into the clouds of heaven touched by the moonlight?

Reconnect with the life giving importance and sacredness of water now. Drink plenty of water to refresh and cleanse your body. Creating an environment in your bathroom that reflects a self-care, holistic spa experience can bring you into the embrace of the divine feminine.

Take baths or showers with essential oils that are earthy to combine the water and earth elements. Cedarwood, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Myrrh, Sandalwood are all great choices to balance body, mind and spirit now.

Are you dissatisfied with the direction your life is, or has been, going in? Do you feel like you’ve been passive in areas of your life and are now need to become more decisive and direct? Ambitions, talents and practical goals all intertwine now with our emotions. Use your intuition to know what is the right direction for you. Trust your gut.

Do you believe in what you have to offer? Do you know your talents? Do you feel like you’re not living up to your abilities? You can approach your life open to trusting it will unfold as it should, or you can worry.  Any worries that do arise can be as temporary, or lengthy,  as you allow your emotions to go there.  Luckily with many planets in earth elements you’ll be able to make tangible changes. The choice is yours.

This is not a good time to feel rushed in life. If you do feel like you’re rushing towards a future, ask yourself what is it saying about your deeper values and beliefs about yourself. Are you acting out of desperation or a grounded center?

Those who are rushing towards their future, trying to fill up an ego that can never be fulfilled miss out on the splendor of now. When you’re thinking only of what the future holds, or a future version of yourself you are making a declaration about yourself that you aren’t happy with where you are, and in many cases, with who you are.

Stop the roller coaster ride in your imagination from stealing away the happiness you’re missing out on, and come back to living in the now. Center yourself with breathing, meditation and gratitude for this moment.

There is no rush in the 9 months it takes from conception to birth. Nature works in it’s own time. Tune into this larger truth, and trust the process of your life. You may often forget, but you are a part of a grander nature.

It’s time to reevaluate your reasons for your goals from a more centered perspective. Write down your ideas, goals, wishes, hopes, dreams, talents, abilities, as well as everything that you love and believe about yourself.

2012 begins with us feeling emotionally attached to our reality. Don’t expect a lightning bolt to fall from the sky, changing everything into gold for you. You’re more likely to create a meaningful transformation deep in your core through decisiveness and trusting your life through a more spiritually guided purpose. Merge your logic with your emotions now. Be smart about what your feelings are telling you. Ask yourself the why’s, how’s and what’s. Then color them all with what inspires you.

Don’t expect some external event to magically give you all the answers. You have to go within to find them. A lot of people depend on something outside to change to make the difference in their lives. Waiting around to win the lottery can leave you waiting a lifetime. You can’t swallow a magic pill to get what you want. If you could, it would still always wear off. Don’t be dependent on externalities. You have to do the work in this life, going deep inside, seeking a higher truth only accessible within.

In love, although there is some shyness and inhibition in the air Venus opens her arms with magnetism to deeper spiritual relationships built on trust and adoration.

Feeling creative? Dig into your paints, pencils. Listen to music that inspires you. It’s a great time to see what can emerge from your subconscious.

All planets are direct now. Take this time to direct your life with emotions that support you in the now. Believe in a better today. Let the light shine on you and from within.

Photo’s Show Space Station Crossing the Moon

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